Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On this Day in Fistiana… 1/22/00 Mosley vs. Wise

On this Day in Fistiana…

Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Willy Wise

January 22, 2000

On this day in fistiana, an uncharacteristically brutal Sugar Shane Mosley hammered Willy Wise through 3 rounds at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas. The corkscrew body shots Mosley lands in round one only set the groundwork for the bolts to the head he lands by round's end. Mosley loses two points in round two for a lightning fast left hook that drops Wise on a break. In the third, part of the barrage that ends the fight includes a head butt from Sugar Shane. Clearly, Mosley wanted a kayo on this night and he got it. 

*And as an aside, if you look closely beside the Boxing After Dark round ticker at :50 seconds left in Round 2, you'll see yours truly, who was ringside for this bout.

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