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#SlugfestAtTheSun Twitter Recap @StarBoxing @GW_Relentless @LifeofCletus

Star Boxing's "Slugfest At The Sun"
Seldin vs. Mate
Laureano vs. Rivas
and supporting bouts
Twitter Recap
By Alex Pierpaoli

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.

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Bout 1, welters, 6 rounds Ronny Austion 143lbs  of Rockwood, MI 10-0 (7)  versus Marquis Hawthorne 142 1/2lbs  of Waco, TX  5-9 (1)

not a lot to choose from in a feeling-out first round.

very little happening here between these two. Hawthorne doing most of the pressing while Austion waits to counter and then doesn't. crowd a little frustrated.

Hawthorne starting to take control and dominate this one at the end of four rounds.

Austion losing points for holding here, that was the second one, and that's gonna mean he needs a kayo here because he's likely losing 50-43

Looks like Hawthorne is going to hand Austion his first loss here. Waiting on the cards now.

The official judges saw it a bit closer than I did but the same result, 57-56, 58-55, 59-54 all in favor of Marquis Hawthorne of Waco, Texas.

Bout 2, Nathan Martinez 122 1/2 lbs  of New Britain, CT  versus Jerrod Minor  124 lbs  of Philadelphia, PA  4 rounds, featherweights 

close, exciting first from these two feathers. Minor scored well with two hard rights to the body, Martinez landing straight shots. Minor likely edged that one.

Minor got a warning for some rough-handling in a clinch and he heard it from this CT crowd, good action, Martinez landed more in rd 2

some really great body punching here between these two.

Martinez did more work and landed harder punches, especially o the mid-section of Minor in the third. Martinez needs to keep the gas on to satisfy this hometown crowd

nice uppercuts and straight right hands in that final round from Nathan Martinez, along with plenty of body shots, closes the show on tough Jerrod Minor

Nathan Martinez picks up a 4 round unanimous decision victory over Jerrod Minor by scores of 40-36 x2 and 39-37. 

Bout 3, Jacob Marrero  131lbs of Bridgeport, CT versus Zsolt Karvaj  1301/2lbs of Salgotarjan, Hungary

Karvaj has been down twice and is in trouble...

Ref, Danny Schiavone let it continue after the second knockdown and Marrero came across the ring and slammed another straight right to the chin of Karvaj and the fight was called off. TKO1 1:07 for Jacob Marrero

Bout 4, Angel Suarez 128lbs, of New York, NY versus William Foster 129lbs of New Haven, CT

solid first round for William Foster of New Haven. He's boxing quickly and elusively. Speedy shots.

some blood from the nose of Foster in the second. Suarez has a similar style to Foster and in the second he found some openings.

Aside from a hard left hook in the final seconds, the third belonged to William Foster. 2-1 Foster imo. 4th round coming up, they are boxing 8

These rounds are close. Foster is landing more frequently but Suarez seems to be landing the harder single shots. 3-1 Foster
spirited effort from both these young fighters. One round to go. Foster is likely ahead on the cards.

Big looping overhand right connects for Foster and gets some oooos and ahhhs of appreciation from this crowd.

My bad. Still 2 rounds left here. This is an 8 rounder, not a six.

collision of heads in the final round. Suarez looks to have gotten the worst of it. No cuts though.

Foster versus Suarez goes the 8 round distance. Waiting on the scorecards...

William Foster wins a unanimous decision, scores are 79-73 x 3

co-main event is up now! Anthony Laureano 140 1/2 lbs of East Hartford, CT versus Ronald Rivas, 139lbs of Kenner, LA, 

Not sure how long this one will last. Laureano's shots really thumping against the bone-dry torso and head of Rivas.

Some redness around the nose of Rivas but otherwise he weathered the first pretty well. Laureano ahead 1-0

Much better second round for Rivas but he was still on the receiving end of the bulk of the leather landed. Laureano's left hook to the head getting Rivas' attention.

Laureano sensing Rivas is hurting and really letting his hands go in the 3rd. Crowd rising, cheering.

Rivas showing true grit in there, withstanding the surging Laureano for the first half of the round.

Another good round for Laureano in the 4th. He spent the last minute using a cross-armed Mayweather style defense, with success.

Laureano scores a knockdown with a nasty left hook to the belly of Rivas. Ref. Mike Ortega reaches the count of nine and lets it continue. Rivas under fire but survives to the bell.

Laureano took his foot off the gas a bit in that sixth round. Rivas taking a lot of punishment but Laureano seemed like he wanted to finish him with big shots that never came.

Laureano firing away with left hooks to the body, hoping to score another knockdown.

Final round of Laureano-Rivas

they're trading at the final bell. Great effort from Ronald Rivas who fought himself off the proverbial hook in this one. waiting on the scorecards, should be all @GW_Relentless

The scorecards are 80-71, 79-72 x 2 all in favor of @GW_Relentless who improves to 10-0 (3). 

Main Event
of the night:  Cletus Sledin, of Brooklyn, NY, 145 1/2 lbs. versus Adam Mate Budapest, Hungary, 147 lbs.
And that's that... Seldin TKO 1, two quick knockdowns. not even one minute gone in the first.

the official time was :48 seconds of round 1, TKO victory for @LifeOfCletus

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