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#PBConNBC @Twitter Recap #Boxing #Boxeo

Quillin and Charlo score big knockouts on PBC on NBC card from Foxwoods
Twitter Recap
Words and Pictures By Alex Pierpaoli

On Saturday afternoon The Grand Theater at Fox Tower hosted the PBC on NBC with the Quillin-Zerafa & Charlo-Bundrage co-feature. As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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Titus Williams vs. Benjamin Burgos, up now LIVE from @FoxwoodsCT on #PBConNBC undercard 4 rounds, super feathers

Titus Williams just landed one of the most destructive overhand rights I've ever seen. It slowly crumpled Burgos & likely broke his jaw

the stoppage comes at 1:48 of round number 1 and the crunching sound of that right made the small but growing crowd here, wince #OUCH

Thanks to CT's failing infrastructure, the 25 minutes I spent in i-95 traffic kept me away from the first 2 bouts...

In the first 2 bouts, Gary Stark Jr picked up a unanimous decision by scores of 58-56 x 2 and 59-55 over Anthony Napunyi

...Antonio "The Other" Russell stopped Manuel Rubalcava on what looked to be a body shot, but left the ring with an air-cast on his arm TKO1

On the way to the ring, light heavies, @Marcus_Browne versus Gabriel Campillo, this could be another quick knockout #PBConNBC

That's it for Gabriel Campillo, @Marcus_Browne jumped right on him, landed a right that put him down; up again a body shot finished him

Browne did exactly the right thing against Campillo, it lasted all of :55 seconds. Campillo starts slow & has been stopped, so jump on him.

after a long intermission we've got female super bantamweights in an 8 rounder, Brittany Cruz of CO vs. @shelitosway of Providence, RI.

True-to-form @shelitosway goes right after the guts of Cruz, banging at her body with both hands.

Cruz #boxing better in round 2, blunting Vincent's pressure a bit with the jab, making Vincent hang outside too long

great exchanges at the end of round 3, Cruz landing well and sparking some back-and-forth in the red corner before the bell

crowd here is loving this one, and it's by far the most competitive fight thus far on the card. Vincent's punches falling a little short

lots of leather flying at the end of the fifth but not a lot of connecting. Vincent doing more damage though

chopping overhand right from Vincent got Cruz' attention but they're still trading. Good action in the sixth

I'm sorry, i thought this was a six rounder, we're going 8

promoter @loudibella stopped by press row & asked how we'd like a @shelitosway vs. @HeatherHardyBox fight "Seems inevitable" he said smiling

Cruz was watching the clock on the big screen towards the end of the round. She's withered under Vincent's constant pressure

That's the end of 8 and this crowd sure loves @shelitosway! scorecards are 79-73 x 2 and 80-72 all in favor of Vincent, now 15-0 (1)

1st fight up when #PBConNBC goes live in minutes is Bundrage-Charlo, check-out yesterday's weigh-in & the dog pound …

#PBConNBC is LIVE from @FoxwoodsCT, here comes @K9boxing versus @FutureOfBoxing in a 12 round super welterweight bout #boxing

both fighters look pretty dry but they stood there waiting for the bell quite a while through intros and TV

wow, Charlo connects with a sneaky right K9 just didn't see that put him on the seat of his pants in a neutral corner

replay shows the right hand crashed against Bundrage's temple and dropped him
Charlo's speedy hands and sneaky angles produce a second knockdown in round 2

Charlo even getting the better of Bundrage on the inside in a partial clinch at the end of the second.

replay shows that knockdown in round 2 was caused by a speedy @FutureOfBoxing jab
Bundrage down again, Charlo pursuing him. Ref. Johnny Callas took a long look at him before letting this continue

an overhand right high on the head puts Bundrage down again and the referee calls it off without a count. Bundrage isn't happy about it

@K9boxing is always a tough out and the way @FutureOfBoxing just took care of business was impressive. Charlo moves to 22-0 (17)

official time of the technical knockout was 2:33 of round 3, Bundrage loses for the 6th time, 1st loss by KO since 2007, he is now 34-6 (19)

where's the vegemite, baby!? Australian Michael Zerafa is set to fight for the 1st time here in the US of A. Main Event is up next

#QuillinZerafa rd number 1... Kid Chocolate did damage with short chopping left hooks but it was Zerafa pressing & paying for it

Zerafa has been able to connect with a hard straight right behind a left jab several times, but he's eating left hooks

@KIDCHOCOLATE is in control here but Zerafa has been able to land a few hard blasts in each frame

both guys throwing and landing their biggest shots here in the 4th. Big right from Quillin gets him a big left-right in return from Zerafa

Quillin right in front of Zerafa, giving him no room at all, it's smart pressure...oh, wow an exchange breaks out, a monster right drops him

Ref. Arthur Mercante halts this one without a count after a charging right hand blast from @KIDCHOCOLATE crumpled Zerafa in rd 5

@KIDCHOCOLATE throwing chocolates to the crowd as his opponent is removed on a stretcher #Boxing #SportAndSpectacle

Mismatches aren't cool, but big knockouts draw fans, that fight seemed like a little bit of both

Quillin begins his post-fight interview with a wish for Zerafa's quick recovery, & now the trash talk with @DanielJacobsTKO, who is ringside

It's one long ass flight from Hartford, CT to Melbourne, Australia, gotta think it feels a lot longer with a severe concussion

with the defeat Zerafa falls to 17-2 (9) while @KIDCHOCOLATE improves to 32-0-1 (23), still 3 fights to go from here... #PBConNBC

up now, 10 rounds, middles, Hugo Centeno Jr vs. Lukasz Maciec

Centeno pelting Maciec in a busy 1st rd. Promoter Lou DiBella says Zerafa was taken 2 Backus Hospital nearby as a precaution. He's conscious

Zerafa is in good shape, he's at Backus Hospital for observation but is expected to recover

Maciec is getting outboxed here by his taller, longer-armed opponent. Maciec following, Centeno circling and popping away

@KIDCHOCOLATE speaking to media backstage @ Foxwoods & takes call from Michael Zerafa, he wishes him well & hopes the best for future #class

December 5th at the @barclayscenter is the "working date" for @KIDCHOCOLATE vs. @DanielJacobsTKO which is going to be an all NYC war!!

the last bout of the afternoon here is @TEAMPEEWEE05 vs. Jonathan Perez of Columbia #PBConNBC

Perez, the Columbian, really trying here but Cruz has been slamming him with rights and has reddened the left side of Perez' face & eye

Cruz is outboxing Perez here, using smart movement and reaching in with speedy punches to the head & body; Perez keeps pressing

One of the really good things about Round Card Girls is that they let the crowd know WHAT ROUND IT IS! Hello?!

sneaky right uppercut from Cruz and he rolls out to the side out of harm's way, making Perez continue chasing him

Perez has upped his effort a bit, hoping to take advantage of a tiring Cruz. So far Pee Wee is holding him off. #WhatRoundIsIt #NoIdea

here are the scorecards, 77-75, 79-73 and 80-72 all in favor of @TEAMPEEWEE05 who improves to 16-0 (8) while Perez falls to 33-12 (27)

That's all from here, Fight Fans! Thanks for following along and all the retweets & favorites! #boxing #PBConNBC

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