Thursday, March 15, 2018

USA vs. Ireland Amateur #Boxing @Twitter recap

Team USA defeats Team Ireland at Springfield, MA's Mass Mutual Center
By Alex Pierpaoli
Ringside report here

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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@FistThingsFirst is live and up in the sky at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield, MA for amateur #Boxing USA vs. Ireland

we're in the middle of Bout number 1! Looks like Ireland may take this first bout. In round 3 now.

very good third round for Amelia Moore of Alexandria, VA. this writer thought the first two rounds belonged to Kellie Harrington but that's not how the scoring works here. They use punch counts so the big 3rd may have done it. #boxing

Amelia Moore picks up a split decision victory, 2 judges to 1, over Dublin's Kellie Harrington in this 1st women's 132llbs bout. 9 more fights scheduled tonight. #USAvsIRLBoxing #Boxing

up next women's 152lbs, Oshae Jones of Toledo, OH versus Grainne Walsh of Offaly, Ireland. And southpaw Jones scores a knockdown in 1st 30 seconds with a solid right hook.

Jones really landing easily and often in the second half of round one.

much closer second round. Walsh able to find instances to land her own shots while Jones was throwing. Clash of styles here, Jones a cool, countering southpaw and Walsh more of a front foot, pressing jabber.

Split decision victory goes to Oshae Jones of the US of A. Grainne Walsh battled back from a rough first and finished a helluva lot stronger than she finished.

Bout 3, Marc Castro of Fresno, CA represents the US versus George Bate of Ireland, 119lbs, Bantams. #Boxing

George Bates is the name of the Irish fighter. Round one belonged to Castro who is the first fighter to throw any punches to the body tonight. He's a long, lean, speedy Bantam.

Castro looks to be in charge through two. These are quick-handed fighters.

Bates finding Castro with the straight right hand in round three.

Split decision goes to the red corner, USA boxer Marc Castro picks up the victory.

Bout 4 underway here, Charlie Sheehy of Brisbane, CA of the US versus Wayne Kelly of Laois, Ireland, Light Welters, 141lbs #Boxing

Another split decision and another victory for team USA. Charlie Sheehy picks up the win.

Bout 5, Tiger Johnson of Cleveland, OH versus Caoimhin Ferguson of Antrim, Ireland. 141lbs, Light Welters #boxing

good first round for the Irish boxer. Ferguson is an aggressive southpaw who put a lot of pressure on Johnson in round 1

The US fighter just got a long break in the corner in order to fix a loose head guard.

Another split decision goes to the USA, Tiger Johnson of Cleveland, Ohio notches the victory. They aren't announcing any scores so I'm not sure how close these split decisions are. I thought that one should have gone to Ireland.

there's an intermission here right now featuring the musical stylings of "Back in Black" an AC/DC cover band

ok, all of those who were about to have now Rocked so we're back to #Boxing up now is Quinton Randall of Katy, Texas versus Paddy Donovan of Limerick

Randall struck in the back of the head with a solid right hook by Donovan. The Irish fighter gets a warning. They continue in a much more heated fashion till the bell to end the second.

Randall doesn't seem busy enough here. These guys are getting a bit rough in the third. Both are warned for holding, grappling.

Ireland picks up their first win of the night and it's Unanimous, first UD of the evening too. Paddy Donovan notches the victory.

there's a live stream of these fights right here … #USAvsIRLBoxing

7th bout of the night is up now, 165lbs, middleweights, Troy Isley of Alexandria, VA versus Gerard French of Antrim, Ireland

A real fight has broken out in rd 3, after a low blow by Isley the ref seemed to take a point or issue a stern warning, the fight continued and things got rough in close causing the ref to warn the Irish fighter.

Unanimous decision victory goes to the red corner and Troy Isley of the USA.

#Boxing now, Nikita Ababiy of Brooklyn, NY versus Brett McGinty of Derry, Ireland. 165lbs, middleweights

some good exchanges here in the first. Both of these fighters are throwing to the body. Ababiy landing quick counters from the outside. close round.

These two fighters seem to have a more professional style than most of the boxers seen tonight.

Winner by split decision is Brett McGinty of Ireland. That was an entertaining bout, both guys threw punches with bad intentions.

It's the penultimate bout of the night, Light Heavies, 178lbs, Khalil Cole of Jersey City, NJ versus Caoimhin Hynes of Antrim, Ireland #boxing

Cole of New Jersey seemed to land the heavier shots in round one.

Cole showing some nice elusiveness and a very quick, snapping jab

Cole showing some real mastery here. He has the distance figured on Hynes and he's able to pop him at range and on his way in. Left hooks and sneaky left uppercuts.

This one was obviously going to be unanimous and it was. Khalil Cole picks up the Unanimous decision win and that leaves Team USA at 7-1 on the night with one fight to go.

Here's the final bout of the night, Heavies, 201lbs, Adrian Tillman of Colorado Springs, CO vs. Kiril Afranasov of Dublin

Afranasov of Ireland looked to have controlled round number two. coming up on the final round of the night.

The Irish fighter landing hard single shots and keeping Tillman missing.

Here comes the decision...
It's Unanimous in favor of Ireland's Kiril Afranasov of Dublin.

USA wins this invitational by a score of 7-3. And I'm guessing the US will pick up boxer of the night. My guess is it goes to Isley or Cole. Leaning towards Cole.

Bout of the night was bout 3 between Marc Castro(USA) and George Bates(IRL)
Outstanding Boxer of the night goes to Troy Isley of Alexandria, VA.

That's all from here fight-fans! Thanks for following along. Until next time!

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