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Ringside Twitter Recap #DelombaWilliams #Boxing

Jimmy Williams versus Nick DeLomba Ringside Twitter Recap
From Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, RI
By Alex Pierpaoli
Ringside Wrap-Up

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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About to start here with LIVE! #Boxing from @twinrivercasino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Follow along for updates as long as the WiFi holds up
Bout 1 features two debuting fighters, Ricky De Los Santos of Providence, RI, 126lbs, against Philip Davis, 128lbs, of Worcester, MA.
good action first from these two fighters who look more experienced than their 0-0 records suggest. De Los Santos busier, great body work
De Los Santos scores a knockdown in the second off a straight right hand. L8r in rd he landed a cracking double left hook to belly then head
Davis being aggressive but De Los Santos is getting him with hard accurate punches
De Los Santos is ridiculously fit and lean. He took a bit of a break in the 3rd but still kept Davis on the receiving end of the punishment
Final round starting and Philip Davis comes out with fists blazing. He needs a kayo or at least a couple knockdowns. Lands a big right hand
hard straight right followed by an immediate left hook by De Los Santos
De Los Santos should pick up a lopsided UD here after 4 rounds. Philip Davis never stopped trying but only landed sporadically throughout
judges' scorecards are 39-37, 39-36 x 2 all in favor of Ricky De Los Santos of Providence, RI All 3 judges gave Davis 1 rd, probably the 3rd

10 bouts 2 go from here @twinrivercasino follow along for updates! The Main Event pits @JimmyQSWilliams vs. Nick DeLomba, 10rds

Bout 2, Johnathan Figueroa, 141lbs, of Hartford, CT vs. Miguel Ortiz, 141lbs, of Springfield, MA
Figueroa lands a nasty straight right hand in the final seconds of round 1 which may have helped win him the round
ouch! big low blow from Ortiz. Ref. Danny Schiavone warns him.
Ortiz really crowding and battering Figueroa and he scores a knockdown just before the ten second warning.
Figueroa seemed much recovered in round 3, Ortiz switching back and forth from orthodox to southpaw to battle Figueroa's southpaw style
they're slugging in the 4th & final round. Ortiz landing better
fun scrap! Hartford's Johnathan Figueroa with a gutsy effort but Springfield's Miguel Ortiz did more damage throughout this 4 rounder
the scorecards read 39-36, 38-37 and 39-38 all in favor of Springfield's Miguel Ortiz who improves to 2-0 (1)

Bout 3, Cristobal Marrero, 140lbs, of New London, CT versus Sidney Maccow, 141lbs, of New York, NY, 4rds, Jr. Welters,
good round defensively for Maccow but very little happened offensively for either man. Marrero landed once with some power, may have won it
Maccow landing the left hook with some frequency in the second, some redness around the brow ridge of Marrero
very good second round for Maccow who controlled it
Marrero just took out the ringside videographer when he was driven back into the ropes by Maccow. Cameraman looks ok but he hit the deck
Marrero looks 2B all but sapped of strength. Maccow driving him back to the ropes again & again. New Yorker landing with power, may go 4 KO
final round now and Maccow lands a sweat-spraying overhand right that forces Marrero to grab him for dear life
Maccow lost his mouthpiece in an exchange, not sure if it was due to a landed punch. But Marrero seems to be coming on now.
final 2 minutes was all Marrero but it's unlikely 2B enough to win him this 4rd decision. Had it been a 6 rder things would get interesting
Maccow all but gassed out in the final 2 minutes of the fight. Marrero able to hurt him with several hard uppercuts as well.
No love for the NYer! the judges scores are 38-38 overruled by 2 scores of 39-37 in favor of Cristobal Marrero of New London, CT
the judges must not have liked the mostly defensive first round from Maccow

Bout 4, Arturo Lopes, 142lbs, of Marshfield, MA versus Marquis Bates, 142lbs, of Taunton, MA 4rds, Jr Welters
Lopes is down from a long straight right by Bates
wow, that's it! After the knockdown a real slugfest broke out, both guys firing and landing big shots, but Bates' were straighter & sharper
Ref Schiavone steps in with Lopes getting hammered along the ropes. Lopes' trainer & father rushing along apron 2 stop it, TKO 2:03 of 1st
Bittersweet postscript to that defeat, Artie Lopes was fighting in honor of his recently deceased brother. No shame in his effort for sure.

