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#Rhode2Redemption Twitter Recap #Boxeo #Boxing

Biosse & Chatman face-off in an all southpaw main event
Rhode To Redemption:
Chatman vs. Biosse 
Twitter Recap
words and pictures by Alex Pierpaoli

Last night, Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, Rhode Island, was the site of CESBoxing's second boxing promotion of 2015. Billed as Rhode to Redemption the Main Event pit rebounding fighters Vladine Biosse against Chris Chatman in a 10 round super middleweight bout. As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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I'm @twinrivercasino for @CESBoxing's #Rhode2Redemption follow along @KOFantasyBoxing for live tweets from ringside #boxing

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live from @twinrivercasino we're ready to go with bout 1, 4 rounds, lightweights, Jacob Solis vs. Matt Doherty

Matt Doherty, of Salem, MA, landed better in a scrappy 1st that saw both fighters swinging 2 find the range on each other #Rhode2Redemption

Jacob Solis, of Lawrence, MA, is cut over the right eye in round 2. Doherty doing a lot of clutching, both guys working in partial clinches

ref Johnny Callas takes a point from Solis in the 3rd for excessive holding which seems just plain wrong to this observer, now Doherty cut

Matt Doherty dominated this rough & grappling 4 rounder. Jacob Solis might have taken one round but with the point he lost, he's in trouble
Matt Doherty clings to Jacob Solis

the scorecards are 38-37 x 2 and 40-35, all in favor of Matt Doherty who improves to 3-1(2) while Jacob Solis drops to 1-1 #Rhode2Redemption

Bout 2 is up now Scott Sullivan vs. Angel Valdez 

Angel Valdez came out throwing in round one, Sullivan focused

Scott Sullivan scores a 2nd rd knockdown after a hard left and a follow-up right, Valdez reduced to grabbing and eating jabs & straight rts

blood coming from the brow of Valdez, he took a lot of punishment in the 3rd but one shot at a time, Sullivan in complete control #Boxing

Valdez may have picked up a round here, he was very busy throughout, especially in the 1st but otherwise it was all Scott Sullivan #FNF

Scott Sullivan connects to the head of Angel Valdez
the judges agreed and all three gave Valdez one round. The scorecards are 39-36 x 3 all in favor of New Bedford's Scott Sullivan, now 2-1(1)

Angel Valdez of Providence, RI, gave a gutsy, two-fisted effort here tonight but remains without a win at 0-3 #Boxing #Rhode2Redemption

Bout 3- Khiary Gray-Pitts of Worcester, MA just did what fans are getting used to seeing him do, win by first round knockout. 2 knockdowns did it

It goes into the books as a TKO at the end of 1, Khiary Gray-Pitts is now 8-0(5) and has now won his past 5 by 1st round stoppage #Boxing

two minutes and fifty-eight seconds of the 1st was the official time of the stoppage. Antonio Fernandes of Brockton, MA falls to 5-22-2

Bout 4 is up now, 4 rds, jr welters, Julio Perez of Framingham, MA, is making his pro debut against Rafael Francis of Boston, MA #Boxing

sloppy second round sees Rafael Francis swinging wildly but Perez landing better

Francis' swinging isn't pretty to look at but he caught Perez with a right that got his attention in rd 3, otherwise it's all Perez

Twice Perez looked to get the most sympathy possible from Ref Joey Lupino for 2 punches that barely strayed low #Dramatics #Boxing #FNF

the judges see it 39-37 x 2 & 40-36 all in favor of Julio Perez, who picks up his first win as a pro, now 1-0 Rafael Francis is now 0-5

Bout 5 is up & should be interesting, it's a rematch of Majority Draw back in April that this observer thought Solomon Maye should have won

Heavyweight Solomon Maye of New Haven, CT versus Jean Pierre Augustin of Lawrence, MA, 4 rounds
Augustin ties up an aggressive Solomon Maye

Augustin boxed a careful first and probably won it but he's still tentative, much better than last time out though; Maye looking to slam him

