Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tori Nelson upsets Aleksandra Lopes --Tweets from Ringside

Tori Nelson outpoints Aleksandra Lopes in lopsided unanimous decision;
Nick Delomba, Quantis Graves and Zach Ramsey remain unbeaten

Twitter feed recap by Alex Pierpaoli

If you missed our live coverage last night on Twitter, here they are--

Main Event on the way to the ring now, female welters, 10 rounds, Aleksandra Mgdziak Lopes of Marshfield, MA, vs. Tori Nelson of Ashburn, VA

after what has felt like an absolutely interminable delay, the ring announcer is almost through with the introductions...

not a lot of action in a cautious first, Lopes is clearly the bigger, stronger fighter here

Nelson pressing matters and Lopes circling, landing a long keep-away jab

Nelson doing most of the work in the second, Lopes continues circling but the jab she was throwing in the first seems to have disappeared

Nelson may well have won the last two rounds, Lopes just doesn't seem to be throwing punches with anything on them, & in a constant retreat

Lopes doing a lot of avoiding but not a lot of throwing & landing. Nelson is pressing but not with a lot of skill. Lopes seems stale or cold

4-1 in rounds after 5 for Tori Nelson, in this observer's opinion. Lopes just doesn't seem to wanna be here.

Lopes reaching with straight punches and landed better in the 5th, Nelson stands between rounds

the crowd is imploring Lopes to turn up the heat, she obliges them but only slightly

this fight has fallen into a pattern and it continues along the same way. Nelson did sit down in the corner before this 8th round. tiring?

Nelson may have stolen that round off of two hard haymakers that Lopes moved right into. Two rounds to go here.

Nelson is waving Lopes on at the end of the ninth round, this has not been a good night for Aleksandra Lopes, she needs to finish big

Lopes may walk away with this decision but she did not look good tonight.

Your scorecards reflect what we just saw, Tori Nelson wins a unanimous decision by scores of 100-90 X 2 & 98-92

Tori Nelson improves to 7-0-3 with the upset victory while Lopes falls to 10-2 (1) That's all from @twinrivercasino folks!

Promoter @CESBoxing is announcing the return of Jamie "The Hurricane" Clampitt who returns to the ring on November 22nd.
@Fight2FitnessRI speaking to the crowd "I AM the super-middleweight champion of New England" Rich Gingras returns to the ring on Nov 22

fighters from Bout 4 on the way to the ring; Evincii Dixon of Lancaster, PA, versus Nick Delomba of Cranston, RI, 6 rounds, welters

a quick right hand counter from Dixon puts the aggressive Delomba on the seat of his pants in the 1st

Delomba fought a good third, he's crowding Dixon and banging away with both hands when Dixon's back is along the ropes

both men really letting their hands go, Dixon successfully playing matador to Delomba's bull-rushes

another good round from Delomba, he's really going after the body of Dixon

this fight has really gotten this crowd excited, both guys are slugging away, Dixon scored with a heavy shot in final minute of the round

Nick Delomba's work rate is ridiculous, after a difficult start he never stopped throwing punches and pressing the action, waiting on cards

after 6 your scores are 59-55 x 2, 58-55, all in favor of Nick Delomba who improves to 2-0 and dedicates the win to Gary The Tiger Balleto

Evincii Dixon drops to 2-2 (1) after the loss.

Fighters for Bout no: 3 on their way to the ring; Junior Welters, Ivan Redkach of Los Angeles, CA, vs Antonio Sanchez of Brockton, MA, 6rds

save for a headbutt that caused a cut on Redkach, the Ukrainian southpaw--fighting out of LA--controlled the 1st w/ accurate, power punching

as they are exchanging heavy punches in the second their heads collide opening a terrible gash in the face of Sanchez & they are stopping it

Ref. Joey Lupino calls a halt to the action at 2:11 of round number 2, it goes into the books as a No Decision. Sanchez was fearless but...

you have to wonder what would have happened had the fight continued. Redkach was doing a lot more damage. where's a replay when we need it?

Both guys leave with their records unchanged. Redkach at 14-0 (12) and Antonio Sanchez 5-1-2 (3)

Bout 2, cruiserweights, Quantis Graves of Beaumont, Texas versus Josh Harris of Providence, RI, six rounds

Quantis Graves doing all the work in the first, he connected with two sneaky rights to the chin of Harris that won him the round easily

Josh Harris doing very little in there, other than covering up with a mostly ineffective crossed arm defense

Harris starts 3rd more conventionally, chopping at Graves in close. Graves lands hard left hook, then Harris lands low blow & loses point

Graves has stopped boxing & is now standing & exchanging. both men landing heavy blows in 4th, Harris' corner is angry about late punching

another low-blow from Harris and Graves looks to the ref before he reacts to the punch. so how much did it really hurt?

Graves seems fatigued but Harris is unable to capitalize on it.

looks like Graves did enough to stay undefeated in a tedious bout. Not sure if these 2 expected to go 4 but they were both spent at end of 6

Quantis Graves comes away with a Unan. Decision (scores of 58-55, 59-54 & 58-55) & improves to 9-0 (4), Josh Harris falls to 9-7-1 (7)

LIVE from @twinrivercasino with Bout 1, welterweights, Zack Ramsey of Springfield, MA versus Antonio Fernandes of Brockton, MA

very little in the way of violence in rd 1, Ramsey reaching for Fernandes & he connects with heavy right but little else in feeling-out 1st

Ramsey probably won that round as well but he's having difficulty finding the range on Fernandes, lots of missing from both guys.

looks as though Fernandes has raised some swelling under the right eye of Ramsey with a long, slashing jab.

round three was a little more interesting as both men let their hands go more often. Ramsey has closed the distance but he paid for it.

Ramsey talking to his opponent in there. He's not winning as easily as he's acting. Fernandes posed an elusive target but ZR came on in 4th

Likely to see a 40-36 x 3 card, Zack Ramsey closed the show with solid blasts to the head of Fernandes in the 4th & final round

the officials see the bout 40-36 X 2 and one score of 39-37 all in favor of Zack Ramsey who improves to 5-0 (3), Fernandes drops to 3-11-2

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