Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On this Day in Fistiana... Siki vs. Carpentier

On this Day in Fistiana...

September 24, 1922
By Alex Pierpaoli

Battling Siki stops Georges Carpentier
 in round 6 of their 20 round Light Heavyweight Championship Bout in Paris, France, 91 years ago today.

Rising from an early knockdown, Siki prevails in a rough, hard-swinging bout against the more skilled Frenchman. The finish was a first ruled a disqualification by the ringside officials but they were soon overruled by the referee who called Battling Siki the victor via knockout. If you watch the final knockdown in the sixth, it does appear that Siki trips(?) or kicks(?) Carpentier amidst a flurry of blows to the head and body. There is lots of rough stuff in this fight, and it took place before the Neutral Corner Rule. Both guys foul each other on several occasions and it is difficult to discern whether or not the leg-to-leg contact at the end was intentional. Either way Battling Siki had clearly turned the tide in a competitive fight and was landing heavy blows on the French Star. Here is the most substantial clip YouTube had to offer and it's amazing stuff to anyone with a love for the history of the Sweet Science.

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