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#SlugfestAtTheSun ringside @Twitter recap

Joe Smith Jr and his promoter, Joe DeGuardia, talk to media after the win
Joe Smith Jr. returns with quick stoppage; Kali Reis dominates over 8 rounds; and more from Star Boxing's Slugfest At The Sun

By Alex Pierpaoli
Photos by Vinny Bugge'

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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Hello, Fight-fans! @FistThingsFirst is here ringside @MoheganSun for #slugfestAtTheSun #Boxing

Bout 1 is underway, William Foster, 131.75lbs of New Haven, CT versus Tyrome Jones, 131lbs, of South Bend, IN
At the end of round 2 Jones get the worst of a head butt that is going to make them stop this fight. He looked to be winning that round big as well. He had landed 2 big lefts from the southpaw stance.
Bout 1 ends at 2:27 of round 2. It's gonna be called a No Contest. Round 1 belonged to Foster but the second favored Jones.

Bout 2, Cassius Chaney, 246lbs, of New London, CT meets Elder Hernandez, 250lbs, of Morelia, Mexico  6 rounds, heavies
Cassius Chaney steps over the ropes as his opponent watches
That's it from Elder Hernandez! Cassius Chaney urged him to get up but he'd been down once and knew the end was coming. TKO1 for New London's Cassius Chaney!
The official time was 2:47 of round number 1, @Cassius_Chaney picks up the KO victory, now 13-0 (7) 

Bout 3, Larry Fryers, 146.25lbs, of New York, NY via Ireland, fights Anthony Woods, 150lbs, of Philadelphia, PA
These two fought furiously for the first two minutes of round one before both tired in the final minute. As they tired Fryers was able to land a couple hard, single shots in a close opening round.
Fryers scored a knockdown in the final seconds of the 2nd. It looked like a brushing shot but Woods didn't complain to ref Danny Schiavone. Likely Fryers is up by 3 points in this 6 rounder.
Lots of effort from both these fighters. Woods may have recovered a bit on the cards in that third. Not a lot of clean blows landed by either fighter.
Woods went back to his corner with his hands up so he has at least convinced himself that he has recovered from the knockdown. He may be right.
coming up on the final round here... Woods had better go for broke if he wants this.
Woods (L) digs in versus Fryers 
Ref. Danny Schiavone needed to make himself heard in this fight and took a point from Woods with about a second and a half to go in the fight for an infraction that looked to be unavoidable. Woods has almost no chance mathematically.
There had been shoving and clinching from both fighters and there was no obvious warning to Woods but perhaps in close Ref. Schiavone saw Woods as the troublemaker.
The judges see that one as 60-52 and 59-53 x 2 all in favor of Fryers. So 2 judges only gave Woods a single round.
Just to clarify, that point deduction was for an INTENTIONAL head butt that Woods even admitted to doing when Schiavone called him on it. So it was not for shoving or grappling as it looked. Thanks to @fightpublicist for the scoop!

Yes, some fighters enter the ring to Knights in White Satin... #Jussayin
Bout 4, Joe Farina, 150lbs, of South Boston, MA versus Steve Moore, 149lbs, of Orange, NJ, 4 rounds, jr. middles
Farina walked right out and got dropped. He's up and they're slugging...
The replay shows the right hand Moore used to drop Farina connected more on the gloves than the chin. It was a balance shot. But Moore probably won the first 10-8.
Farina really hammered away at Moore in the second. Again and again he drove Moore back along the ropes punishing him with lefts to the belly and rights to the head.
Farina has battled back from a flash, first round knockdown. In control of the action since then.
Final round here between these junior middles...
Bout 4 is in the books, waiting on the cards. I'm guessing Farina lost the first and that's it. 38-37? Taking a long time to add up 4 rounds,.
One judge had it 38-37 for Moore, overruled by two scores of 38-37 for Joe Farina. South Boston's Farina remains undefeated, now 3-0 (2). 

