Monday, June 24, 2013

On this day in Fistiana- Tyson wants 2 eat children, gets Savarese

On this day in Fistiana

Mike Tyson TKO 1 Lou Savarese
By Alex Pierpaoli

Thirteen years ago today, Mike Tyson launched himself at Lou Savarese and then at Showtime's Jim Gray, giving him the famous "i'm gonna eat his children" interview.

The fight itself was essentially over after the first leaping left hook Tyson landed. The next startling moment follows when Tyson continues throwing punches right over referee John Coyle who is halting the action too
early. This is one of those instances where the referee was more frightened by Tyson than the opponent. That said, Savarese was certainly not likely to last long.

In an interesting post script, returning to action for the first time in six years, Lou Savarese won his MMA debut just this past Friday night. He scored a kayo in the first round.


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