Bout 5, Khiry Todd, 146lbs, of Lynn, MA versus Adriano Moraes, 142lbs, of Coconut Creek, FL, 4 rds, welters 
Todd looked to have edged out that one in a largely uneventful, low-impact first round
Todd seems capable of hurting Moraes and stunned him with a left hook early in the second that forced the Floridian to grab
Todd catches Moreas with slick left hook counterpunch as Moreas was landing a jab and the combined momentum of the punch & fwd motion = KO
Khiry Todd comes up with the KO victory at 1:53 of round 3, now 3-0 (3). Adriano Moreas finishes at 0-1 

Bout 6, Kendrick Ball Jr., 166lbs, of Worcester, MA versus Zachary Christy, 166lbs, of Providence, RI 6rds, super middles,
Kendrick Ball Jr rocking the red velour trunks #Stylin
Ball has a tremendous height & reach advantage here but was unable to use it in rd 1 which saw Christy scoring with heavy shots from outside
Christy should have won the 2nd as well, Ball boxing much better 4 half the round but Christy landed another big overhand right B4 the bell
Kendrick Ball may have found the range with the left hook. Scoring BIGLY in the 3rd!
The cameraman outside the red corner just took another crack and loses his headset. Both fighters really slugging away, good sloppy fun!
Kendrick Ball has Christy in some trouble now. There is no quit in Zach Christy! Keeps coming forward pressing the action
Not sure what was holding Christy up @ the end of the 4th. They rumble in a neutral corner. Christy still winging punches, Ball blasting him
if this was a 4 round fight Christy would have likely just won a decision but we're into the 5th now, going 6. Ball in charge
HUGE left hook drops Christy! he's up after the mandatory eight count but Kendrick Ball comes in & lands another huge left & ref stops it
Kendrick Ball, Jr. picks up a victory, TKO5 1:19, after 5 exciting rounds, Zach Christy falls to 1-1-1, Ball improves to 6-0-2 (5)

Bout 7, Aleksandra Lopes, 146.5lbs, of Marshfield, MA versus Patty Ramirez, 144.5lbs, of Aguas Calientes, MX, Females, Jr. Middles, 8rds
Lopes in charge behind a long pawing jab in the first
Lopes almost scored a knockdown off of a stinging right hand. Ramirez reached towards the canvas to steady herself as she staggered back
after all these years when Beat It comes on over the PA there's no way you can keep from tapping your feet & singing along #MJ #EddieVH
Aleksandra Lopes in charge, she's pecking and poking with straight punches, controlling Paty Ramirez
Fifth round coming up. So far it's a shutout for Lopes, 4 rounds to none.
coming up on the 8th and final round, Aleksandra Lopes boxing well and in total control of Paty Ramirez
waiting on the scorecards now. should be no surprises. 8 rounds to nothing for Lopes in this guy's opinion
well the surprise is that Judge Ken Ezzo scored it 79-73, while the others both had it 80-72 all in favor of Aleksandra Lopes now 17-4-2 (1)

Bout 8, Glenn Mitchell, 132lbs, of Steubenville, OH versus Jamaine Ortiz, 135lbs, of Worcester, MA
good round for Jamaine Ortiz who had Mitchell in a retreat for much of the 1st. Several hard left hooks by Ortiz seemed to hurt Mitchell
they slug at the end of the second and this crowd @ @twinrivercasino LOVES it!
Glenn Mitchell in a heap of trouble. Ortiz puts him down twice. Mitchell rises from the second knockdown but Ref Schiavone waves it off
the winner is Jamaine Ortiz via TKO 3 1:13 improving to 4-0 (3) while Glenn Mitchell picks up his 1st loss now 2-1 (2)

