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Twitter Recap - 50 Cent's 2nd Annual Birthday Basharoo

50 Cent's Birthday Bash Boxing Blow-Up
Twitter Recap
By Alex Pierpaoli

The Grand Theater at the Fox Tower at Foxwoods Resort and Casino hosted an ESPN Friday Night Fights Special Attraction last night in Mashuntucket, CT. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little less hashtaggie.

Bout 1 from Mashantucket, CT, from Las Vegas, NV, Ryan Picou faces off against Louis Cruz of Bronx, NY, 139 pounders.
Cautious first round from both men with Cruz landing bolts to body & head, not a lot of contact but Cruz' round, no doubt.
Picou pressing matters but getting punished for it; Cruz using speedy counters to redden the face of Picou; 2-0 Cruz.
Cruz waiting on one punch or one speedy counterpunch that didn't come in a dull third round.
No idea why Cruz is waiting so much but it's awful to watch. Picou's trying but not getting past Cruz' defense.
We've got this 2-1-1 for Cruz but at least Picou is trying to make something happen. Cruz waiting on openings for counters.
Cruz landed several nice body shots but it's hard not to want to punish him for a lack of action, he's just not throwing while Picou is.
Perhaps because there's only 3 minutes to go, but whatever the reason Cruz is fighting with some urgency in the 6th.
Picou lands a stiff right halfway through the final stanza, otherwise it's mostly Cruz, scoring best to the belly.
Scores are all in favor of Louis Cruz, 59-55 X 2 & 58-56, who improves to 8-0 (4) but it was not at all impressive; we had it 59-57 for Cruz.

Next up, super middles, Junior Younan of Brooklyn, NY vs. Azamat Umarzoda of Las Vegas, NV, 4 rounds.
Younan charges across the ring behind a wide right that crashes against the raised guard of Umarzoda, these guys aren't gonna feel-it-out.
Someone from the crowd shouts: "You are the future Sugar Boy!" and Younan responds "I am!" and keeps fighting.
Purple hair aside, Younan won the first with big hard punches thrown with bad intentions
Younan is cocky but he's letting his hands go, landing heavy and making the fight. Umarzoda is a durable target that has landed a bit.
Umarzoda does his best work w/Younan's back pressed into a neutral corner but pays for it when Younan fights his way out; overhand RT working.
Younan got tired in that final rnd & took a few licks for it; he stunned Umarzoda halfway through it with a body shot & corner urged him on.
All 3 judges scored the bout the same way, 40-36 X 3, in favor of Junior Younan. Younan improves to 5-0 (4) while Umarzoda falls to 0-4-1.

Bout 3; New Haven CT's Jimmy Williams squares off against Stephen Owusu of Bronx, NY, 6 rounds, junior middles.
Fast first between two in-shape fighters; Owusu looking to land his right over the low-held left of Williams, with some success in 1st.
Williams scores a knockdown in the second off of a straight right-left hook.
Williams was head-hunting for a while before it paid off; that could backfire on him but maybe not tonight.
solid comeback round for Owusu, Williams landed heavier in the final ten seconds but he got a bloody nose for it. #FNF
This could be 2-2 in rounds right now, with Williams ahead just slightly due to the knockdown. That fourth saw Owusu land well w/Left hook.
Owusu not being hurt by Williams here in fifth because Williams cannot land more than one at a time; Williams tiring but won that 5th.
After 6 rounds the judges are all over the place with scores of 60-53, 59-54 & 57-56 all in favor of Williams.

Next up, female super bantams, @shelitosway of Providence vs. Nydia Feliciano of Bronx, NY, 123lbs each, scheduled for 6 2 minute rds.
very very accurate hands from Nydia Feliciano, she won that first round, no doubt. Vincent's going to have to up her punch output. #boxing
the 2nd half of round 2 looked more like a Shelito Vincent fight, but it took work to get in close & make the longer, speedier Feliciano pay.
this crowd, still filing in, got awfully loud during that last heated round; Vincent has made it a scrap & Feliciano is trading with her.
Feliciano was doing a helluva lot better from a distance, this has turned into a brawl at close-quarters, what @shelitosway likes & it shows.
some blood from the nose of Vincent now, good body shots from both women, Feliciano may have hurt Vincent in the guts at the end of the 5th.
Feliciano made a strategic mistake in slugging w/Vincent as often as she did but this crowd benefited for it, that's 4 sure. #BestfightSoFar
the officials see this one at 57-57, 58-56 & 59-55, in favor of Shelito Vincent by Majority Decision; TV bouts coming next.