Bout 5, Wendy Toussaint, 151.5lbs, of Huntington, NY battles Andy Gonzalez, 150.75lbs, of , 6 rounds, junior middles
Wendy Toussaint (L) goes to a neutral corner 
Worcester, MA
Big first round for Toussaint. Gonzalez spent much of the 1st trying to cover up and grab his way through an onslaught of incoming fire from Toussaint.
Toussaint scored a knockdown in that second round but spent so much time getting into a neutral corner Gonzalez was able to recover.
Referee Steve Willis steps between the fighters halfway through round three with Gonzalez getting shelled by Toussaint. 
Wendy Toussaint moves to 9-0 (3) picking up a win via TKO3 1:25 at #SlugfestAtTheSun

Bout 6, Anthony Laureano, 138.25lbs, of East Hartford, versus Juan De la Cruz Rodriguez, 139.5lbs, of Haymarket, VA, 
great first round for Laureano who landed heavy shots with both hands
these two guys are going Gatti-Ward style here. Wow. That was about a minute of pure brawling.
Rodriguez is getting the worst of the punishment through 3 rounds. Not a lot of defense from these two.
Final round coming up for Laureano versus Rodriguez. Lots of punches landed in this one. Gritty effort from Rodriguez but Laureano landing cleaner and harder and more often.
wow, that was a fun fight. Rodriguez started slow but finished strong.
The scorecards are 60-54 and 59-55 x 2 all in favor of @GW_Relentless of East Hartford, CT, now 8-0 (3) 

Kali Reis (R) lands an uppercut in close on Paty Ramirez
Bout 7, Kali Reis, 144lbs, of Providence, RI versus Paty Ramirez, 146.5 lbs of Aguascalientes, Mexico 
@KO_MoC86 looks so slimmed down. This is like Rocky 3!
Reis off to a quick start which is a good sign for her. She has a tendency to fight to the level of her opposition and hopefully after he last bout she realizes she's the power-broker in there, she can make things happen not wait for them to happen.
Reis landing a chopping right to the chin of Ramirez. No body punching at all here.
former cruiserweight boxer turned bodybuilder from New England @mat2smooth working in the corner of @KO_MoC86 
And so the great Round Card Boy experiment ends not with a bang but a whimper and some scattered boos... 
Round six of Kali Reis vs. Paty Ramirez
round seven underway, Reis controlling the action. Boxing smart, applying pressure. Would like to see some body-shots though.
Kali Reis should come away with the decision here, not sure Ramirez won even a single round. She looked good.
All three judges saw it the same way, 80-72, a shut-out, in favor of @KO_MoC86 who keeps the momentum going after her impressive showing on HBO in May against @1LadyCecilia 

Time for the Main Event! Joe Smith Jr., 179lbs, of Long Island, NY, versus Melvin Russell, 179lbs, of Posrtsmouth, OH, 10 rounds, light heavies, 
Russell was stopped once and it was early, round 2, against Edwin "La Bomba" Rodriguez and I'm guessing Smith hits harder than that so... #buckleup
This one is over and it wasn't pretty while it lasted. Smith put Russell down once with a chopping left and a brushing right that loosed his mouthpiece. Ref. Steve Willis separated them, sent Smith to a neutral corner then waved the bout on. 1/2
Willis realized he hadn't replaced the mouthpiece so he went to the corner man of Russell who cleaned it and inserted it. The bout continued and Smith cornered Russell and caught him with a right uppercut that ended things.
The official time of the stoppage was 1:45 of round 1. TKO victory for @beastsmithjr
Joe Smith Jr after his win over Melvin Russell

Results from ringside @MoheganSun #SlugfestAtTheSun #boxing

Joe Smith Jr and promoter Joe Deguardia after Smith's TKO win
Joe Smith Jr crumples Melvin Russell in ring return;
Kali Reis dominates Paty Ramirez; Anthony Laureano moves to 8-0; more results from Mohegan Sun Arena
By Alex Pierpaoli
Photos by Vinny Bugge'
Twitter Recap

Long Island light heavyweight Joe Smith Jr. returned to the prize ring last night with a first round TKO win over Melvin Russell of Portsmouth, OH, at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT. Smith was fighting for the first time since he suffered a broken jaw in a decision loss to Cuba's Sullivan Barrera last July 15th. Other regional fighters saw action in the ring last night, including top-ranked female Kali Reis, boxing as a welterweight, in her first bout since appearing on HBO in May in what was the cable outlet's first broadcast of a female fight. Though defeated that historic night against the best female welterweight world, Cecilia Braekhus, last night, Reis returned to her winning ways with a unanimous decision, shut-out victory of Paty Ramirez.