Bout 9, Zach Ramsey, 136lbs, of Springfield, MA versus Divante Jones, 134lbs, of Augusta, GA  6rds, lightweights 
cautious first round from two experienced lightweights. Ramsey looked to have won it.
Jones really pressing the action in rd 2, fighting behind his left shoulder, chin tucked in2 his chest, firing @ Ramsey who waits 2 counter
this bout is a lot more tactical than most we've seen here 2nite. 2 defensive guys, both looking carefully for openings. Jones busier
Zach Ramsey finally came up with the shot he was looking for! he stuns Jones, drops him, Ref Lupino let's it go but not 4 long, TKO win!
Zach Ramsey wins via TKO4 :58 and picks up the vacant New England Lightweight strap, improves to 8-1 (4) 
Divante Jones seems very upset with himself and how that went down. He leaves Rhode Island at 9-1 (6)

Bout 10, Ray Oliveira, Jr., 154lbs, of New Bedford, MA versus Casey Kramlich, 151.5lbs, of Portland, ME
Oliveira landed harder in round 1 but Kramlich is boxing well, landing in bursts, using smart movement
Oliveira just scored a big knockdown off what I think was a left hook. Kramlich seemed to hang there in space for a half second B4 dropping
Kramlich really trying hard here. He's outgunned but he's moving and #boxing bravely. Oliveira doing the damage but headhunting a bit
Kramlich's movement is troubling Oliveira who keeps stalking but can't corner him, stop him or trap him
the gutsy Kramlich fights well in close and he just won the fifth
Oliveira looking much improved to this observer and probably has this fight won if he can stay outta trouble in this 6th & final round
Kramlich opens up with Oliveira exhausted and in some trouble!!
If Kramlich doesn't score a knockdown at least it's unlikely he's gonna come away with a decision here but he's hammering Oliveira now
Kramlich won the last 2 rounds big but after suffering the knockdown he may have too big of a hole to have crawled out of, we'll see...
Wow! Casey Kramlich gets off the deck to score the Majority Decision victory! scorecards were 56-56 overruled by 57-56 x 2

Main Event between Nick DeLomba and Jimmy "Quiet Storm" Williams is up next!
Main Event time! Nick DeLomba, 142lbs, of Providence, RI versus Jimmy Williams, 143.5lbs, of New Haven, CT
2 HUGE right hands in the final seconds of the first and DeLomba goes down hard!!
DeLomba started slow and @JimmyQSWilliams made him pay dearly for it
DeLomba seemed to get his wits together by the end of the 2nd but Williams still battering him. 20-17 Williams
Another big straight right stuns DeLomba badly in a round that looked to be going his way. Jimmy Williams is a man possessed! Huge effort!
bout is scheduled for 10, a distance neither of these guys have ever gone. Williams has gone 6 and DeLomba 8 but 10 is undiscovered country
That fifth round was the closest yet. Williams dominated the first half but DeLomba was able to score several times in final minute
good exchanges in the sixth. DeLomba trying to crowd Williams and succeeding.
a hard one-two gets things started again for @JimmyQSWilliams who has DeLomba hurt again
Huge round 7 for Jimmy Williams who has never been this far as a pro. DeLomba took a lot of punishment in that round. Still trying in close
8th underway, @JimmyQSWilliams in control at range with DeLomba trying to score in close. DeLomba looks fresher than one would think
DeLomba swelling from repeated right hands. Williams still looking for the big right, he's landed it B4 & knows it's doing damage
Rd 9, DeLomba looking to his corner for advice during the clinches, @JimmyQSWilliams continues blasting him with sporadic right hands
just good consistent pressure and hard straight punches has really kept this all Jimmy Williams' fight
Gutsy effort from DeLomba, they slug in close at the end of 9th. Williams doesn't seem to have the same power inside, he needs some distance
Here comes the tenth and final round!
little too much grabbing for Ref Lupino's taste. he warns both guys to clean it up, stop wrestling
one minute to go, both guys banging. @JimmyQSWilliams with another sweat-spraying right hands. Fans are loving this! They embrace @ the bell
It looked to this observer that DeLomba was never able to make up for being dropped & hurt early. We'll see what the judges thought...
New Haven's own @JimmyQSWilliams picks up the unanimous decision victory with scores of 98-91, 97-92 x 2 improves to 13-0-1 (5)
Nick DeLomba goes home to Cranston, RI at 11-2 (2) after giving it his all. Jimmy Williams said he welcomes a rematch.

really great night of #Boxing here from @CESBoxing @twinrivercasino Thanks
for the re-tweets, likes and follows! Peace-out fight-fans!

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