Solomon Maye came close to connecting with a hard right but he's being outboxed here by a cautious but much improve Jean Pierre Augustin

Maye will probably take that 3rd on the cards because he stunned Augustin with a chopping right; but Augustin endures and keeps boxing

Jean Pierre Augustin should come away with this decision & more than that he corrected the trajectory of a career that looked uncertain

the scorecards are 39-37 x 2 and 40-36 all in favor of Jean Pierre Augustin who improves to 5-0-1(2) & more importantly learned much in camp

tough break for Solomon Maye who clearly wanted this fight & got into fine condition. But Augustin too skilled. Maye drops to 1-5-2(1)

Bout 6 is up next, 4 rds, light heavies, Edwin Espinal of Providence, RI, versus Thomas Gifford of Hot Springs, AR #Rhode2Redemption #boxing

good first round from these two fighters, both went right to work throwing hard shots. Espinal landed two hard left hooks that won it

Espinal hurts Gifford with a left hook in round two & opens up on him with both hands. Another big shot crumples Gifford in a neutral corner

It's a 2nd round TKO victory, 1:33, for Edwin Espinal, now 7-0(5), while Tom Gifford makes the long trip home to Arkansas 2-3-1(1) #Boxing

Bout 7 is up now, 6rds, welters, Nick Delomba of Cranston, RI vs. Juan Rodriguez, Jr of Union City, NJ #Rhode2Redemption #Boxing #boxeo

Delomba got dropped and was badly hurt in a wild first round, Delomba firing back while hurt with Rodriguez Jr trying to follow up

Delomba bounced back well in round 2, driving Rodriguez back into the ropes & nailing him w/ a hard right, Rodriguez may have blown his shot

Delomba is cut under the left eye, probably from a head butt, but it hasn't phased him. He's surging now landing big shots on Rodriguez

Delomba definitely looking for a stoppage win here & he may just get it. He's walking Rodriguez down, banging his body

Ref Johnny Callas halts the bout with Rodriguez hurt & taking punishment over Delomba's corner. Good test for Delomba he was hurt bad in 1st

the official time of the stoppage was 1:24 of round number 5, Nick Delomba improves 8-0(2) while Juan Rodriguez Jr falls to 12-3(5) #boxeo

Main Event is up now!! Vladine Biosse versus Chris Chatman, super middles, 10 rounds, Biosse, of Providence, RI, vs. Chatman of Jersey City

Chatman was getting the better of the opening round until Biosse connected with a right that put Chatman down.

Biosse, the larger fighter in white, seemed winded from the 3rd
Biosse is so much larger than Chatman but the Jersey City fighter is pressing the action
Chatman had a great third round, Biosse looks winded while Chatman isn't even breathing heavy

Biosse controls the distance in this all southpaw contest but Chatman is crowding him and pressing the action. close round

the fifth sees both fighters landing heavily. Chatman lands 2 nice straight lefts while Biosse sweeps at him with right hooks, good action

Chatman's punches are having a greater effect on the larger Biosse than this observer expected.

Chatman looks to be on the way to an upset win if he can keep this up. Biosse has been breathing through his open mouth since the 3rd

going to be interesting to see what these cards look like. Round 9 coming up Close fight. Think the edge belongs 2 Chatman despite knockdown

Chatman is making this fight, pressing the action throughout & landing most of the significant blows. But he's fighting Mr. Providence in RI

of the media sitting near me, we all saw Chatman sweep the second half of this fight. Biosse just didn't land enough

here's the decision 96-93, 95-94 and 97-92 all in favor of Chris Chatman! that 95-94 scared me but it broke the right way. #Rhode2Redemption

Chris Chatman just plain outworked and outfought Vladine Biosse tonight. Biosse's size advantage wasn't enough against Chatman's focus

Chris Chatman improves to 13-5-1(5) while Vladine Biosse drops to 15-7-2(7) That's all from here, Fight Fans!! Time for Java & a long drive

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