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#SlugfestAtTheSun Twitter Recap

Danny O'Connor looked sharp in a 3rd TKO win
Bejenaru prevails against Mchunu, O'Connor and Reis impress at Star Boxing's Slugfest At The Sun
 Ringside Twitter Recap
By Alex Pierpaoli
Photos by Sean Laydon

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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 we're live! from RINGSIDE for @starboxing's #SlugfestAttheSun featuring 10 rounds of cruiserweight action in the Main Event #Boxing Bout 2 underway now. 7 Bouts Total
@FistThingsFirst is here live-tweeting now that he's successfully gotten onto the WiFi
In the first bout of the night, Wendy Toussaint of Huntington, NY scored a second rd TKO over Daniel Castro of Yonkers, NY, welters

Bout 2, Valerio Nocera of Roma, Italy is manhandling Dan Murray of Lanoka Harbor, NJ. 140 pounders, 4 round bout, round 2 now #SlugfestAtTheSun
Through 2, Valerio Nocera in charge, both guys throwing with bad intentions but the Italian is landing harder and more frequently. Got credit for a knockdown in 1st that looked more like a slip.
Not a lot of finesse in Nocera's attack. He bulls his way in behind wide heavy shots. He tried but couldn't hurt Murray. Nocera should win this 40-35 on all three cards I'd guess. #SlugfestAtTheSun
Wow! What do I know? The judges see it 38-37 for Nocera overruled by 38-37 x 2 in favor of Dan Murray of NJ who improves to 3-1. Nocera loses for the first time, now 3-1-1. #SlugfestAtTheSun

Bout 3, Carlos Marrero, 129.7 lbs, of Hartford, CT, makes his pro-debut against  Rochester, New York native, Sequan Felton, 130.2 lbs   4rds #SlugfestAtTheSun #boxing
Marrero has a large group of fans here to support him and they're enthusiastic, urging him on, and he needed it in that 2nd rd. Looked like Felton won it, Marrero hesitating too much, falling for feints, eating sporadic jabs. #slugfestAtTheSun
Rd 3 of Sequan Felton in gold & black versus Carlos Marrero of Hartford, CT
Carlos Marrero needs a huge 4th round here after being dropped hard in last minute of round 3 by Sequan Felton
This one is in the books, waiting on the scorecards. Marrero is the local guy but between the low punch output and the knockdown I have a feeling he is going to back into the pro-ranks at 0-1 but we shall see...
Sequan Felton picks up the Unanimous Decision with scores of 40-35 x 2 and 39-36 all in his favor. He is now 2-2. While Marrero is 0-1.

up now, Kali "KO Mequinonoag" Reis 158.2 lbs  of Providence, RI  versus Tiffany Woodard of Wilson, North Carolina 159.5 lbs 6x2 rds
K.o. Mequinonoag Reis vs Tiffany Woodard #SlugfesttTheSun
K.o. Mequinonoag Reis has made her way to the ring! #SlugfestAtTheSun
@KO_MoC86 landing heavy bolts to the head of Woodard at the start of round four #SlugfestAtTheSun
@KO_MoC86 looking sharp tonight. Throwing punches in bunches and landing heavy. Woodard is gritty, hanging in there and trading.
Reis landing heavy shots to the head of Woodard. Straight right, left hook.
Lots of toe-to-toe action here which is a little out of character for @KO_MoC86 she's usually more of a counterpuncher. She's slugging it out tonight, looking to do damage.
Reis really swinging for power here in round 6.
snappy three and four punch combinations to head and body from @KO_MoC86 in that sixth & final round. She looked very sharp in what's likely to be a lopsided UD win. Waiting on cards... #SlugfestAtTheSun
Kali Reis won a 6 rd, Unanimous Decision. Scores were a somewhat peculiar 59-55, 60-53, 60-54, despite no knockdowns @KO_MoC86 is now 13-6-1 (4). Tiffany Woodard fell to 4-9-3 (3)

#Boxing now, "Action" Anthony Laureano 5-0 (3) 139 lbs East Hartford, CT versus Johnny "Hitman" Hernandez of Huntington, NY 8-2 (1) 137.2 lbs., 6 rds #SlugfestAtTheSun
@GW_Relentless looks to be outworking Johnny Hernandez through 3 here @MoheganSun #boxing
Big fourth round for Anthony Laureano. This one is scheduled for 6 rounds.
Laureano dominating here. Hernandez' face is the same scarlet color as his trunks from the many punches he's absorbed. Final round coming up. #SlugfestAtTheSun
Hernandez is hanging in there, doing a lot more catching than pitching but he's right in front of Laureano and battling away. Fun fight. Laureano should win by wide margin. Waiting on scorecards now...
wow, the judges saw it closer than I did, the scores are 57-57, 58-56 x 2 in favor of @GW_Relentless winner by Majority Decision. Laureano now 6-0 (3).

