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On this Day in Fistiana… 2/20/93 Chavez vs. Haugen

On this Day in Fistiana…

Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Greg Haugen

February 20, 1993

 "He gets tired just like you! He's human just like you!" -Victor Machado, cornerman of Greg Haugen

On this day, February twentieth, in 1993, in front of one hundred thirty-thousand people at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, Don King put together a mega-card featuring Julio Cesar Chavez versus Greg Haugen in the main event.

More a blood-letting than a competition, the rugged and gutsy Greg Haugen was outgunned and outclassed from the opening bell. This was Chavez before the dubious "draw" with Whitaker and although he was slowing he looks almost as indestructible and impressive as his record at the time.

Chavez takes his time with Haugen, punishing him for pre-fight trash-talk and feeding into the blood-lust of the screaming assembled. Haugen hangs in there, trying all the time, but the inevitable comes in 5.

There are few contests held in an atmosphere like this!

check out the Main Event below...

and click here for Norris-Blocker

Click here for Nelson-Ruelas

Click here for Nunn-Morgan

that night's all-star card looked like this:

Julio Cesar Chavez  W  Greg Haugen  TKO 5    

Terry Norris  W  Maurice Blocker  TKO 2

Azumah Nelson  W  Gabriel Ruelas  MD     12   

Michael Nunn W Dan Morgan KO 1

Gerald McClellan  W  Tyrone Moore  TKO 2

Felix Trinidad  W  Pedro Aguirre  KO 4

Leroy Owens  L Humberto Rodriguez KO 3

Terrence Alli  W  Juan Carlos Nunez  TKO 4      

Jose Badillo  W  Adan Vargas  KO 2     

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