William Foster (L) slips a shot from Tyrome Jones
Bout number one ended at 2:27 of round 2 when William Foster, 131.75lbs of New HavenCT and Tyrome Jones, 131lbs, of South BendIN, bonked heads resulting in a bad cut to the brow of Jones. Ringside doctor Anthony Alessi jammed a gauze pad into the wound and shook his head to the referee. Round one had gotten off to a cautious start with Foster the busier fighter while in round 2, Jones connected with two hard straight lefts before the collision of heads ended matters.

Both fighters' records remain unchanged, Foster at 8-0 (6) and Jones at 4-3-1 (1).

Heavyweight Cassius Chaney, 246lbs, of New LondonCT stopped Elder Hernandez, 250lbs, of Morelia, Mexico, at 2:47 of round number one. Within the first minute Chaney put Hernandez down with a right hand and Ref. Steve Willis allowed him to continue. Sensing the knockout, Chaney applied pressure and Hernandez went down again from a brushing shot. Chaney stood over Hernandez for a moment, urging him to get up and fight but Hernandez had done all the fighting he wanted to do on this night. In the moments we saw, Chaney was aggressive and willing to get small, crouch and go to Hernandez' midsection with a lunging right. Several body shots seemed to do what plain old intimidation had gotten started and it was pretty obvious why Hernandez made no effort to rise.
Cassius Chaney (L)  shoots a jab at the body

Chaney raises his record to 13-0 (7) Hernandez falls to 5-3 (3).

Joe Farina, 150lbs, of South BostonMA defeated Steve Moore, 149lbs, of OrangeNJ by 4 round split decision. Joe Farina charged right out and walked into a chopping right that put him flat on his back. Mostly a balance knockdown, Farina wasn't hurt but knew he was in lots of trouble
mathematically in a four rounder. Farina surged in the second, pounding away at Moore, and he kept the pressure on through the final six minutes. At the end of four the judges saw it 38-37 for Moore overruled by two scores of the same score but for Farina (38-37 x2).

Joe Farina raised his record to 3-0 (2) while Moore's fell to 1-4 (1).

Larry Fryers, 146.25lbs, of New YorkNY via Ireland, defeated Anthony Woods, 150lbs, of Philadelphia, PA by six round unanimous decision. Woods and Fryers roared out in round number one, landing solid shots with both hands for the first two-thirds of the opening round. The pace let up over the final minute with Fryers doing most of the leading and Woods most of the countering. In the second Fryers scored a knockdown off what looked like hard but grazing shot to the chin. Woods
Fryers (L) squares-up against Woods
rallied a bit in the second and third but did more making Fryers miss then he did making him pay for it. Fryers was the consistent puncher and the busier puncher throughout. In the sixth Woods lost a point for an intentional head butt. When the decision was read it was unanimous, by scorecards of 60-52 and 59-53 x 2 all in favor of Larry Fryers.

Fryers improved to 7-1 (2) while Woods fell to 1-7-1.

Wendy Toussaint, 151.5lbs, of HuntingtonNY stopped Andy Gonzalez, 150.75lbs, of WorcesterMA at 1:25 of round number three. Wendy Toussaint got right to work at the opening bell, slamming Gonzalez repeatedly with a looping overhand right. Gonzalez fought back but was clearly outgunned and in trouble. Toussaint kept the pressure on in the second, driving Gonzalez back and punishing for any attempts at anything resembling an offense. In the third, Toussaint caught Gonzalez with a wild right and sent him back into the ropes near a neutral corner. Toussaint opened up with both hands, sneaking a left hook past Gonzalez' guard and blasting him with looping rights. Referee Steve Willis had seen enough and stepped in to halt the fight at 1:25 of round 3.

