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Sukkivan Barrera sends Paul Patker reeling with a right hand
 Sullivan Barrera stops Paul Parker
Vaughn Alexander outpoints Andres Calixto
Results from Mohegan Sun
By Alex Pierpaoli
photos by Sean Laydon

World ranked light heavyweight Sullivan Barrera scored a fifth round TKO victory over Paul Parker in the Main Event of a six bout card at Mohegan Sun. Broadcast live on HBO Latino, Barrera chopped down his rangey, southpaw opponent despite several difficult moments caused by accidental headbutts. Barrera,  178lbs of Guantanamo, Cuba, dropped Parker at the end of the fourth with a big right but to his credit "Pay-Per-View" Parker recovered and came out to do battle in the fifth. But it was not to be. Barrera cracked him with a hard left hook that sent Parker reeling back into the ropes and down to the canvas. Referee Harvey Dock allowed him to continue but Barrera would not be denied and opened up with a fussillade of blows that caused the ref to stop the fight at 2:08 of the fifth. In victory Sullivan Barrera improved to 19-1 (14) while Paul Parker fell to 8-2 (4).

Vaughn Alexander 162lbs of Saint Louis, MO defeated Andres Calixto 160.5lbs of Delicias, Mexico. Vaughn Alexander, the older brother of Devon Alexander, nailed Calixto with speedy, accurate punches throughout the bout. Calixto waved Alexander on after absorbing hard lefts to the body and
Vaughn Alexander (R) sizes-up Andres Calixto (L)
Alexander obliged him, slamming Calixto in the guts repeatedly. Alexander threw precious few jabs, his attack is more of a pot-shotting counter-puncher who was always in control of the bout. Calixto was game in exchanges but was cautioned repeatedly for holding and hitting and lost a point in the final round when he continued doing it. At the end of ten the judges saw it as a lopsided win for Alexander with scores of 100-89 and 99-90 twice. Alexander is now 3-0 since his return to boxing after an 11 year stint in prison. He is 8-0 (5) overall. Andres Calixto dropped to 14-3 (9).

off-tv bouts:

Cassius Chaney, 245lbs of New London, CT outpointed Juan Goode 256lbs of Detroit, MI in an entertaining 6 round heavyweight scrap.  Goode pressured Chaney throughout the bout, coming forward into Chaney's straight punches. As the rounds wore on Chaney landed often with a heavy
Cassius Chaney smacks Juan Goode with a left hook
overhand right that got Goode's attention but never slowed his attack. In the final round Goode had his best moments, flurrying at the body of Chaney and coming up to the head with wide jolts. At the end of six the official judges were unanimous, all seeing it identically at 59-55 for New London's Cassius Chaney. Chaney improved his record to 10-0 (5) while the gutsy Juan Goode dropped to 8-5 (6) in defeat.

Madiyar Ashkeyev 154lbs, of Kazakhstan battered Shawn Cameron 153lbs, of Brooklyn, NY through seven rounds before Ref. Danny Schiavone had seen enough. Ashkeyev kept the pressure on all night despite suffering a bloody gash caused by a headbutt in round one. Cameron, a durable southpaw, refused to submit despite being heavily outgunned and out-slicked. Ashkeyev showed a murderous array of punches in his arsenal including a mean double left hook to the body and head that he slammed against Cameron's side repeatedly. The ringside
A bloodied Ashkeyev stopped the durable Shawn Cameron
physician visited Cameron's corner after a bruising sixth round and the bout continued into the seventh round. But not for long. With Ashkeyev slamming Cameron with lefts and rights along the ropes, ref Danny Schiavone stepped in to halt the bout at 1:06 of round 7. Madiyar Ashkeyev rose impressively to 8-0 (4) while tough Shawn Cameron fell to 10-3 (5).

Enriko Gogokhia 148 3/4 lbs of Georgia, the country not the state, defeated Bryan Goldsby 147.5 of Macon, Georgia, the state, not the country. Goldsby was durable while it lasted but the southpaw Gogokhia got right to work, landing heavy power punches, especially a blasting straight left power shot that found Goldsby chin again and again. Goldsby held up under quite an assault but was never off his feet despite being driven back into the ropes several times. Between the second and third round, Goldsby's corner signaled Referee Danny Schiavone that they'd had enough. With the TKO victory Gogokhia improved to 4-0 (2) while Goldsby dropped to 4-3.
Gogohkia in white takes aim at Bryan Goldsby

Meiirim Nursultanov 160lbs, 1-0 of Kazakhstan improved to 2-0 (1) with a second round TKO over Javier Olvera 159.5lbs of Mexico. Nursultanov was always in charge, bashing away at the head and body of Olvera from the opening gong. A barrage of heavy punches put Olvera down once in the first but he survived into round two where Nursultanov continued battering him. In round two Olvera staggered away from Nursultanov after the Kazakh landed a heavy shot to the head. Referee Danny
Nursultanov in red blasts Olvera with a right
Schiavone had seen in enough and waved it off at 1:115 of the second. Olvera's record fell to 1-1 (1).

Featherweight Kevin Asmat 2-1 (2) was to face Jonathan Ramos 1-2 in a 4 rounder but Ramos came in below the minimum weight requirement and the bout was scratched.

Also in attendance were Demetrius Andrade, Jesse Vargas and trainer Don Turner.

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