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#WestSideRumble Amateur #Boxing in West Springfield, MA

Regional Gyms Showcase Fistic Talents in Amateur Card in West Springfield, MA
Results from the West Side Rumble
presented by Old School Boxing
words & pictures by Alex Pierpaoli
some video here
more photos here

The Clarion Hotel & Aqua Lagoon Water Park in West Springfield, Massachusetts was the site for a 20 bout amateur card tonight, sponsored by Old School Boxing in Agawam, MA and governed by USA Boxing.

Bout 1
Anthony Calabro vs. Quander Dukes 
Old School Boxing   Bright Futures Gym
165lbs Novice 3 2min rds

Good first for Dukes, speedy punches. Hard chopping right from Calabro keeps Dukes on his bicycle throughout. Some clowning from Dukes especially in the final round, while Calabro pressed the action throughout but may have spent too much time catching and missing not enough landing.

After three the judges see it as a split in favor of Calabro.

Bout 2
Mary O'Leary vs. Neema Ajwani
Old School Boxing   Mendez Boxing
Females 106lbs Novice 3 2 min rds

O'Leary has a more orthodox, gloves high posture while Ajwani holds her hands low and slashes with quick long punches. Spirited effort from both women, O'Leary finished stronger and appeared to hurt Ajwani early in the third. Ajwani looked to have landed more often throughout to this observer but O'Leary finished much stronger.

Unanimous Decision win goes to the more plentiful punching Neema Ajwani.

Bout 3
Jacklyn Roman vs. Merissa Balenchia 
Old School Boxing   Boxing In Faith Gym
Females  119lbs  Novice 3 2min rds

Roman, of Old School Boxing, has a bit of a size advantage over Balenchia, of Boxing in Faith gym of New Haven CT. Heated second round from these two, lots of leather thrown and landed. Balenchia is tiring but she's landed several hard left hooks, Roman landing good straight shots. Balenchia is going to leave here with a shiner under her right eye after being pelted with plenty of lefts from Roman.

A Close Split Decision goes to Merissa Balenchia who did seem to land the heavier shots.

Bout 4
Jose Gonzalez vs. Ben Lincoln
Hartford Boxing  Framingham PAL
75lbs Jr. Olympics  3 1min rds

Wow, speedy little intense young men in this one. Gonzalez lands two heavy rights just before the close of round 1. Lincoln very aggressive, Gonzalez playing matador to
Lincoln's bull-rushes. The crowd here loved that one! Should be no surprises here. Gutsy, always-trying effort from Ben Lincoln but he had no answers for the speedy movement and counters from the elusive Gonzalez.

Unanimous Decision goes to Jose Gonzalez.

Bout 5
Ermer Bauza vs. Sergio Lira
Old School Boxing  Hartford Boxing
201lbs Novice 3 2min rds

Lira landed a lot heavier in that opening round. Thought maybe a standing eight count was justified after a heavy left-right made Bauza take a step back and pause. Bauza fought a much smarter second round, ripping the body of Lira with several uppercuts. Heated action. Sergio Lira scored a standing 8 count in the 3rd and final round but it looked to be more from exhaustion than any single blow. Lots of heavy exchanges in this one.

Unanimous Decision goes to Sergio Lira and no doubt Bauza goes home with a headache.

Bout 6
Giammi Ferriolo vs. Jacquez Cazeau
Boxing In Faith   Framingham PAL
132lbs Jr. Olympics  3 1min rd

Ferriolo is crowding and pressuring Cazeau, keeping him on the defensive. Really focused, cool-under-fire, pressuring style from Ferriolo. He's more elusive than he looks, always watching as he stays close. Cazeau busy and had his moments but hard to land clean when you've got a man seven inches from your chest.

Split decision goes to Giammi Ferriolo

Bout 7
Eric Torres vs. Graeme Caso
Old School Boxing  Bare Bones Boxing
152lbs Novice 3 2min rd

Terrific first round from Eric Torres who sure doesn't look like a novice in this all southpaw contest. Big shots thrown from both men but it's Torres landing the bigger lefts around the high guard of Caso. Far less science in round 2, both guys bang away and Torres still landing big but had a much better first. Torres left the door open for Caso in round 2 and he came through it. Torres' trainer is shouting simply: Matalo, matalo!! Caso bleeding from the mouth, Torres bashing him with right hooks. All smiles from Torres after the final bell.