Toussaint raised his record to 8-0 (3) while Gonzalez' dropped to 6-2 (5)
Reis (R) slams Ramirez with an uppercut

Female welterweight, Kali Reis, 144lbs, of Providence, RI defeated Paty Ramirez, 146.5 lbs of Aguascalientes, Mexico by lopsided, eight round decision. Reis started fast with a busy jab and a pressuring offense. Ramirez was game and fought back but Reis was always in control and landing more frequently. This Kali Reis looked very different than the one who thumped Tiffany Woodard in this same ring back in November. Now campaigning as a welter, K.O. Mequinonoag was a speedier and leaner-looking, fourteen and a quarter pounds lighter last night against Ramirez than she was against Woodard. Last night there was little in-fighting and few clinches and perhaps that's why there was far less body-punching than she did against Woodard. She chose mobility and straight punches to the head to dominate last night. To be critical of Reis would only be to reiterate what she herself as stated in the past, she has a tendency to hold back and counter rather than take initiative in her fights and this happened in rare instances last night. At the end of eight three judges' scorecards were 80-72 in favor of Reis.  

Kali Reis raises her record to 14-7-1 (4) while Ramirez drops to 11-6 (5).

Anthony Laureano, 138.25lbs, of East Hartford, defeated Juan De la Cruz-Rodriguez, 139.5lbs, of Haymarket, VA, in what was surely the crowd favorite of the evening. Laureano brought out the vocal fans and they showed him lots of love from the start. Rodriguez fired right back at the 8-10-1 (6).
Laureano (R) blasts Rodriguez with a jab
aggressive Laureano and these two had moments when they stood toe-to-toe in exchanges reminiscent of the junior welterweight classic Ward-Gatti, fought in this same ring back in twenty-oh-two. Laureano controlled Rodriguez throughout the fight, forcing him back and hitting him harder and more often, but lordy there were some exchanges. Very gritty effort from De La Cruz-Rodriguez and I'd say there should be a rematch but it would only be gratuitous, this wasn't a close fight, just a really fun one. Laureano dominated and the scorecards showed it, 60-54 and 59-55 x 2 all in favor of Anthony Laureano, who improves to 8-0 (3). Juan De La Cruz-Rodriguez falls to

Joe Smith Jr., 179lbs, of Long IslandNY, stopped Melvin Russell, 179lbs, of PosrtsmouthOH, at 1:45 of the opening round. Melvin Russell had been stopped only once, back in July of twenty-seventeen he went out in 2 against Edwin "La Bomba" Rodriguez, a super-middle with hands like bricks. Well, when it comes to punching power, Joe Smith Jr.'s thumping jolts are made of an even heavier metal than Russell had already proved vulnerable to; this wouldn't last long. And it didn't. Smith stuck a jab in the face of Russell and to his credit the Ohioan fired back but was quickly overwhelmed by short chopping blasts from the Long Islander and just plain old anxiety. Smith drove Russell back into his own corner and smacked his mouthpiece with a wild-shot. Ref. Steve Willis reached down and picked it up and waved the fighters to resume boxing only to pause, recognizing his error and moving to the corner of Russell to clean and replace the mouthpiece. The fight resumed and Smith was on Russell again. Russell tried to dip and bend out of the way of danger but Smith ripped him with a right uppercut that put him down for the second time. Ref Steve Willis saw there was no need for a count and stopped the action at 1:145 of round one.
Smith and promoter Joe DeGuardia speak to media
Smith improves to 24-2 (20) while Russell falls to 11-5-2 (7).

Afterwards, Smith and his promoter Joe DeGuardia said they hoped for an autumn fight with Sergey Kovalev. "We're looking to go to the top. The whole goal is to get the championship of the world," DeGuardia said.
"I would have liked to get a little bit more rust off," Smith said about his quick victory. "But I'm still happy with the way I closed it out. I can't be mad at that."
Light heavyweight is one of the more talent-loaded divisions in boxing today but Smith has his thoughts about who's tops.
"I believe Kovalev is the best one out there right now(at 175). I see him working hard everyday and it motivates me to get in the gym and train harder just so I can get a shot at him."
            That's a pretty great-looking match-up and hopefully fight-fans will get to see Sergey Kovalev vs. Joe Smith Jr. before year's end.

