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@Twitter Recap from Ringside for @StarBoxing's #SlugfestAtTheSun

Courtney Pennington defeats Delvin Rodriguez
Kali Reis overcomes Ashleigh Curry
Daniel Gonzalez blanks Samuel Amoako
and more
Ringside Twitter Recap
From Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT
By Alex Pierpaoli
Ringside Report

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside** we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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**On this occasion we kept getting a security notice from Google Chrome and were locked out of Twitter for awhile. It came online right around bout number three.

we are ringside from @MoheganSun for @starboxing's #SlugfestAtTheSun tune in here for more updates.

Bout 3, Marcus Beckford,155 lbs, East Meadow, NY, 3-6-3 vs Jose Rivera,154 1/4 lbs, of Hartford, CT, 2-1 (2)  6 rounds.

tentative first between these two fighters. Rivera seemed busier. They are using mats in the corner to absorb excess water. Great idea!!

Rated-R Rivera landed several cracking right hooks in this all-southpaw contest.

these two are being a little extra cautious. They probably don't face southpaws like themselves very often. This is like looking in a mirror

Beckford landed a couple single shots in that third but it was Rivera landing big blasts to the head with both hands at round's end

holy crap!! Beckford looked to be doing a little talking in there & seconds later Rivera crashed a right hook against his jaw & ended this

Ref. Ortega gave him a count but halted things with Beckford on his feet but too groggy to go on.

Rivera wins via TKO Round 4 1:50. Wow. Big shot!

Bout 4- Anthony Laureano, 138 3/4 lbs, of East Hartford, CT, 3-0 (2) vs Sidney Maccow,140 3/4 lbs, of New York, NY,  4-5 (3) fighting 6 rds

very busy hands, good combinations from Sidney Maccow in round 1. He won the first, as our President would say, BIGLY!

Maccow just seems a lot stronger here, even when his punches crash against the guard of Laureano he knocks him off balance #SlugfestAtTheSun

We are in CT, of course, but this looks to me like the Hartford fighter just dropped the first 2 rounds #SlugfestAtTheSun

we've got a fight now! Laureano woke up with a minute to go in the 3rd & may have done enough to win that round, Crowd loved it.

Laureano surging now & Maccow tiring a bit. Always fascinating to see the difference in fighters who start fast & those that need a rd or 2

these guy's noggins have slammed together quite a few times. It's a fight at close quarters now and Laureano loves that

Laureano really eats up the close-quarters, cheek-to-cheek, jowl-to-jowl combat. He may very well have just won this fight

Maccow vs. Laureano was 2 different fights, the first 2 1/2 rounds was all Sidney Maccow and the last 3 1/2 mostly Laureano. Scores coming..

After 6 rounds, scores are 58-56 x 3 all in favor of Anthony Laureano. Sounds like the judges gave Maccow 2 rounds, probably 1 & 2

Laureano admits he's a pressure fighter in the post-fight interview. The more rounds the better he says.

Bout 5- Kali Reis, 151 1/4 lbs, of Providence, RI, vs Ashleigh Curry, 152 1/2 lbs, of Saint Joseph, MO

Kali Reis keeping straight punches in the face of Ashleigh Curry through 2 rounds

Curry is a southpaw & is fighting mostly in retreat, Curry landed a hard right at the end of the 3rd but Reis took it well

Waiting on the scorecards for Reis vs. Curry. Reis should have picked up a unanimous decision, Doubt she lost a round.

After six rounds the judges saw it 59-55, 58-56 and 57-57 in favor of @KO_MoC86 the winner by Majority Decision.

Bout 6- Daniel Gonzalez, 145 1/2 lbs, of Woodhaven, NY 13-0-1 (5) vs Samuel Amoako,147 lbs,  21-14 (15) fighting 8 rounds.

Daniel Gonzalez pressed the action in round 1, bringing the fight to Amoako and cracking him with a big left hook with a minute left in 1st

Gonzalez snaking a nasty little uppercut up between the guard of Amoako & stinging him with it. Amoako wants a brawl but Gonzalez is boxing

Amoako has a bushy beard and looks like a Ghanaian version of Zeus or Poseidon

this is starting 2 get a little dull. Gonzalez in total control but Amoako has a decent defense & Gonzalez doesn't seem to punch hard enough

Gonzalez caught Amoako with a right to the chin that seemed to shake him up a bit but Amoako was able to clutch and grab his way to safety

 the boo-birds have come out for the first time tonight.

 Gonzalez really doing some nice flurrying in close. Lots of body shots.

This one goes the full six. Waiting on the cards. Don't think we'll see the officials score a single round 4 Amoako but been wrong B4 2nite

The officials are in agreement, 60-54 x 3, all in favor of Danny El Gallo Gonzalez, now 14-0-1 (5).

Carlos Perez of Hartford, CT, was to fight tonight but flunked the pre-fight medical #bummer

Main Event! Delvin Rodriguez,156 1/4 lbs, of Danbury, CT,  vs Courtney Pennington, of Brooklyn, NY, 154 1/4 lbs, 10 rds

thru 2 rounds it's Delvin Rodriguez stalking, trying to walk Pennington down with the Kingpin using speedy jabs to redden the face of D-Rod

Rodriguez throwing harder punches but Pennington landing more frequently, switching back & forth from orthodox to southpaw, at times

Pennington being very elusive, frustrating Ridriguez, but might not be landing enough to win all these rounds

Pennington stayed in the pocket in that 5th & was able to bust Rodriguez in the mouth repeatedly. Rodriguez swelling & red, Kingpin fresher

Looked like Mike Mazzulli, Director of Athletic Regulations here, warned Pennington's corner for putting too much grease on his face

there's a mouse under the right eye of Rodriguez from the many many jabs he's taken from Courtney Kingpin Pennington

Pennington continues outboxing Rodriguez, coming up on round number 8

There's swelling around the eye of Pennington from the rights he's taken from Rodriguez but it's Pennington's jab that's winning this fight

Delvin Rodriguez looks like a shot fighter here. His reflexes are really blunted. He's got a speedy guy in front of him but missing terribly

Last round coming up. Rodriguez fired some heavy shots at the end of the ninth, he seems aware he needs to surge and surge BIGLY!

Delvin Rodriguez raises his hands at the bell 2 end the tenth but there's only a smattering of applause. Pennington should win this decision

Pennington wins a Unanimous Decision by scores of 98-92 x 2, 97-93. He is now 3-0 (1) since his April 23rd 2016 loss to Patrick Day

Delvin Rodriguez should avoid speedy boxers entirely if he's going 2 keep fighting But it looks like he's very shopworn. he tried hard 2nite

That's it from here at Mohegan Sun, fight fans! Take care and see you next time! Thanks for all the Likes & Retweets 

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