And ESPN2 is LIVE with Ryan Blue Chip Martin versus Matthew Baca, 135lbs, 4 rounds #boxing #FNF
speedy, solid one-two's from Martin tell the bulk of the story in round one; Blue Chip has got quick fists
Martin breaks out the combinations in round two, landing and rolling away out of danger; nice display from young prospect so far
Martin sprinkled in a couple nice uppercuts in that third round; Baca's got a solid chin
Blue Chip Martin has Baca in trouble in the final frame; his corner is really urging him on
Martin tired a bit in that last round; caught him checking the monitor for the time remaining in the round a couple times but great showcase
that was an easy one to score, all 3 judges saw it 40-36 for Ryan Martin. #FNF

from the ripples in the Twitter-verse it seems Teddy Atlas is ranting and raving again #HappensEveryWeek
The woman who is going to sing the National Anthem is a knockout. Not sure why they haven't let her sing yet, dammit!!

Up now Billy Dib versus Alberto Garza, super feathers, 10 rounds #FNF
scrappy looking first round that left Dib cut around the left ear.
Dib landed several hard bolts in that second round, Garza's best punch came when he landed on a break. #FNF
Dib landing the left hook well in the 3rd; Garza swinging wild; lots of clutching and grabbing; ref warns both for rough stuff.
This fight is rough, in-close, a little frustrating, and a little ugly, so all-in-all the quintessential Billy Dib fight; & he's winning it.
Garza refuses to waste a single opportunity he gets to hit on the break.
Finally Garza loses a point for something, not sure what it was but he was overdue to lose a point for some infraction.
Losing that point was unfortunate since Garza likely won that 6th round. Dib tiring a bit.
Garza is a bold scrappy guy, he hurls himself at his opponent often with little regard for his own safety or the Marquis of Queensbury rules.
Two rounds to go in this one and Garza is clearly frustrated, he shoved Dib to the canvas at end of the 8th. #boxing #fnf
The Dib left hook has done the bulk of the hurting for him tonight; last round coming up, of a fight Dib should win handily.
That's the end of a rough one, but it shouldn't be too tough to score. #FNF
We're in a TV timeout here... Scores for the Dib fight were 98-91 and 96-93 twice, all in favor of @BillyDib who improves to 37-3 (21)

The Main Event is about to begin, Mark "Too Sharp" Davis vs. Michael Farenas, 12 rounds, IBF Super Feather Eliminator.
Davis is cut around the right eye, didn't see a headbutt, that may have been caused by a looping southpaw left; otherwise he had a good 1st.
Davis is talking with his supporters outside the ring, meanwhile Farenas is landing mean hard punches. Could be 2-0 Farenas so far.
Davis is in a fight here. He's cocksure enough to win but Farenas has brought more substantive tools into the ring with him tonight.
Michael Farenas comes right out and attacks the mid-section of Mark Davis to start round 5.
Michael Farenas is really starting to batter Mark "In-Too-Deep" Davis #FNF #boxing
Mark Davis is on his way to doing a Gamboa impression. #HappyBirthday50
Dr. Michael Schwartz is up in the corner of Mark Davis, taking a closer look. Davis putting up a good fight but he's clearly fading. #FNF
Gutsy effort by @marktoosharp87 but Ref. Steve Smoger has seen enough; which is saying something. Happy Battered, Bloodied, B-Day Bash 50!
Just a thought, you don't go and get a veteran from the Philippines for a step-up victory. #FNF
Official time was :59 seconds of round number 8, Michael Farenas improves to 37-4-4 (29) while Davis picks up his first loss 18-1 (5). #FNF

Last bout of the night, Nick De Lomba versus Edwin Soto, welters, 4 rounds.
This may be the walk-out bout but 2nite's promoter walked-out before his mostly-concussed prospect made it back to his own corner. #FNF
Soto looks to be landing the heavier leather here while it's De Lomba landing smarter and more frequently, close rough action. #FNF
Edwin Soto looks really tired after the third which was a big round for Nick De Lomba; final frame of the night coming up...
We've got two more rounds in this bout, it was the swing and scheduled for 6/4 so we're doing 6. well, they are. I'm sitting on my fat ass.
De Lomba is bleeding badly from a cut over the left eye, not sure if that was caused by a butt or a punch however.
That was by far one of the best fights of the night, very competitive, but De Lomba looks to have won it. Both guys bleeding by final bell.

Scorecards are as follows 57-57, 59-57, and 58-56 for the winner by Majority Decision and still undefeated Nick De Lomba. #FNF

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