up next, Danny "El Gallo" Gonzalez 14-0 (5) Woodhaven, NY, 139.2 lbs versus Danny "Danny O" O'Connor 28-3 (11) 139.7 lbs. Framingham, MA  10 rds for the vacant WBC Silver International Super Lightweight Title #SlugfestAtTheSun
It's Daniel versus Danny here @MoheganSun
O'Connor busier in round 1, landed heavy body shot at the end of the first that made Gonzalez stop and stick his tongue out at him. #SlugfestAtTheSun
Horrible cut over the left eye of southpaw Danny O'Connor. not sure if it was caused by a butt or a punch. O'Connor digging a right hook to guts of Gonzalez repeatedly.
O'Connor in charge here. Really applying lots of pressure, fighting with urgency due to the cut and controlling the distance very well. Doctor Anthony Alessi is up in his corner, hopefully they can patch him up cuz he looks very sharp so far tonight #SlugfestAtTheSun
O'Connor just landed a huge overhand left, Gonzalez fell forward, tried to rise, reeled into the ropes and that was all ref. Steve Willis needed to see. TKO 3 :39  #SlugfestAtTheSun

results thus far from @starboxing's #SlugfestAtTheSun card #boxing 

here's the Main Event, cruiserweights, WBC International & Continental Cruiserweight Champion Constantin Bejenaru 12-0 (3) originally from Moldova, now fighting out of Brooklyn, NY, 199.5 lbs versus @ThabisoMchunu 200 lbs. Ximba, South Africa #SlugfestAtTheSun
quite a bit of hesitating in the last thirty seconds as both of these guys are southpaws who like to counter and neither wanted to take the lead.
lots of boos from this crowd for two guys who did not celebrate Thanksgiving this week... One's from South Africa and the other from Moldova. Lot of hesitating from both guys. Each loading up, feinting then firing and missing with big whiffing shots.
If this keeps up like this it's going to be a long ten rounds...
Mchunu landed a short right hook to the chin of Bejenaru that seemed to knock him off balance.
This fight cannot be easy to score. Very little is happening. Mchunu is probably ahead but there have been precious few cleanly landed punches. #Dreadful
More KOFantasyBoxing® Retweeted Star Boxing
these mats they are using in the corners are really a great idea and it's kind of hard to believe it took so long to come up with something like that. It's a needed change in a sport that is slow to change.KOFantasyBoxing® added,
Bejenaru scored a flash knockdown in that seventh round off of what looked to be a right jab. It's the only really definitive round of this fight and barely so.
This card has been billed as #SlugfestAtTheSun but they clearly were not referring to this Main Event which is a #FeintFest and a hard one to watch
Final round coming up and Bejenaru might have a lead here due to the knockdown but there have been very few definitive rounds for either fighter.
Well, I saw Mchunu win two rounds for sure and Bejenaru won one for certain due to the knockdown. The rest, I don't know. Not a lot happened. Lots of posing, feinting, missing and hesitating. No damage to either guy & precious few landed shots. Waiting on the scorecards...
The scores are 97-92, 98-91 and 97-92 all in favor of the champion, Constantin Bejenaru, now 13-0 (3), but he certainly didn't win any new fans here tonight. Thabiso Mchunu falls to 18-4 (11). #SlugfestAtTheSun

One more bout to go... And we need it! Like an Altoid after that last one.

last bout of the night here at #SlugfestAtTheSun, Charles Foster 13-0 (7) of New Haven, CT, 179 lbs. versus Charlotte, NC native , Quinton Rankin 12-4-2 (9) 179 lbs
Quentin Rankin has quite a beard on him, surprised the commission didn't ask him to shave it off or trim it down considerably.
Charles Foster is getting to Rankin here in round four. The North Carolinian seems to have deflated quite a bit. Foster stalking.
Dr. Anthony Alessi up in the corner of Rankin, talking to him before round 5. #SlugfestAtTheSun
Foster lands two and three hard punches at a time and then doesn't follow up. He seems able to stun Rankin but has been unable to put him down.
After consulting with the ringside physician, referee Steve Littles stops the bout at the start of the sixth and final round giving Charles Foster the TKO victory. #SlugfestAtTheSun

That's all from here, fight-fans! Thanks for all the RTs and follows! Until next time... #Boxing

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