Unanimous Decision goes to Eric Torres.

Bout 8
Anthony Pantoja vs. Richard Boston
Old School Boxing  Framingham Boxing
80lbs Jr. Olympics  3 1 min rds

Good action from these two little warriors. Lots of quick straight punching and fearless exchanges. Very close rounds between these two. Pantoja looks to have edged him, especially in the final frame.

Split decision win goes to Anthony Pantoja of Old School Boxing.

Bout 9
Chucky St. Hilarie vs. Noel Agosto
Old School Boxing  Whitley Fitness
178lbs Novice 3 2min rds

That was a really ugly first round from these two. Lots of clutching and grabbing, St. Hilarie landing
big and Agosto trying to smother him but he's robbing himself of punching room. Looks like the ref took a point and gave a stern warning to Agosto. They return to fighting and again Agosto is grabbing and wrestling & pulls the headguard off of St. Hilarie. Ref. Bob Benoit may DQ him but before he can Agosto's handler is up on the apron and waving it off. He knows his fighter's had enough.

Referee Stops Contest at 1:24 of rd 2, giving Chucky St. Hilarie the first stoppage win of the night.

Bout 10
Danzel Whitley vs. Javier Gonzalez
Whitley Fitness  Hartford Boxing
141lbs Novice 3 2 min rds

The southpaw Danzel Whitley got the better of Gonzalez through round 1. Whitley scored a knockdown in round number 2, more of a balance shot but it counted. Gonzalez comes out blasting in the 3rd to make up for lost ground. Two very fast fighters in this one. Whitley is stockier and more muscular than the longer, leaner Gonzalez but the exchanges were fierce throughout. Gonzalez just didn't land often enough.

Unanimous Decision win goes to Danzel Whitley.

Bout 11
Liz Humphries  vs. Jessica Santiago
Old School Boxing   Bare Bones Boxing
Females 141lbs Novice 3 2 min rds

Gutsy effort from Humphries but her punches are wide, some are sort of flailing shots. Better science from Santiago but Humphries may have caught her with more pop in that first. This is the second time these two have met. Santiago scores a standing eight count in the second, a round she won big. Humphries expending more energy while Santiago is catching her up the middle with power as Humphries wades in. Humphries corner is begging for jabs and she's landing a few in the final frame. Hartford featherweight Chip Perez is in the corner of Santiago, urging her to bang the body. In close she lands a hard shot on a fading Humphries and scores another standing eight count. That's it, the referee has seen enough.

Referee Stops Contest giving Jessica Santiago the win at 1:37 of the 3rd.

Bout 12
Juan Morales vs. William Whitley
Old School Boxing  Whitley Brother's Boxing
152lbs Novice 3 2 min rds

Southpaw versus southpaw in this one. Morales is having a lot of difficulty finding the range on Whitley. He's making faces to his corner, clearly frustrated. Whitley is fighting him in close and Morales has no room to get his shots off. Whitley lands an absolutely beautiful left uppercut counterpunch on the mouth of Morales. Seconds later he gets him with a right uppercut counter. This is going to the cards. Should be no surprises here.

Unanimous decision win goes to William Whitley.

Bout 13
Matt Probin vs. Chris Rafael
Cugno Boxing    Ortiz Boxing
152lbs Novice 3 2 min rds

Probin, boxing out of Maine,  is light on his feet and mobile. Both guys are throwing big hard shots. Chris Rafael landing well in the first. Probin using smart movement and accurate punching in the second. Probin seemed to control matters in the final frame.

Split Decision victory goes to Matt Probin  (Video Here)

Bout 14
Tyler Capasso vs. Kevan Bonilla
Boxing In Faith  Ortiz Boxing
110lbs Jr. Olympics 3 1 min rds

Capasso scored a knockdown in the first of a heated contest between two guys who look like experienced youngsters. Capasso landing heavier. Bonilla is the younger brother of CT lightweight Oscar Bonilla, and he recovered well from the knockdown and regrouped in round 2.

