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@Twitter Recap from Ringside @CESBoxing #TheFutureOfBoxing card #boxing

Soto prevails versus Larbi; Williams returns with victory over Aguirre; Agripino scores majority decision over Hansen
and more CES Boxing from Foxwoods
Ringside Twitter Recap
By Alex Pierpaoli

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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The Amateur bouts are all done and here come the pros! Follow along for results from ringside at Foxwoods... #boxing

Bout 1, Carlos Marrero III of BridgeportCT  133lbs fights Jonathan Rojas of NewarkNJ  133lbs, 4rds.

both lightweights went right to work in the first with Marrero landing more effectively. With about a minute to go in the first he belted Rojas with an excellent left hook to the midsection #boxing

round 2 was a better one for Jonathan Rojas who landed several hard body shots of his own. Marrero looks to be tiring at the close of the second

Lots of tugging, shoving and grappling in the third. Marrero seems very tired and possibly a bit hurt. He may have gotten the worst of things as both men sort of wrestled each other to the canvas. Ref Mercante Jr restoring order...

Just a tremendous final 40 seconds or so for Carlos Marrero who looks to have shifted that round back into his favor with multiple blasts to the head and body of a confident Rojas. The third starts with Rojas hesitating...

Heated fourth and final round but Carlos Marrero 3 punctuated it with a hellish body shot and should have done enough to come away with this decision.

The Judges see the fight 39-37, 38-38 x 2 for a Majority Draw! No winner! These gentlemen have to each go home with a draw which I guess is better than suffering another loss. Rojas is now 0-1-1 while Marrero is 0-2-1 This one begs for a rematch. #boxing

Bout #2, Elvis Figueroa of New Haven, CT  169lbs battles Leandro DaSilva of Woburn, MA (Sao Paolo, Brazil) 4 rounds Super Middles 

strong first round for Elvis Figueroa who threw all his punches in combination with bad intentions.

After a rough start that saw both men clutching and grabbing and drawing a warning from the ref, Figueroa really seemed to find a rhythm #boxing

Figueroa beating Da Silva to the punch. Silva doesn't seem to be hurt by Figueroa's shots but he can't get out of the way of them

Another solid round for Figueroa who has Da Silva bleeding from the nose. Coming up on the final round and Da Silva needs something big to happen to turn things in his favor.

That was fun because Da Silva never stopped trying but I'd be surprised if he won a single round. Figueroa outpunched him from the start. Waiting on the scorecards... #boxing

scorecards are 39-37 x 2 and 40-36 all in favor of Elvis Figueroa who improves to 5-0 (2) while Leandro Da Silva drops to 1-2 (1)  

Bout #3, Kendrick Ball Jr of Worcester, MA  162lbs fights Alexis Gaytan of Weslaco, TX  160lbs   6rds, Middles 

Ball flattened with a straight right he never saw. He's up but hurt... down again on a slip, he's gonna get saved by the bell here. Wow! He had been landing nicely up till then but was a bit too relaxed. If he's recovered during the rest he won't fight too relaxed in round 2

wow, that's was a tough close round 2. Gaytan looked to be in control until the final minute where Ball cracked him with a left hook and knocked his mouthpiece out. Great action. Gaytan ahead.

Major gut check here for Ball. He just swallowed another huge right, he's knees buckled but he stayed up.

Final round here and gotta assume Ball needs at least a knockdown, maybe two. Gaytan really focused and firing speedy straight shots. He's come a long way here to CT and wants to go home a winner.

Ball's nose is bleeding but he's still pressing the action. Gaytan just dropped Ball again. This could be over. I was incorrect, this is a 6rder not a four. Ball getting quite a pep talk in the corner but i'm not sure it will help.  

Ball breathing through his open mouth. Gaytan slammed him with a left jab-right hand that stirred Mercante Jr but he did not stop the action. Final round. Gaytan is looking for a stoppage here and he's likely to get one.

Alexis Gaytan is really economical with his shots. Both fighters bleeding from their mouths. It goes the distance. Major credit to Ball. He's going to have a helluva headache tomorrow. Waiting on the scorecards... 

The scorecards are 59-53 x 2, and 58-54 all in favor of Texan, Alexis Gaytan who improves to 4-0 (2) while Kendrick Ball shows nothing but pure guts in dropping his first decision, now 9-1-2 (6)  #boxing

Bout #4, Marcia Agripino of New London, CT 121lbs fights Kailyn Hansen of Whittier, CA 125lbs  4 rounds, female bantamweights #boxing 

There is a massive cheering section here to support New London's own, Marcia Agripino
solid first round for Agripino. She used her longer arms to keep Hansen outside and reaching in behind single shots. Hansen landed one sneaky right hand counter to the chin of Agripino but otherwise it was Agripino's first

Hansen found her range in the second and Agripino seemed to be smothering some of her own shots in her eagerness to be first and the aggressor.

That was a close round. The first half belonged to Agripino while Hansen countered well in the second half of the round, landing several chopping single shots.

when Agripino times Hansen's rushes she's able to land beautifully with the left-right. But Hansen has changed up her routine a bit and has used some good head movement and feints to make herself a bit harder to hit. 