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weights for tonight @MoheganSun #SlugfestAtTheSun

Joe Smith Jr (L) meets Melvin Russell (R) tonight 


The entire card for Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing's, "SLUGFEST at the SUN" weighed in yesterday outside of the box office at Mohegan Sun Arena, in Uncasville, Connecticut. All eighteen fighters looked fit and ready to go, ahead of tonight's stellar card of fights at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Tickets can still be purchased HERE . Doors open at 7:00PM, and the first bout is set for 7:30PM.

Weigh-In Results:


KALI REIS: 144 lbs.
PATY RAMIREZ: 146.5 lbs.

JUAN de la cruz RODRIGUEZ: 139.5 lbs.
Kali Reis (L) fights Paty Ramirez (R)

WENDY TOUSSAINT: 151.5 lbs. 
ANDY GONZALEZ: 150.75 lbs.

JOE FARINA: 150 lbs.
STEVE MOORE: 149 lbs

LARRY GLEESON: 146.25 lbs.


WILLIAM FOSTER: 131.75 lbs.
TYROME JONES: 131 lbs.

The main event features the return of the "Common Man", light heavyweight sensation JOE SMITH JR., as he takes on tough Kentuckian, MELVIN RUSSELL.  In the co-feature bout, KALI REIS, returns home to Mohegan Sun after her brilliant power punching performance on HBO against undefeated champion, Cecilia Braekhus. Also highlighted on the undercard are top New England prospects, ANTHONY LAUREANO, CASSIUS CHANEY and WILLIAM FOSTER.

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#BFTP Tim Witherspoon

This week's Blast-From-The-Past features 

Tim Witherspoon

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@StarBoxing presents #SlugfestAtTheSun June 30th


(plus $5 facility fee)

UNCASVILLE, Conn. --  New England's passion for the sweet-science is as alive as ever for STAR BOXING'S "SLUGFEST AT THE SUN" on June 30th. Ringside seats for the long awaited return of the "Common Man", Long Island light heavyweight JOE SMITH JR. (23-2 19KOs) against Kentucky's MELVIN "THE ROMANTIC REDNECK" RUSSELL (11-4-2 7KOs) at the Mohegan Sun have been officially sold out

Joe Smith Jr. vs. Melvin Russell will be a scheduled 10-round fight in what should be one of the most anticipated returns in boxing this year for the Long Island fan-favorite. After eleven months out of the ring due to a broken jaw, the #3 (WBC) and #7 (WBA) world rated light heavyweight, Joe Smith Jr. returns in a big way, at the beautiful Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. After coming off a stellar KO win on NBC against Andrzej Fonfara, and defeating the legend Bernard Hopkins on HBO, Smith Jr. has his eyes set on getting a world championship later this year. 

JOE DEGUARDIA, President and CEO of Star Boxing said, "Ringside seats sold out immediately. It thrills me that New Englanders will be packing the arena alongside the throngs of Long Island and other New Yorkers eager to see the return of Joe Smith Jr , as well as Kali Reis, Anthony Laureano and all of the other great New England talent we are bringing to the Mohegan Sun on June 30th." 

The co-featured event on the card will showcase Rhode Island's two-time middleweight champion KALI "KO MEQUINONOAG" REIS (13-7-1, 4 KOs) against former world title challenger PATY "LA ELEGANTE" RAMIREZ (11-5, 5 KOs) in a scheduled eight-round contest. Reis is coming off a breakout performance last month when she faced the #1 pound-for-pound female fighter and undisputed women's world welterweight champion, CECELIA BRAEKUS (33-0).In what would be the first female bout ever featured on HBO, "KO" dropped Braekhus in the seventh round, the first time the pound-for-pound champ had ever been knocked down in her career.  

