Thursday, February 21, 2013

KO Fantasy Boxing will be BACK!!

KO Fantasy BoxingTM is coming BACK!! Returning this FALL! 

KOFantasyBoxingTM will be returning/re-launching in an all new long & format in September! We have completely re-vamped our trademarked fantasy game, we're currently BETA testing it and we'll be re-launching soon! 

Although we've been away for a little while, in over 6 years of operation KO Fantasy Boxing has given away over $12,000.00 dollars for fantasy-boxing league winners!! Make sure to be here when we return so you can get some of that! 

Are you a boxing fan? Do you know how to pick the winners in some of the most important fights going on in all of the Sweet Science? Well, then KOFantasyBoxing is the game for you! 

Bookmark our site, Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, tell your friends, and be ready for the upcoming re-launch of Boxing's best fantasy gaming experience!

*-updated 7/7/13

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