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"Rising Warriors" twitter recap #Boxing from @MoheganSun

Team Rosa
"Rising Warriors" Ringside Results from the Uncas Ballroom at Mohegan Sun

by Alex Pierpaoli
photos by Sean Laydon
more pix here & here

Bout 1, Oscar Diaz, 134.5lbs of Hartford, CT vs. William Foster III, 134 lbs also of CT, making his pro debut.

lunging, urgent attack from Foster, Diaz was stunned twice, touched the canvas but it was called a slip by Ref. Danny Schiavone. 

Foster digging at the body in the second, this is a fast spirited bout between these 2 men

Foster landing well to the body and with uppercuts, but he's keeping his guard very low. Diaz doesn't notice.
William Foster

more ripping uppercuts from Foster in the 3rd, he catches Diaz coming in, Diaz aggressive but largely ineffective 

Diaz had his best moments in the final frame, connecting with a big right & then celebrating rather than following up

After 4 all three judges see it 40-36 in favor of William Foster who enters the pros at 1-0, while Diaz drops to 0-7

Bout 2, Jose Sanchez of Warren, MA, making his pro debut versus 140 1/4 pound Alberto Candelaria, 4 rounds, super lightweights

both fighters rush from their corners and blast each other with big shots in first 5 seconds, Candelaria gets better of the slugging, Sanchez is dropped and visibly hurt. 

Sanchez (L) and Candelaria (R) rumble
Sanchez beats Schiavone's count at the bell to end the first, the ringside doctors look at him in the corner and together decide it's over before the start of rd 2

Candelaria comes away with the TKO victory & improves to 4-2-1 (3) while Jose Sanchez backs into his pro career at 0-1.

Bout 3, Evincii Dixon of Lancaster, PA, 140 3/4lbs vs. Jair Ramos of Waterbury, CT 139 1/2lbs, 4 rounds

Dixon jumps right on his debuting opponent, landing from over & under with rights and lefts, Ramos is dropped but rises, continues

Ramos has recovered very well & likely won the 2nd, Ramos came up with several hard counters with his back to the ropes

Dixon with a determined effort, bad intentions behind all his shots, in bursts he looks great but Ramos consistently fighting back into this

Dixon doing a lot of talking with referee Schiavone, hard to tell what he's complaining about
Dixon dropped Ramos in the 1st

Ramos faded a bit too much in that 4th, especially with the knockdown to make up for on the cards. we'll see how the judges saw it... #boxing

After 4, the judges see it 38-37 in favor of Ramos, overruled by cards of 40-35 & 39-36 for Evincii Dixon.

Dixon improves to 5-5-1 (2) while Ramos dips to 3-2-1 (2)

Bout 4, Nate Green of New Haven, CT, 120lbs vs. Manuel Galaviz of Sonora, Mexico, 117lbs, 4 rounds, super bantamweights

Nate Green (R) eyeballs Galaviz
Green battering Galaviz, drops him, killing him with body shots, he's down again and it's over.

Galaviz has tattoo of Marilyn Monroe's face on the left side of his waist. Nate Green blasted Marilyn right in the mouth at least 6 times. Rough night for the bombshell.

TKO in round number 1 for Nate Green who improves to 7-0 (2) while Manuel Galaviz makes the long trip home to Mexico at 8-16 (4).

Bout 5, Shakha Moore of New Haven, CT, 151lbs vs. Edwin Soto, also of New Haven, 149 1/4 lbs., they're boxing 6 rounds

careful first round sees Soto landing the heavier, all-business shots

Soto letting his hands go in the second, Moore is waiting too long and Soto is making him pay for hesitating

Sportsmanship from Moore (L) and Soto (R)
southpaw Soto's right hook is the go-to weapon here, whether he starts or finishes his combos with it, he lands it, hard

now Soto's landing the jab, they slug it out over Soto's corner in the final seconds of the 4th

less activity from both fighters in round five, maybe storing up for a big sixth. Fight seems well in hand for Edwin Soto

Edwin Soto fights southpaw again for the final round & did his best work here as a leftie.

Will be interesting to see if these judges gave Moore a round. I didn't.

The scorecards read 60-54 x 2 and 59-55 all in favor of the ambidextrous Edwin Soto.

Soto improves to 10-2-2 (4) while Moore falls to 11-21-3 (2).

Main Event, Luis Rosa of New Haven, CT, 1251⁄4lbs, vs. Ernesto Guerrero of Sonora, Mexico, 121lbs, they're #boxing 8 rounds.

Guerrero is all done
Luis Rosa was all offense in the first, pursuing a retreating Guerrero and punishing him to head & body. Not sure how long this will go...

it didn't last much longer... with two knockdowns in round number two Luis KO King Rosa put an end to Guerrero's business trip to CT

the official time of the stoppage was 1:14 of round 2, Rosa is now 19-0 (9) while Ernesto Guerrero falls to 17-16 (11)
Luis "KO King" Rose victorious!

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