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Tweet, Tweet, Tweet! Our Ringside Tweets Collected

Diaz Jr vs. Asselstine
Galarza vs. Bouchard
ShoBox:The New Generation from The Fox Theater at Foxwoods Resort & Casino
KOFB Twitter Recap
words & crappy cellphone pix by Alex Pierpaoli
(fight report is here)

We're here @FoxwoodsCT's Fox Theater for professional #boxing, follow along for all the action.

Bout 1, super middles John Magda, of Rutherford, NJ, vs. Dave Courchaine of Spokane, WA.
Suthpaw John Magda makes short work of Courchaine, scoring 3 knockdowns along the way to a 1st round TKO victory.
Oficial time was 2:45 of rd 1 when Ref. Joey Lupino called a halt to the one-sided action, Magda improves to 6-0(5) Courchaine falls to 2-4.

Fighters for Bout 2 on their way to the ring, welterweights, Kareem Martin of Washington DC vs. Azamat Umarzoda of Tajikistan via Las Vegas.
Umarzoda scores a knockdown off a hard right hand counterpunch as Martin was landing well; Martin rises & jabs cautiously the rest of rd.
Martin boxing well in rd 2, Umarzoda staying outside due to stinging 1-2 of Martin; good rebound round for Kareem Martin.
Martin scores a knockdown in round 3, Umarzoda complaining their feet were tangled but it was a right hand that put him down.
Kareem Martin used good movement and stinging shots to control that final round. Umarzoda just didn't throw enough after the early success.
Waiting on the decision now. This observer had it 38-36 for Martin.
Judge Trella 38-36 for KM, overruled by 2 scores of 37 a piece which gives us a Majority Draw. Martin now 1-0-1(1) & Umarzoda goes to 0-3-1.

Bout 3, @GervontaDavis of Baltimore, MD vs. Joshua Arocho, of Vineland NJ, 4 rds, feathers.
Davis really hammering away, Arocho got caught with a hard lead left uppercut Davis baited him into, looks like the corner might stop this.
They did. The doctor & Ref Joey Lupino in the corner of Arocho after a difficult second round and they've seen enough, fight is stopped.
The winner by TKO is @GervontaDavis who improves to 7-0(7) while Joshua Arocho falls to 3-10-4 (2). Fun fight while it lasted.
Ring Announcer @joeanton does post-fight interview w/ @GervontaDavis who says: I wanna be an inspiration...I come from a dark background.

Bout number 4 is on the way... Bryant Cruz of Port Chester, NY versus Osnel Charles of Atlantic City, NJ, 6 rounds Junior Lightweights.
Heated first round, no feeling-out for these two, Cruz seemed to get the better of things but only slightly.
Good competitive round.
Good match-up, both standing right in front of each other, hands high and trading thru 1st half of 2nd, pace slows a bit in second half.
Cruz landing heavier and stalking Charles in final 30 seconds of the second, 2 rounds to none for Cruz imo.
Charles has elected to trade & he's getting the worst of this, big overhand rights doing damage by Cruz.
Osnell Charles is a gutsy guy and he glares at Cruz before he returns to his corner after each round, but he hasn't won a round yet imo.
Both guys took a breather in that fourth, much slower pace than what preceded it. Charles landing one shot at a time, Cruz landing combos.
Charles seems pretty unaffected by the clean shots Cruz is landing. 6th and final round coming up.
It goes the distance, waiting on the scorecards now. We had Bryant Cruz winning 5 rounds to 1, we'll see how the officials called it...
The officials see it as a UD win for Bryant Cruz, scores were 59-55 & 60-54 x 2, Cruz improves to 11-0(6) while Charles drops to 10-9-1(1).

Bout 5: really solid, thumping jab by Galarza finding the face of Bouchard repeatedly in 1st, good body shots too.
Bouchard is bold and is pressing matters but he's paying for it, the long straight shots from @Notorious_FG are getting things done.
Bouchard (L) steps forward against Galarza (R)
Galarza giving Bouchard a lot of movement and strafing him with shots to body and head; Bouchard winging back but mostly missing; low blow by FG.
Really enjoying the way @Notorious_FG is putting his punches together. He's got Bouchard hurt now and this crowd is loving it.
Bouchard a little slow in getting off the stool for the 5th. But who wouldn't be?
Galarza landed a hard left hook at the end of the fifth and Bouchard swallowed it and smiled at him.
Bouchard probably had his very best moments in that 6th but it wasn't enough to win the rd; @Notorious_FG is in control here & looks strong.
Both Galarza & Bouchard have been warned repeatedly for low blows, Ref. Lupino should probably have taken a point from Galarza in that 7th.
Galarza goes deep into the cup of Bouchard and finally Ref Lupino takes a point from the Brooklynite.
Things have gotten wild here in this final frame, looks as if a clash of heads may have opened a cut around the right eye of Galarza.
We'll go to the scorecards & I can't see Bouchard winning more than 2 rounds, and one of them is because of the point deduction from Galarza.
Judges see the fight 77-74 x 2, and 78-73 all in favor of Frank Galarza who improves to 14-0-2 (9) while Bouchard falls to 8-1 (2).

Final fight of the night; Bout 6, junior lightweights Joel Diaz of Palmdale, CA, versus Tyler Asselstine of Toronto, Canada.
Joel Diaz, in white, sizes up Tyler Asselstine
Asselstine seems a little overwhelmed by the moment as well as his foe; Diaz stung him half way through the 1st & forced him to clinch.
A lot more competitive action here in this bout compared to Galarza-Bouchard.
Asselstine really falling for a lot of feints.
Things have slowed down a lot in the fifth, Diaz still landing with more accurate damaging shots.
Several head collisions, a new mouthpiece for Asselstine and some rough clinching in a chaotic round 8.
Coming up on rd 10 and if these judges are seeing what I am seeing Tyler Asselstine needs a knockout.
Diaz sinks a left hook into the body of Asselstine that clearly hurt him...
Trainer Abel Sanchez douses Joel Diaz's head with water; both teams exchanging gestures of thanks & congratulations; waiting on scorecards.
All three judges score the bout 97-92 for @JoelDiazJr who improves to 16-0 (12) while @TylerAsselstine drops 14-2 (7) after a heated scrap.

That's all from here at the Fox Theater! Time for some java and the open road! Excelsior Fight-Fans!!

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