Split Decision goes to Tyler Capasso  (Video Here)

Bout 15
Juan Garcia vs. Danoven Spann
Old School Boxing  Mendex Boxing
141lbs Novice 3 2 min rds

After a somewhat uneventful first round, probably the slowest round of the night, this bout is stopped before round 2 when a discrepancy is found in the amateur pass book of boxer Juan Garcia.

Danoven Spann wins by DQ

Bout 16
Anuel Rosa vs. Carlos Marrero
Boxing in Faith  Ortiz Boxing
132lbs. Open  3 3 min rds

These two are really throwing. This is the open class so they're more experienced boxers and it shows. Very similarly built boxers in an intense scrap. Round two isn't as pretty. Both guys are more cautious and a little winded. There's blood from the mouth of Rosa in the third, both guys swinging with bad intentions. Marrero's heavier punches seemed to land more often to this observer.

The judges disagree, Split Decision goes to Anuel Rosa of Boxing In Faith Gym of New Haven, CT.

Bout 17
Reggie LaPorte vs. Victor Reynoso
Whitley Brothers    Big Six Boxing
152lbs Novice 3 2 min rds

This is a rough, grappling bout. Both men throwing bombs, LaPorte's seem to have more direction to them in the second. Very close fight going into the final round. Reynoso's aggression is giving LaPorte some trouble, he has no choice but to grab in close. When LaPorte steps back and gives himself some room to punch he can land. Reynoso scores a standing eight count in the third. A little bit of tension between these two boxers at the end of three. It was a tough, sloppy, grinding kind of fight. Reynoso probably took it.

Split Decision win goes to Victor Reynoso

Bout 18
Miesha Tuitt vs. Miriam Carta
Old School        **unattached**
Females 152lbs Novice 3 2 min rds

Tuitt is a speedy southpaw who really pummeled Carta in the first half of round one but then seemed to ease up. At the start of round two again she opens up with a fussilade of blows and scores an eight count. The bout continues, Tuitt blasts away scoring a second standing eight count, but the referee decides he's seen enough before he finishes the count.

Referee Stops Contest at 22 seconds of round 2, winner by stoppage is Miesha Tuitt

Bout 19
Raekwon Vazquez vs. Ian Garcia
Old School Boxing      Mason Square
125lbs Novice 3 2 min rds

An explosive first sees Ian Garcia connecting with heavy right hand blasts. Vazquez looking deflated, he can't find an answer to that right from Garcia. Garcia out-speeding Vazquez and beating him to the punch. Vazquez looks discouraged to start the third but lands a thumping body another. Garcia answers to the head of Vazquez. Garcia lands another right just as the bell sounds and the look on Vazquez' face tells the story.

Unanimous Decision goes to Ian Garcia

Bout 20
Anthony Laureano vs. Jeffrey Gonzalez Muriel
Bare Bones Boxing     Boxing In Faith
152lbs Open 3 3 min rds

The West Side Rumble saved the best for last and fans were treated to a scorcher in the twentieth and final bout of the evening. Laureano got off to an aggressive start but Muriel scored repeatedly as he
Trainer & super featherweight pro Chip Perez coaches Laureano
backpedaled away for much of the first. The second was a non-stop exchange of punches where both many had their moments but Laureano's work rate and power seemed to be the difference. In the third again both men exchanged ceaselessly, bringing the crowd to a crescendo, as Laureano's heavier busier hands took the round from the gritty Jeff Muriel.

Anthony Laureano wins a Unanimous Decision. (video here)

The award for Bout of the Night went to the Main Event, Laureano vs. Muriel
The award for Boxer of the Night went to Miesha Tuitt for her demolition of Miriam Carta

Some of the stand-out efforts KOFantasyBoxing especially enjoyed were the poise and focus of seventy-five pound Junior Olympian, Ben Lincoln, the Hatton-esque aggression and ring savvy of one hundred thirty-two pound, Giammi Ferrioli and the truly beautiful banging from one hundred fifty-two pound southpaw, William Whitley.

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