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@Twitter recap from ringside for #BroadwayBoxing

Remillard, Arias, Salinas and Williams win in Broadway Boxing at Foxwoods,
more from Ringside in our Twitter Recap
Photos by Sean Laydon

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside** we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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we're live from ringside now! in the middle of Bout 1 Jose Roman of Puerto Rico versus William Hill of Detroit, MI

Jose Roman is six foot two inches tall but he's taking away his height and reach advantage by leaning forward & crouching a bit

Hill seemed to get the worst of a headbutt, accidental, at the start of the 4th & final round

we go to the scorecards after 4... Hill definitely won that final round but this observer was too busy setting up to have scored the first 3

scores are unanimous, 40-36 x 2, 39-37 all in favor of Jose Roman who improves to 4-0 (3) while William Hill drops to 2-3

Bout 2, Luis Garcia of Peekskill, NY by way of Cuba 194 lbs. stopped Felipe Romero of San Diego, CA by way of Mexico 195 lbs. in the first

Luis "El Leon" Garcia picks up the TKO victory at 1:48 of the 1st to improve to 15-0 (12).

fighters from Bout 3 headed to the ring...

bout 3 pits Radzhab Butaev, of Brooklyn, NY by way of Russia 153 lbs. against Abraham Alvarez, of El Rosario, Mexico 157 lbs., 8 rounds

OUCH! that's over in 1 rd! 2 knockdowns by Butaev do the damage, 1st a big left hook, Alvarez got up only 2 get nailed w/brutal body shot

Doctors talking to Alvarez. If his ribs aren't broken he certainly had the wind knocked out of him. He's up & walking around now.

Ref. Lupino stopped it at 1:05 of rd 1. The Python, Radzhab Butaev improves to 6-0 (5) while Alvarez falls to 20-11-1 (11)

#boxing now in bout 4, Super Welters 4rds Khiry Todd (4-0, 4 KOs), Lynn, MA 149 lbs Nicolas Sarouna (12-8-1, 9 KOs), Lome, Togo 148 lbs

Khiry Todd pounding out a lopsided win here. I don't think Sarouna has won a round.

That was a little weird. Sarouna went down under pressure, it looked like he took a knee to clear his head but he stayed down for a 10 count

Khiry "TNT" Todd picks up the stoppage victory, TKO3 1:32, and improves to 5-0 (5) while Nicolas Sarouna of Togo falls to 12-9-1 (9) #Boxing

Bout 5 Up now, Jennifer Salinas (19-4, 5 KOs), Providence, RI 135 lbs. vs. Marquita Lee (3-4), Novato, CA 132 lbs.

Jen Salinas still in charge here but Lee has made a contest of it, the exchanges are heated now, Salinas' face has reddened considerably

they are just slugging away here! this is just raw cavewoman versus cavewoman slugging in the center of the ring! wow! good stuff!

sixth and final round now. Salinas lands 2 sweeping overhand rights to start the frame!
double left hooks from @bolivian_queen, body and then head!

wow! that was fun! Salinas really slammed her with big bolting shots in the final thirty seconds

the official scorecards are 59-55 x 2, 58-56 all in favor of @bolivian_queen who took fight on short notice & improves to 20-4 (5)

Marquita Lee drops to 3-5 #BroadwayBoxing

up now, Myquan Williams, 146lbs, of East Hartford, CT vs. Ariel Vasquez, 147lbs, of Managua, Nicaragua 6 rounds

Myquan Williams showing off his skills here in round number one, catching Vasquez with sharp speedy punches from range

Williams may have hurt Vasquez at the end of that second round, he went right after him when he sensed it but the bell rang

Williams has won the first three rounds easily. 4th underway now

If Williams starts to punish the body this one might end early.
Vasquez is a southpaw but he squares his shoulders up right in front of his opponent and Myquan Williams is having no trouble nailing him

Myquan Williams showing lot of slick & speedy moves but wonder if it would be more impressive if he stepped up the body attack & got a TKO

This guy might just be pretty durable. Williams just busted him in the mouth with a hard straight right & Vasquez just ate it right up

all 3 judges score it 60-54 in favor of Myquan Williams, now 7-0 (4). That was basically a clinic. He didn't get touched much at all

co-feature, Ruslan Shamalov, 233lbs, of Brooklyn, NY by way of Russia vs George Arias, 230lbs, of Bronx, NY by way of Dominican Republic

Arias goes right to works slugging at the body of the taller Shamalov

wow! that was an exciting 3 minutes! Arias was in control the first minute but as the round wore on Shamalov found the range & hurt Arias

good round for Arias. He's #boxing landing quick shots and stepping away. Shamalov big and strong but got outpunched & outmaneuvered in rd2

good fight here! these guys are tired! Shamalov landing the heavier clubbing shots but the better looking, crisper cleaner shots are Arias'

sixth and final round coming up for this hard fought contest between unbeaten heavies... someone's O must go!!

Arias is very quick on his feet for a man of some two hundred thirty pounds.

Arias is good at making this big man miss

I liked the speedy trickerations and jolting shots of Arias over the big, thumping swats of Shamalov in that one. Waiting on decision now

The better boxing of Arias triumphs over the blunt force trauma of Shamalov, scores were varied 60-54, 59-55 and 58-65 all for George Arias

time for the main event! Lightweights, 8 rounds, Matt Remillard, 135lbs, of Manchester, CT vs. Fatiou Fassinou, 133lbs, of Cotonou, Benin

Fatiou Fassinou is a speedy southpaw and he posed a pretty elusive target in round number one.

Remillard getting to Fassinou here in round 2. May have hurt him.
lots of holding and grappling and stumbling from Fassinou. This might end in a DQ if not a TKO first.

Fassinou went down at the bell to end round two. He looks extremely unsteady. He's fast but he's not taking punishment well at all

Remillard applying lots of pressure, really crowding Fassinou

Fassinou looked exhausted at the end of the third. His trainer came out to get him & helped him back to the corner. Doctor checking him

very stern warning from ref, johnny callas about the holding. He said one more and you lose a point.

Remillard consistently hammering at Fassinou. He's having difficulty landing cleanly but great bodywork.

Oh, that's it! Fassinou's corner has done the wise thing and stopped this fight.

That's the first stoppage victory for Remillard in his 2 fight comeback since the loss to Mikey Garcia and a stint in prison for assault

The fight ends before round number 5, TKO victory for Matt Remillard, now 25-1 (14). Fassinou falls to 27-6-3 (14).

Remillard said he felt good and thinks with one more fight this year he'll be where he wants to be. Wants a rematch with @mikeygarcia

That's all from here, Fight-fans! Thanks for all the likes, retweets and follows! Peace!

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