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Twitter recap of Showtime "Special" Tripleheader

Barthelemy dominates in dull main event, Martirosyan defends title in tribute to Dan Goossen and comebacking Chad Dawson is upset in his return to CT

Twitter Recap 
Words & Pictures By Alex Pierpaoli

The Fox Theater at Foxwoods Resort and Casino was the site of a Showtime Special Triple-Header last night in MashuntucketCT. As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap the following day for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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we are LIVE here @FoxwoodsCT for prizefighting action!

And bout number 1 has already come to a conclusion by 1st round TKO
Paul The Machine Koon of Philadelphia wins a 1st rd TKO (1:56) over Hector Hyde of Miami, Florida #Boxing #fistiana

Fighters from bout 2 are in the ring, cruiserweights Quintell Thompson of Missouri vs. Earl Newman of NYC, who is making his pro debut.
Solid 1st from the debuting fighter, Newman landing well at range. Thompson goes down at the bell to end 1st but Smoger ruled it a slip.
Earl Newman picks up his first win & it's by TKO (1:56 of rd2) over Quintell Thompson who remains without a win at 0-3. much more #boxing 2 come.

Next up, junior feathers Isaac Badger of Lockwood, MO versus debuting Stephen Fulton of Philadelphia, PA #boxing
The Badger got absolutely battered around the ring in round 1. Not sure why Mercante Jr didn't halt things. The KO is coming soon...
Round 2 looked like a heavy bag workout for Stephen Fulton & Mercante Jr stops this one as Badger staggers to his corner #mismatch

Bout 4, Middles, Kyrone Davis of Wilmington, Delaware versus Rick Morias of Cleveland, Ohio.
The march of mismatches continue! Davis blasts away with left hooks & overhand rights & puts Morias down twice in his own corner, KO1:36 of rd1.

#Boxing from Foxwoods! Coming up LIVE on Showtime at 9pm. Follow along on Twitter @KOFantasyBoxing for updates

Bout 5, Lightweights, Arturo "Sonic" Santiago of Puerto Rico vs. Milton "El Santa" Santiago of Philadelphia, PA
El Santo scored a first round knockdown off a big right hand in a lopsided first round. Sonic is in trouble.
El Santo continues to dominate the other Santiago thru round 2, but Sonic Santiago is surviving.
El Santo is having some difficulty closing the show, as he clearly would like to do, but he's winning these rounds big.
Fourth and final round...first final round we've seen in 5 bouts.
Sonic Santiago isn't kidding about his nickname. He has a large Sonic the Hedgehog tattoo on his right shoulder #Sega #boxing
Rugged scrappy effort from Arturo "Sonic" Santiago in lasting the four round distance despite being outgunned by Milton "El Santo" Santiago.
waiting on the scorecards...
The scores are 40-35 x 3 all in favor of El Santo Santiago who improves to 7-0 (3) while Sonic drops to 7-9-1 (4)

Bout 6, Junior Middles, Joseph Elegele of Winterhaven, Florida versus Johnathan Garcia of Aguada, Puerto Rico, 6 rounds
Elegele controlled round 1, Garcia lets his hands go to start the second but it's brief and Elegele is quickly back to #boxing at a distance
Elegele continues outboxing Garcia although Garcia is catching the southpaw occasionally with the rights he flings at him. #boxing
scores are a lot closer than we saw it, Garcia's corner is ripped. 1 judge saw it 57-56 for Garcia, overruled by 58-55 & 57-56 for Elegele

Bout 7, feathers, Ernesto Guerrero of Sonora, Mexico vs. Jonathan Guzman of Santo Domingo, DR, 8 rounds, Guzman is 16-0 (16)
Heavy left hook to the jaw of Guerrero by Guzman in first 20 seconds of the first.
Arthur Mercante Jr stops things with Guerrero down for the 2nd time from what looked like an accumulation of blows, TKO 2:53 of round 2
Jonathan "Solomon King" Guzman improves to 17-0 (17) while Ernesto Guerrero falls to 17-13 (11) #MarchOfTheMismatches

It's Micky Ward's birthday so everyone here sang to him... #whatthehell #PrideOfLowellMA #Boxing

the prelims are over so we wait for the top of the hour and for @SHOsports to go live with 3 bouts, first up @OfficialBadChad vs. Karpency

Decent crowd here to see Dawson's return to CT though there are more empty seats than one might expect... maybe it is expected.
Looked like Karpency took round 1 in this all-southpaw contest. Dawson landed his hardest shots to Karpency's body, but TK landed more often
much better second round for Chad Dawson. Although Karpency was able to jab right through his guard by round's end
Good third for Karpency who scored repeatedly with the right hook-straight left
3-1 for Karpency imo, Dawson just not letting his hands go enough. Probably because Karpency has been quick enough to counter when he does.
A bit of a jabbing duel in the fifth with the slight edge going to Dawson but it was a close one.
This crowd is urging Bad Chad on with cheers of DAWSON DAWSON.
Chad Dawson landed a slashing uppercut towards the end of the 7th that this crowd liked; but it didn't land flush.
Karpency scoring with hard shots at the close of the 8th.
Looks like Dawson has a hurt left hand. Karpency is going to hate himself tomorrow for not pouring it on here.
This observer saw that fight 6 rounds to 4 for Karpency but 2 of them were very close. Overall it was Karpency who landed all the hard shots.
Split decision win goes to Pennsylvania's Tommy Karpency! Team Dawson is not happy but they have a lot of nerve being surprised.

Next up on Showtime is Willie Nelson vs. @VanesBoxing. Should be an entertaining scrap.
Both guys letting their hands go right from the start. Nelson has the edge in power.
Martirosyan stunned Nelson in the final 30 seconds of the second
Chopping overhand rights from @VanesBoxing are extremely effective; 2-1 VM.
Martirosyan is cut around the right eye, perhaps from the Nelson left hook. Didn't see a butt.
The eye injury seems to have sapped some of Martirosyan's confidence. 3-2 Willie Nelson.
Fun fight! These two are trading. Nelson getting the better of things. Good action in the sixth.
Not sure we have seen a single clinch in this bout #cleanfight
That was a big round 8 for @VanesBoxing who had Nelson bleeding.
Got this five rounds to four for Nelson with Martirosyan surging going into rd 10.
That looked like a draw to this observer, let's see what the officials thought...
Score totals are 97-93 x 2 and one 96-94 all in favor of Vanes Martirosyan

Time for the Main Event, junior lightweight Rances Barthelemey vs. Fernando Saucedo,  12 rounds.
Barthelemey used his speed and a slashing left hook to control round one.
Saucedo is hanging in there despite absorbing some hard body shots.
Barthelemey is dominating here but it's only slightly more thrilling than watching grass grow. #exhibition #lightworkout
Saucedo was clearly stunned at the end of the fifth, Barthelemey needs to apply more pressure.
Wow. This is dull.
Barthelemey is winning every round but it's methodical, not at all enthusiastic or very high in anything that looks like intensity.
This bout is making Karpency-Dawson look like a real barn-burner
Barthelemey is doing his best to make his compatriot Guillermo Rigondeaux appear watchable.
Incredibly impressed with the remaining crowd's endurance. Maybe they are just out of gambling money. Cuz this is dreadful.
Waiting on the scorecards and if Saucedo won a single round i'd be shocked

120-108 x 3 for Barthelemey and more importantly this is a fight that should be remembered as one of Showtime's worst this year.

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