Friday, January 24, 2014

On this Day in Fistiana... 1/24/09 Mosley vs. Margarito

On this Day in Fistiana…
Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Antonio Margarito
January 24, 2009

On this day in fistiana, Sugar Shane Mosley was supposed to be shot and little more than a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter for Antonio Margarito to bludgeon. But it was not to be. Shane Mosley delivered what may have been his career best performance--his second in the Staples Center--as he broke down and beat up Margarito in 9 heated rounds. A lot of folks blame the pre-fight discovery of Margarito's loaded handwraps by Nazim Richardson for the devastating loss, that psychologically shattered after the discovery, Margarito was easy-pickings, but watch round one closely. Mosley folds Margarito in half with a body shot that likely would have finished a lot of guys. That shot set the stage for the beating to come and probably took half the fight out of Antonio in the very first round. You could have spiked gloves on, you're going to be in rough shape after sustaining a first round assault like the one Margarito got on this day in 2009.

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