June 30th's card promises to deliver a night of action-packed entertainment that will leave audience members off their seats. Tickets at $30 and $45 are still available, however they're going quickly.

Along with the much anticipated return of Joe Smith Jr., and the homecoming of co-feature Kali Reis, the undercard features the top talent New England has to offer. Highlighting six-undefeated New England rising stars, includingStar Boxing's 2017 Prospect of the Year" ANTHONY LAUREANO, New London Heavyweight, CASSIUS CHANEY, New Haven native, WILLIAM FOSTER III, and Union Local 941 laborer, JOE FARINA. 

Exciting South Boston, MA junior welterweight, and Union Local 941 railroad laborer,  JOE FARINA (2-0, 2 KOs) throws-down with STEVE MOORE (1-3, 1 KO) in a six-round junior welterweight battle.  

In a pair of six-round fights, Worcester, MA junior middleweight ANDY GONZALEZ (6-2, 5 KOs) has prepared to upset unbeaten WENDY "HAITIAN FIRE" TOUSSAINT (8-0, 2 KOs). Toussaint's last three fights have ended via TKO, and the Long Island fighter plans on extending the streak to four,while Springfield, MA junior middleweight ANTHONY VELAZQUEZ (2-0, 2 KOs) will try to make an impression against ANTHONY WOODS (1-6-1). 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Joe Smith Jr returns next week on #SlugfestAtTheSun

The "Common Man," Long Island light heavyweight JOE SMITH, JR. (23-2, 19 KOs), returns to the ring after being inactive the past 11 months recovering from a broken jaw. The popular Irish-American will face MELVIN "THE ROMANTIC REDNECK" RUSSELL (11-4-2, 7 KOs) in the 10-round main event.

Smith burst onto the boxing scene in 2016 when he defeated, top rated light heavyweight, Andrzej Fonfara on NBC in Chicago, and again later that year, when he knocked living legend Bernard Hopkins clear out of the ring, becoming the first person to ever KO the former multi-division world champion and future Hall of Famer.

JOE DEGUARDIA, CEO of Star Boxing had this to say about June 30th, "We are thrilled to be up in New England for this sensational show at Mohegan Sun on June 30th that will be filled with local favorites and headlined by an international favorite (Joe Smith Jr).  Boxing history is full of exciting fighters from New England and on June 30th fans will be treated to local fighters aiming to continue a rich tradition of tough New Englanders." 

#SlugfestAtTheSun is next Saturday night!



The buzz is growing for STAR BOXING'S "SLUGFEST at the SUN" as it features the much anticipated return of the Long Island Union Laborer, the "Common Man," light heavyweight, JOE SMITH JR. (23-2 19KO's).  The co-feature bout highlights former WBC Women's World Champion, KALI "KO MEQUINONOAG" REIS (13-7-1 4KO's).

Adding to this buzz, STAR BOXING is pleased to announce East Hartford, Connecticut native "ACTION" ANTHONY LAUREANO (7-0 3KO's) will return home to the Mohegan Sun, and fight on the undercard of the already stacked, "SLUGFEST at the SUN" card on JUNE 30th. 

Laureano is looking for his third victory at Mohegan Sun, having previously defeated Sidney MaCcow and John Hernandez at Mohegan Sun.  Most recently, Laureano traveled to Massachusetts, where he took a tough fight against TOBIAS GREEN of Florida, earning the decision victory. 

Fighting five-times in 2017, Laureano continued to tune his skills each and every round.  Showing a relentless will to dig deep in the late rounds of fights, Laureano finished 2017 with two TKO wins, two decision victories, and flashed signs of growing power, visible in his vicious knockout of JAMES LESTOR at "Rockin' Fights." 

ANTHONY LAUREANO had these comments about returning to Mohegan Sun, "I'm humbled and very grateful to be back in Mohegan Sun.  I thank God for letting me come back in the ring once again where my favorite fighters Mickey Ward and [Arturo] Gatti fought their war.  I'm ready to give a great performance for my hometown supporters.  I am Ready to give the crowd what they paid for, an action packed fight." 

