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New Haven Boxers Win Big in Danbury -Results & pix @PrizeBoxing #DanburyFightNight

Although cut around the eye, Nate Green dominated Timur Shailezov
 Tramaine Williams and Josh Crespo score Knockouts, Nate Green notches a Unanimous Decision in New Haven Trifecta at Danbury Fight Night
words & pictures by Alex Pierpaoli

All three New Haven boxers on promoter Aj Galante's debut boxing card picked up exciting wins on Saturday night at the Danbury Arena. With a false floor firmly in place, an ice rink served as boxing venue for an eight bout card assembled by Hall-of-Fame matchmaker Russel Peltz. Unlike many promoters who use a fight card to advance all of their own fighters with guaranteed wins, Galante wanted to bring Hat City actual fights and not one-sided showcase bouts. Well, Mission Accomplished.

In the Main Event, New Haven's Tramaine The Mighty Midget Williams returned to the ring for the first time since a 2014 arrest and subsequent conviction. As promised by promoter Aj Galante, there were to be "no soft-touches" on this debut show and so Williams was pitted against 9-1(1)
A bloodied nose is the worst of an otherwise smashing return by the Mighty Midget
Josh Bowles of Harrisburg, PA. Williams visibly shook off rust, his straight left hand blasting ever closer to the target each time he beat Josh Bowles to the punch. Williams' speedy hands controlled the bout save for the times Bowles was able to nail him coming forward, bloodying Williams' nose. In the sixth, Williams walked the withered Bowles down, slamming him with the straight left and dropping him with just over a minute gone in the final round. Bowles got up from the knockdown but was in trouble again quickly with Williams surging. Hurt again by another left, Bowles started to protest as Referee Mike Ortega stepped in to halt the action at 1:38 of the sixth. Ortega may
have been a little quick to end things but no doubt Bowles was hurt and Williams was shelling him. The Mighty Midget returns and improves to 9-0(3) while Josh Bowles falls to 9-2(1).

One hundred eighteen pound, Nate "The GreatWon" Green dominated veteran Timur Shailezov over six sometimes difficult rounds. Shailezov, fighting out of Krzgystan via Philadelphia, was able to make a scrap out of things on occasion and opened a cut over the eye of The Elm City's GreatWon with a headbutt. At the end of six the judges saw it favor of Green by scores of 60-54, 58-56 and 59-55. Green remains unbeaten, now at 8-0(2) while Shailezov falls to 17-10-1(4).

Throughout the build-up for Aj Galante's debut fight promotion, it was always Josh Crespo, of New Haven, who lit up the events with his witty sense of humor and style. Fittingly, on Saturday night it was Crespo, 124 1/4lbs, who started a fire in the chilly ice arena with an explosive first round TKO over Edgar Cortes, 121lbs. Crespo sunk a left to the body followed by a straight right to the head of Cortes that drove him to the canvas, his left leg folding up awkwardly underneath him. Cortes beat the count but Crespo attacked him and caught him again with another right as part of a volley of blows. Ref. Mike Ortega stepped in to end things with Cortes taking punishment. Crespo breaks a two fight losing streak of decisions that could-have and probably-should-have gone his way, on this night the judge's didn't need to bring their pencils. Crespo improves to 4-2-3(2) while Edgar Cortes returns to Vineland, NJ at 1-1.
Andrew Bentley, in purple, defeated Oscar Bonilla Quick Results:

Andrew Bentley of Jersey City, NJ, defeated Bridgeport CT's Oscar Bonilla by four round unanimous decision in a hard-swinging contest. Bentley improved to 3-2 while Bonilla picked up his first defeat, dropping to 3-1-2.

In a heated opening bout, Jair Ramos of Waterbury, CT defeated Osnel Charles of Atlantic City, NJ, by six round unanimous decision to improve to 4-2-2. Charles dropped to 10-13-1(1).

A focused heavyweight Cassius Chaney of New London, CT, deconstructed the bullish Ruben Ortiz to move to 2-0 as a professional. Chaney's jab--right hand to the body was extremely effective in slowing Ortiz' charges and took a lot of the danger out of his wide swinging blows. Suffering from a height disadvantage of 8 inches, the five foot ten inch Ortiz kept up the pressure trying to force the longer armed Chaney into a scrap. No such luck. At the end of four the decision was unanimous in favor of Cassius Chaney who despite his past as a basketball player, showed maturity beyond his two professional wins as a prizefighter. Ruben Ortiz returns to East Providence, RI at 0-4.

Former Olympian for the Dominican Republic, Wellington Romero, now of Newburgh, NY, was
Wellington Romero, L, squares off with Evincii Dixon
lucky to get a win against Evincii Dixon, of Lancaster, PA, in a fight that looked even to this observer. After starting strong and outboxing Dixon early, Romero faded, especially in the final two frames when the aggressive, high volume offense of Dixon had clearly worn Romero down. The officials saw it 58-57 for Dixon overruled by two scores for Romero, one a reasonable 58-56 and the other an out-of-whack 59-55 from Judge Dick Flaherty.  Evincii Dixon dropped to 5-7-1(1) while Wellington Romero remained unbeaten at 7-0(3).

Junior middleweights, Rich Neves, of New York City, and Gilbert Alex Sanchez of Camden, NJ, rumbled to a six round unanimous draw. Neves returns to the Big Apple at 8-2-2(4) and Sanchez picks up his first draw in a dozen fights, now 5-6-1(3). 

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