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Vincent defeats Ruiz #TheRevival Twitter Recap #Boxing

Shelito Vincent defeats Christina Ruiz
CESBoxing's The Revival 
7 Bouts from Twin River 
Twitter Recap
Words & Pictures By Alex Pierpaoli
Ringside wrap-up here
Video wrap-up here
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Last night Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, Rhode Island was the site of CES Boxing's first fight card of 2015. As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap the following day for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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LIVE from @twinrivercasino time for #CESBoxing 7 bouts from Lincoln, Rhode Island. First up, Ray Oliveira Jr vs. Luis Felix, junior middles

Luis Felix getting the better of Ray Oliveira Jr thru 2 rounds, Felix scoring with big uppercuts and overhand rights, Oliveira landing jabs

Felix up three rounds to none on my card, for what it's worth. Oliveira getting out-punched and out-thought

will Oliveira Jr get a gift from these judges? because i don't think he won more than one round in that fight. Last round belonged to Jr

40-36 and 39-37 x 2 all in favor of Ray Oliveira Jr. wow. the 40-36 card is really a joke. that wasn't pretty but it wasn't hard to score

the 40-36 card was from Judge Clark Sammartino and sure, #boxing is NOT an exact science but that's just whacky.

Ray Oliveira Jr improved to 4-0 (2) while Luis Felix fell to 0-5

Bout 2, Junior Welters Briam Granado of New Bedford, 140.5 lbs versus Freddy Sanchez of Worcester, MA, 4 rounds #CESBoxing #TheRevival #FNF

Sanchez is 140 pounds

Freddy Sanchez looked good in round one, pressing the action and keeping Granado on the defensive.

Camacho Jr (L) looks for openings against Chatman (R)
Gutsy effort from Granado who was cut and stunned badly by chopping rights & lefts from Sanchez. Doctor in Granado's corner looking closely

Briam Granado calls it quits in his own corner while being blasted by Freddy Sanchez; Ref. Steve Smoger waves it off at 1:15 of the 3rd.

Briam Granado is going to be mad at himself later, especially when all his fans who showed up here get to their keyboards & smartphones...

This sport is not for everyone & he was cut, stunned & getting battered around the ring. No1 knows how they'll react to that till it happens

Briam Granado drops to 1-1 (1) while Freddy Sanchez improves to 4-0 (3) #TheRevival #Boxing next up, middles...

Bout 3, Khiary Gray-Pitts of Worcester, MA, 159lbs faces off against Greg McCoy of New Haven, CT, 162lbs, 4 rounds

Gray-Pitts makes short work of Greg McCoy, stopping him with a single long left hook that stunned & staggered McCoy #boxing

Khiary Gray-Pitts improves to 6-0 (4) with the 1st round TKO while Greg McCoy falls to 3-5-1 (1)

Bout 4, Nick Delomba of Cranston, RI, 145.5lbs faces off against Joltin' Joe Wilson Jr of Hartford, CT, 145.5lbs, 6 rounds #TheRevival

Joe Wilson boxed a good first round, forcing the fight & scoring from the southpaw stance; Delomba
Vincent (in white) connects with a right to the mouth of Ruiz 
landed in close toward rd's end

Delomba landing better in the second & drops Wilson with about 30 seconds 2 go in the round. Wilson rises & though clearly hurt, he survives

Nick Delomba finished what he started in rd 2 in the 3rd, hurting Wilson & driving him back to the ropes. Down again, Smoger lets it go...

Joe Wilson Jr's corner throws in the white towel at 2:59 of the 3rd giving Delomba his very 1st kayo victory in 7 fights, now 7-0 (1)

it is not uncommon to see members of the crowd here @twinrivercasino that bear a striking resemblance to the cast of Mob Wives #IsThatRacist

next up, Angel Camacho Jr, 168lbs, of Providence, RI vs. Chris Chatman, 166lbs, of Jersey City, NJ, 6 rounds, Super Middles #TheRevival

the Camacho vs. Chatman bout is coming next. There's a CES Ring of Honor Hall of Fame presentation going on right now...

here comes Camacho vs. Chatman...