The scorecards are 38-38, 39-37 x 2 and the winner by Majority Decision is Marcia Agripino now 2-1-1 and beloved by this happy hometown crowd that came out to see her. Hansen drops to 0-2.

Now underway, Jimmy Williams of New Haven, CT, 155lbs battling Christian Aguirre of Salt Lake City, UT 153lbs  6rds, junior middles

Good second round for @JimmyQSWilliams after a first that saw Aguirre come out furious and sloppy. Williams has Aguirre's nose bleeding

Aguirre doing a lot of talking and mugging but his rushes are being met with incoming fire from Quiet Storm Williams.

Aguirre just hurled a left and a right at Williams, both missed but the effort dislodged a blood clot from his nose that tumbled end over end to the canvas in a scarlet arc.

Williams' trainer Dave Forsyth is screaming himself hoarse, begging his fighter for hooks. Williams connects with a straight right flush to the face of Aguirre

One round to go here for Williams vs. Aguirre. @JimmyQSWilliams looking to rebound from his first defeat an 8rd decision loss on April 20

Aguirre is here to play spoiler. He doesn't care if he loses, he just wants to spoil things for Williams and he's made this ugly but Mercante punishes him by taking a point. Lots of rough stuff and talking.

Aguirre is all smiles and a warm embrace for @JimmyQSWilliams but the guy was fighting like a real nasty bastard for the last 23 minutes! #boxing

The scorecards are 60-53 x 3 all in favor of @JimmyQSWilliams who stayed within himself and never lost focus despite a very rough, dirty, grinding opponent who was here to spoil his night.

Williams is now 15-1-1 (5) while Christian Aguirre drops to 7-1 (3)  

Up now, Juiseppe Cusumano of Carini, Sicily, 234lbs battles Robert Simms of Saginew, MI, 237lbs  6 rounds, heavyweights

Good action from these two in the first. Robert Simms' appearance isn't doing him any favors but he landed a lot better than his physique would suggest in round one.

Ref. Ken Ezzo warns these two he doesn't want to hear anymore talking. 4th round about to start.

Simms is a lot speedier than one would ever guess and he's giving Cusumano all he can handle so far.

Simms has had Cusumano's nose bleeding for 2 and a half rounds and he keeps sticking a jab into the face of the big Italian.

Cusumano might be cut under the left eye. But it may just be blood from his nose getting smeared around his face. Simms landing two shots then clinching. He may not be winning rounds but he's clearly frustrating Cusumano

This fight isn't exactly pretty but it's definitely entertaining. Cusumano had a very strong fifth but Simms had to have won the early rounds.

This one goes to the scorecards and it's going to be interesting.... I think Simms deserves the win but I'm not one hundred percent focused on scoring. Simms controlled the early rounds but Cusumano came on late.

The scorecards are 59-55 and 58-56 x 2 all for the winner, from Saginaw, MI, Robert Simms. Cusumano falls to 15-2 (13) while Simms improved to 7-2 (3)  

Time for the Main Event here @FoxwoodsCT  Edwin Soto of New Haven, CT, 154lbs faces off against Salim Larbi of Brooklyn, NY,  154lbs  8 rounds, Jr. Middles #boxing

Big right hand from Larbi drops Soto in a neutral corner...

Larbi wins round one but Soto was up and firing back at the bell

lots of feinting and hesitating from both these boxers in round 2. It seems they both know they can hurt each other and are very wary of walking into something big.

These rounds are very close because there are not a lot of clean punches being landed by either fighter. Soto scored in the final seconds with a left hook.

Larbi has lost his mouthpiece 3 times and it's mainly from just breathing through his mouth. There's been no punches that knocked it out.

Frustrating fight. Larbi seemed a bit winded in that round but Soto was very hesitant to press matters, probably fearing another hard counter right.

Soto got off the deck in the first, since then every round has been close. Larbi is likely ahead.

Soto just caught Larbi with a big right. Larbi reels back, Soto in pursuit, Larbi sags into the ropes from a delayed reaction. Mercante Jr gives him the mandatory 8 and the fight continues, Soto trying to capitalize but the round ends. #boxing

Soto going after the body of Larbi in the 7th... Huge uppercut by Larbi. Now Soto is hurt when Larbi looked hurt a moment ago. Crowd on their feet

Gonna be interesting to see what the judges do with that seventh because Soto was stalking and slamming Larbi in the first half until that uppercut that pretty much ended Soto's punch output for the final minute

8th and final round now... Larbi connects with a sweat-spraying straight right over Soto's corner

Wow, Salim Larbi all but had Edwin Soto out on his feet in the final fifteen seconds. This one is likely to break Salim Larbi's way. If it doesn't he's sure going to wish he had even 10 more seconds.

Your scorecards are 76-74 for Larbi, 75-74 for Soto and 76-74 also for Soto who picks up a split decision victory after 8 tough rounds. #boxing

The 76-74 card for Edwin Soto is a little mysterious to me but as I said earlier I'm not focused one hundred percent on scoring. I thought Soto won one round definitely while Larbi won 3 definitely and the others were close. Maybe if Soto won them you come away with a 76-74 score

That's all from me, @FistThingsFirst , from ringside here @FoxwoodsCT for a really good night of fights here. Thanks for following along! Peace! #boxing

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