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Twitter recap from ringside at Mohegan Sun

Joseph "Chip" Perez
Chip Perez beats Agustine Mauras in 3rd encounter
More regional action from Uncasville, CT
Twitter Recap
by Alex Pierpaoli
photos by Sean Laydon

Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets 

from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a 

little bit less hashtaggie.

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First bout from @MoheganSun is up now, Heavies, 4 rounds, Zhang Zhilei of Zhoukou, China (out of Las Vegas) vs. a late sub #Boxing
that was quick, Ref. Danny Schiavone waves off the fight with Zhilei landing heavily and his opponent in a full retreat. TKO at 1:10 of Rd 1

Next up are Junior Welters, 4 rounds, Kin Moy of Cambridge, MA vs. Wang Zhimin of Ningo, China who is making his pro debut #boxing
No feeling out round for these 2, straight into landing heavy leather, Zhimin got the better of rd 1 but Moy scored with nice mean uppercut.
Moy is throwing shots with bad intentions but Zhimin is smiling at him, able to stay just out of range #boxing
After 4 rds this looked like all Zhimin's fight. Gutsy effort from Kin Moy who never stopped trying despite eating heavy rights throughout.
Bout number 2 goes to the cards, the scores are 40-36, 39-37 & 39-36 all in favor of Wang Zhimin who wins his professional debut #Boxing

Bout # 3, light heavies, 4 rounds, Marcellus Yates of Washington, DC, against Inner Mongolia, China's Meng Fanlong #boxing
round 1 sees the southpaw Fanlong controlling things at range with Yates coming forward, pressing matters, but paying for it
Fanlong has Yates pressed back into a neutral corner in round 2
Yates absorbed a flurry of blows from Fanlong to end the 2nd. Yates needs to turn things around and quickly. Looks like a stoppage is coming
Dr. Michael Schwartz took a long look at a cut around the left eye of Yates--from the stabbing rights of Fanlong--but lets things continue
Yates landed a haymaker right hand of his own in 3rd which probably helped keep him in this fight. 4th underway, Yates cut around both eyes
they embrace at bell to end rd 4, gutsy effort from Yates but doubtful he picked up a single rd from the judges. good body work by Fanlong
2 judges scored bout 40-36 but in absolutely mystifying turn of events, Judge Richard Flaherty sees it 38-38...somehow. Fanlong wins.

*The name of the opponent for heavyweight Zhang Zhilei was Perry Filkins, late substitute for Andrae Carthron who flunked the pre-fight medical

Next up, bout 4, Khiary Gray-Pitts of Worcester, MA, vs. Jake Constant of Springfield, IL, 4 rounds, middleweights #boxing
Gray-Pitts scores an impressive body-shot kayo that leaves his opponent, Jake Constant, writhing in a neutral corner and struggling to rise
Constant is still talking to ringside doctors...scratch that, he's up and on his feet now

seems like this crowd came here 4 Briam Granado of New Bedford, MA who makes his pro-debut against Theo Desjardin of RI, 4 rds, lightweight
Briam Granado needed less than a single round and 2 knockdowns to dispatch Theo Desjardin en route to picking up his first win as a pro

next up, New Haven's own Jimmy Williams versus Jose Felix of Albuquerque, NM, scheduled for 6 rounds, junior middleweights #boxing
mostly cautious first round, Williams got Felix' attention with a sharp left hand counter with about a minute left in the round
much improved counterpunching from Williams here, he's seeing openings and gets his fists there
Williams scored a knockdown in 2nd off a reaching left, but hardest punch he landed comes in final seconds when he rips Felix w/an uppercut
A big overhand right from Williams puts Jose Felix flat on his back where he's counted out by Ref. Danny Schiavone in round 3
winner is Jimmy Williams at 2:34 of round number 3. Williams improves to 8-0-1(4) while Jose Felix falls to 11-17-2(4) more #boxing to come

next up is New Haven, CT's Elvin Ayala versus Aaron Mitchell of Philadelphia-via Vero Beach, FL, light heavyweights, 6 rounds #boxing
Mitchell pressing the action, walking Ayala down landing good body shots, Ayala busier but he's fighting on the run with Mitchell pursuing
round 3, Ayala has kept Mitchell hesitating outside, falling for feints and eating quick combos, some blood from nose of Mitchell #boxing
Ayala in control here with speedier, busier hands even if it's Mitchell with the heavier blows, he's just not landing while Ayala is.
both guys looking tired, Mitchell may have made up for some lost ground in that fifth round. Last round now...
this might be interesting when we get to the cards. Looks like Mitchell won at least two rounds, but 4 of them were close. We'll see...
Elvin Ayala picks up the unanimous decision win, scores were 58-56, 59-55 and another mystifying scorecard of 60-54 from Dick Flaherty

now for the difficult task of maintaining the cone-of-silence over the @SHOsports fights until i can get home to my @TiVo who's home working

just 2 fights to go from here, next up is Josh Crespo of New Haven, CT, vs. Jorge Abiague of Portland, ME, super bantams, 8 rounds #Boxing
close first round but looked as if Abiague got the better of it
Crespo found his groove in that second round, making Abiague reach for him and countering him well.
Crespo caught Abiague with a long right as Abiague was backing up which clearly stunned him & had him reeling but Crespo unable to follow up
a clash of heads here in round five and blood is streaming from high on the head of Abiague. And now the urgency in both guys amped up!
that looked like a good round for Abiague, despite the injury which was caused by an accidental collision
Abiague switched to southpaw, perhaps to try and protect the cut, back to orthodox now in rd 7, more a tactical fight than it is a thriller
final round for Crespo vs. Abiague underway...
Going to the scorecards, 2 scores of 78-74 in favor of Abiague and one 77-75 for Josh Crespo. The winner by Split Decision is Jorge Abiague

final bout of the night coming up... Joseph Chip Perez of Hartford, CT vs. Agustine Mauras of Lawrence, MA 8 rounds, super feathers #boxing
first round was a close one, if these guys don't want to end up with another draw someone needs to take the initiative
Mauras has been more consistent so far but Perez took that second round easily with two heavy right-hand bolts to the head in final minute
really heating up now both fighters trading heavy power shots, Perez controlling the 3rd until final seconds when Mauras lands big left hook
After 4 here and this could be 2-2 in rounds due to Perez' power but more likely it's 3-1 in favor of Mauras and Perez needs to rally
Perez looking tired at the end of 5, these 2 gentlemen have boxed 6 rounds twice in 2014 and came up even both times, 2night it's not close
Mauras looking a lot fresher in the 6th and controlling the range and tempo, Perez landing power-blasts but infrequently
good body punching from Perez and his fans are still exuberant but looks like he needs these final two rounds badly
big 7th for Chip Perez, whose style is best described as a brawler, great body shots and it's entirely possible this could be another draw
that final round was a close one, Mauras seemed to control much of it but Perez definitely came up with several jolting shots that look good
your score totals are 79-73, 78-74 and 78-74 all in favor of Joseph "Chip" Perez of Hartford, CT. #Boxing #boxingheads
Chip Perez is now 11-3-2 (3) while Agustine Mauras falls to 6-1-3 (3) & that does it from here @MoheganSun Thanks so much 4 following along!

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