Shelito Vincent with trainer Peter Manfredo Sr
Camacho Jr controlling the action from long range, popping Chatman when he presses forward

Camacho really in control here. Chatman has been able to connect with some heavy shots but he's taking too much to get close.

Chatman looking frustrated, trying to get past the straight punches of Camacho.

Angel Camacho Jr boxing well & he's all smiles on his way back to the corner after the 4th. His corner is pleased but asking for body shots

Camacho had Chatman stunned & reeling in the 5th, last round coming, will Camacho put an exclamation point on this with a knockdown or KO?

Chatman made the most of that last round but it's probably the only one he won on the official scorecards. Waiting for the decision...

58-56, 60-54, 59-55 all in favor of Angel Camacho Junior who improves to 14-0 (4) while Chris Chatman falls to 12-5-1 (5) #TheRevival

Bout 6, Jean Pierre Augustin of Lawrence, MA 217lbs vs. Solomon Maye of New Haven, CT, 226lbs, 4 rounds, Heavies, Vinny Paz in corner of JPA

PONDEROUS is the word that best describes round 1 of this heavyweight 4 rounder from @twinrivercasino #ugh #boxing

Solomon Maye seems able to hurt Augustin whenever he connects.

Solomon Maye is putting the screws to this guy without really landing all that much leather. Augustin is incredibly intimidated & 1/2

2/2 has been down on the canvas and through the ropes onto the apron five times... make that six

Maye just connected with a chopping right that clearly hurt Augustin again

wow, that was an ugly fight but maybe Jean Pierre Augustin will learn from it. The real question is will he remain undefeated? He shouldn't.

39-37 for Solomon Maye by judge Sammartino who earns a squirt of redemption imo, but he is overruled by Weisfeld & Scungio cards of 38-38

Majority Draw for Maye & Augustin but the crowd lets Augustin know they didn't like it. JPA is now 4-0-1 (2) while Maye is 1-4-1 (1) #Boxing

Main Event coming up NOW!! @shelitosway vs. Christina Ruiz... #Boxing #FNF #TheRevival

we're going 10 rounds for the UBF & IBA women's Super Bantamweight Titles to the absolute delight of a frenzied crowd of @shelitosway fans!

not much happened in the first round, both women fighting small, Ruiz is shorter and using a crouching style

now we've got a fight, both women letting their hands go, Vincent connects with a triple left hook in the second

Ruiz is an elusive target but the swarming style of Vincent is overwhelming her lack of thrown punches

Ruiz' trainer must have asked her to step-it-up because here in the 4th Christina Ruiz is winging punches. Vincent adjusting...

Ruiz banging at the body of Vincent by round's end. Fifth coming up...

this crowd loves @shelitosway & she gives them good reason, landing the left hook repeatedly. Gutsy pressure from Ruiz but Vincent in charge

the pace slowed a bit in round six. Ruiz's punches are too wide but she is relentless and very tough.

Shelito Vincent putting in a solid consistent effort here. Maybe a little less in the way of body punching than we usually see from her.

#CESBoxing has a star in @shelitosway This crowd loves her and she delivers on the thrills.

9th round was Ruiz' best. She stunned Vincent with a solid right & kept her in the ropes. In final minute Vincent landed hard right of her own

last round... Vincent and Ruiz slugging away!

they finish toe-to-toe with this crowd on their feet! Vincent landed beautiful right 2 the body in final 30 secs. Good stuff 8-2 Vincent imo

your scorecards 98-92, 97-93 and 97-93 all three in favor of @shelitosway the new IBA champ and now 14-0 (1) Christina Ruiz drops to 7-8-3 (4)

"I knew she was gonna be strong... I tried to get inside and stay inside" @shelitosway after picking up her 14th win as a professional

Vincent impressed again, always guaranteed a good fight with her on the card. time for coffee, gas & a long drive. C-Ya fight fans!

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