Manager and trainer of Laureano, NATE TORRES had these comments about June 30th, "I expect Anthony to put on a show in front of his home crowd!  This should be his best performance to date. We are looking for him to display his boxing ability while, maintaining his signature relentless pressure to close the show!  "Action" Anthony Laureano never disappoints; he comes to fight!"

JOE DEGUARDIA, CEO of Star Boxing said this about Laureano, "I have seen Anthony grow as fighter over his past six fights, and we are very pleased with his progress.  Anthony's come forward, constant pressure style is the kind that fans want to see.  In front of his hometown fans on June 30th, he will prove once again why he embodies the nickname "Action."'

The main event on June 30th features, JOE SMITH JR. who burst onto the boxing scene in 2016 when he defeated, top rated light heavyweight, ANDRZEJ FONFARA on NBC in Chicago, and again later that year, when he knocked the legend BERNARD HOPKINS clear out of the ring, becoming the first person to ever KO the former multi-division world champion.  The co-feature bout highlights New England native, KALI "KO MEQUINONOAG" REIS who is coming off her sensational power punching performance against undisputed women's champion CECILIA BRAEKHUS in the first female bout ever featured on HBO.  Kali thrilled fans around the world in that fight, and promises the same action at Mohegan Sun on June 30th.

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#BFTP Vitali Klitschko

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Vitali Klitschko

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Results from Ringside @Foxwoods #Boxing @CESBoxing

Edwin Soto fends off Salim Larbi in CES Boxing's Main Event of a Pro-Am boxing show featuring over five hours of live boxing
By Alex Pierpaoli

CES Boxing visited the CT woods of Mashantucket last night with a massive fight card from the Fox Theater at Foxwoods Resot Casino. Billed as "The Future of Boxing" the Jimmy Burchfield promoted show featured 14 bouts, seven amateur contests held under the auspices of USA Boxing followed by seven professional. In the Main Event Edwin Soto, 154lbs, of New Haven, CT, defeated Salim Larbi, 154lbs, of Brooklyn, NY, by split decision in a fight where both men traded knockdowns and Soto was absorbing massive punishment in the fight's final seconds. Salim Larbi surprised Soto in round one when he nailed him with an overhand right that crumpled the New Haven boxer. Soto recovered in round two and both men seemed very cautious, wary of each other's power. The next few rounds were very close with both fighters scoring cleanly. In round six Soto caught Larbi with a hard right that sent him reeling back and down on a bit of a delayed reaction. Ref. Mercante Jr. let the fight continue and Soto was unable to finish Larbi off before round's end. In the seventh, Soto controlled the opening half of the round until Larbi connected with a hard uppercut. In the final round with the crowd cheering wildly, Larbi drove Soto into a corner and was slamming him with hard punches with Ref. Mercante looking very closely at the bell. When the scorecards were read the judges saw it 76-74 for Salim Larbi overruled by scores of 75-74 and 76-74 both in favor of Edwin Soto. Interestingly, Judge Don Trella scored the 8th 10-8 for Larbi because Soto was so badly hurt even though he was never off his feet. Had the other judges done the same it would not have altered the outcome in terms of total points.  
With the victory Edwin Soto raised his record to 13-2-2 (5) while Salim Larbi's dropped to 20-10-2 (7). 

Juiseppe Cusumano, 234lbs, of CariniSicily, had no answers for the corpulent but speedier and craftier Robert Simms, 237lbs, of Saginaw MI. From the opening bell Robert Simms showed he was far more agile than he looked, boxing behind a sturdy jab and bedeviling Cusumano with lateral movement. Cusumano spent the night reaching for Simms or trying to wrestle out of clinches. Referee Ken Ezzo reprimanded both boxers for too much clutching and talking on more than one occasion but the mixed bag of factors, especially the punishing jab of Simms proved to be far too much for Cusumano to cope with. At the end of six the judges saw it 59-55 and 58-56 x 2 all in favor of the visiting Robert Simms. 
Simms leaves CT with an upset victory and a record of 7-2 (3) while Cusumano is forced to regroup, now 15-2 (13).