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Roy Jones Jr keeps fighting & winning #Boxing #boxeo #Knockout Twitter Recap

Roy Jones Jr. and Johnathan Arrellano score one-punch 
KO victories;
Litzau & Williams draw at Foxwoods in Knockout Season 2 Finale
By Alex Pierpaoli
Photos by Getty Images
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Earlier tonight, Foxwoods' casino held the Finals of the NuvoTV Knockout reality boxing show. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie. You can follow us on Twitter here

We're LIVE! from @FoxwoodsCT's Grand Theater for the Knockout Season 2 Finals! Up now @RealMikeOliver vs. Jonathan Arrellano #Boxing
Oliver doing some rabbit-punching, but he's quicker & beating Arrellano to the punch. Arrellano is cut and swelling under the right eye.
Looks as if the cut was caused by a hard straight left from @RealMikeOliver
Mike Oliver really taking charge in the third, landing with both hands from range. Good exchanges here. A little nastiness between these 2.
@RealMikeOliver more aggressive now in the 4th but Arrellano has made him pay for it with halfway gone in the round. Chopping shots from JA.
Arrellano cracks Oliver with a monstrous left hook with nanoseconds left before the bell to end rd 4. Oliver beats the count but he is hurt.
Doctor's time-out right now after the rest period and that's it. They stopped it. Dr Michael Schwartz has seen enough. That's a heartbreaker.
Arrellano stalking back & forth in neutral corner waiting on ref. Joey Lupino's stoppage. It goes in the books as a stoppage @ 2:59 of 4th.

Former NYSAC honcho Randy Gordon doing in-ring interview, said that might have been the biggest punch of Arrellano's career.
Johnathan Arrellano telling the audience here @ The Grand Theater he wants a Title! Oliver got a little too overanxious in that 4th.
gotta be tough to swallow when you're #boxing well. The 4th was Oliver's until those final secs, he was being more aggressive, always risky.

Here comes bout 2, Lightweights, Hylon Williams of Houston, TX versus Jason Litzau of St. Paul, MN
Mostly uneventful first from these two, lots of measuring, Litzau let his hands go more often and may have edged it.
Better 2nd in terms of action, still close & competitive, Litzau goes to the body with a hook & Williams hooks him to the belly right back.
Litzau pressing matters now, drives Williams back into a corner. Litzau's punches seem straighter & harder.
Williams just timed Litzau's pressure & aggression with a hard left hook that landed cleanly...and again he lands it.
Litzau landed a hard right in the final 30 seconds that got Williams to nod his head, acknowledging it was a good hard shot.
Williams' best work has been with single well-timed counters, but he's not busy enough.
Williams coming to life, his use of distance and clever counters are starting to tire & frustrate Litzau in the 6th.
Litzau lands a hard right and Williams is cut around the left eye, Litzau pressing matters now.
A little trash-talking at the end of the seventh, any momentum Williams was gaining may have slipped away.
8th and final round now. Blood flowing freely from the nose of Litzau but other than forcing him to open his mouth it's not bothering him.
This is a seasoned fighter (Litzau) outworking and outbanging a skilled but still green youngster.
Litzau's face was a bit bloodier at the final bell but this decision should be his.
That style of using lots of movement, distance & smart, well-timed counters is very effective for a certain P4P king but punches win fights.
The work-rate of the counter-puncher often puts him at a disadvantage.
Wow, we got a draw. Only Judge Peter Hary's card of 79-73 for Litzau, reflects what this writer saw. Other cards were 77-75 for HW & 76-76.

@RealRoyJonesJr versus Eric Watkins is up next. 10 rounds, heavyweights.
The first belonged to Jones. Watkins tried a few arcing overhand shots that were mostly blocked, Jones picking at him, testing.

Watkins letting his hands go in the second, he landed several decent bolts to the guts of Jones which made RJ smile.
Jones landing to the body of Watkins with hard single-shots.
Roy Jones may be able to put this guy away at any time but Watkins is trying, no doubt about it. Taking hard rights to the belly too.
Jones really swinging for the fences at the end of the fifth. Watkins survives. 
BLAMM! A single left hook in the final seconds of round number six put out the lights on Eric Watkins. Roy Jones Jr scores KO number 43.
The time of the stoppage was 2:59 of round 6, Roy Jones is now 61-8 (44) while Eric Watkins drops to 12-10-2 (5).
@CommishRandyG talking with @RealRoyJonesJr, says RJJ will fight twice more within a month & hopes for a cruiserweight title try.

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