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#RisingStarsBoxingSeries @Twitter recap from ringside

Sullivan Barrera, in blue, drives Paul Parker into a corner

Sullivan Barrera versus Paul Parker,
The Rising Stars Boxing Series
Ringside Twitter Recap
From Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT
By Alex Pierpaoli
Photos by Sean Laydon
 Ringside Results

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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we're live at @MoheganSun for #RisingStarsBoxingSeries about to get underway... 

Bout 1 Javier Olvera 159.5lbs 1-0 (1) of Mexico fights Meiirim Nursultanov 160lbs, 1-0 of Kazakhstan in a 6 round bout.

Nursultanov put Olvera down once with a vicious barrage of blows to the body & head. Olvera finished the round but this won't last much longer

Ref. Danny Schiavone waves off the beating Nursultanov was dishing out after Olvera staggered away from a heavy jolt to the head, TKO

official time 1:15 of round 2, winner by TKO and now 2-0 (1) is Meiirim Nursultanov. Javier Olvera falls to 1-1 (1) 

Bout 2 Enriko Gogokhia 148.5lbs 3-0 (1) of Georgia, the country not the state, fights Bryan Goldsby 147.5 4-2 of Macon, Georgia, the state

Big first round for southpaw Enriko Gogokhia who punished Goldsby with heavy straight punches, trapping him along the ropes repeatedly

Not sure what's keeping Goldsby on his feet. Gogokhia hammered him with powerful straight lefts in rd 2 #RisingStarsBoxingSeries

That's it. The corner decides to call it & referee Danny Schiavone halts the fight before the bell to begin the 3rd

Bout 3,  Madiyar Ashkeyev 154lbs, of Kazakhstan  Shawn Cameron 153lbs, of Brooklyn, NY in an 8 round bout 

big head butt and Ashkeyev is bleeding badly, middle of the forehead

Ashkeyev looked to have won that round over southpaw Shawn Cameron but they are going to have to do work in that corner to stop bleeding
Madiyar Ashkeyev looks to land on Shawn Cameron

The cut looks to be right along the eyebrow over the right eye of Ashkeyev

Ashkeyev is very elusive, moving all around Cameron, firing at him from all sides

Cameron trying to hold Ashkeyev off with a flicking southpaw jab but it's all Ashkeyev so far, despite the grisly cut #RisingStarsBoxingSeries

Ashkeyev really showing a lot of skills here. He's overwhelming Cameron, keeping him on the defensive

Three rounds to none for Madiyar Ashkeyev so far. Cameron's showing his durability. Ashkeyev in charge

Ashkeyev using hard combinations & spectacular angles, able to hop sideways behind right hand blasts to the head of Cameron

Ashkeyev is not sparing the guts of Cameron either. Landing repeated left hooks to Cameron's side.

Their heads collided again. It's gonna keep happening... a southpaw versus a come-forward aggressive guy

Shawn Cameron sits down heavily on his stool at the end of round five. He's taken a lot of clean hard blows to the head

Ashkeyev's face is awash in crimson again but it's having no effect on him. He continues dominating his durable foe

CT's ringside physician Michael Schwartz is on his way into Cameron's corner to check on him after another bruising round in the 6th

They're going to let it continue... Round 7 now

That's it. Referee Danny Schiavone has seen enough in round seven with Ashkeyev blasting at Cameron along the ropes 

official time was 1:06 of round 7, Ashkeyev improves to 8-0 (4) while the durable Shawn Cameron falls to 10-3 (5) 

we've got an intermission here, if you didn't notice. Still three bouts to go..

Bout 4 @TheMenaceCC 9-0 (5) 245lbs of New London, CT  versus Juan Goode 256lbs 8-4 (6) of Detroit, MI. They're boxing six rounds.

Cassius Chaney fires a jab at Juan Goode
Juan Goode has come right out aggressively, Chaney sticking a jab in his face

Goode kept Chaney busy throughout the first, pressing the fight, but he wound up taking lots of straight shots & 1-2s from Chaney,

Chaney controlling things, staying behind his jab and poking Goode from the outside.

It looks like Cassius Chaney's shoes has torn. The sole of the shoe has come off. It's being taped up by the corner.

@TheMenaceCC connects with two monstrous rights in the final minute of the third round that delight this CT crowd

If the first two rounds were the feeling-out rounds it was in that third that @TheMenaceCC started slamming Goode with power shots

Goode is suffering from a significant height and reach deficit here but he's making up for it in persistence and pressure

Chaney looks to be tiring a bit. Goode taking Chaney's best shots pretty well. Sixth and final round coming up.

Juan Goode had his best moments in the 6th and final round but it's doubtful he won more than 1 or 2 rounds on these cards.

At the end of six the scores are 59-55 x 3 all in favor of @TheMenaceCC who runs his record to 10-0 (5)

Bout 5 Vaughn Alexander 162lbs 7-0 (5) of Saint Louis, MO vs. Andres Calixto Rey 160.5lbs 7-5 (5) of Delicias, Mexico 10rds 

Alexander looks to be in ridiculously good shape. But looks don't win fights.

Alexander countering with heavy pot-shots. Calixto urging him to hit him after getting slammed with several hard body shots

this fight is probably going to end on a body shot because Alexander is relentless with the left hook to the body of Calixto
Vaughn Alexander in black eyeballs Andres Calixto

Calixto had his best moments in that second round but Alexander hurt him with an uppercut in the final 30 seconds

they exchange along the ropes. Calixto getting his licks in, including a nice left hook to Alexander's body as payback

Vaughn Alexander throws no jabs at all. Every punch is a mean power blast.

Alexander's punches are speedy and accurate but they don't seem to be hurting Calixto. But they're winning him these rounds.

Calixto getting a little frustrated about being hit so much. He pooped Alexander on the break at one point in the 7th.

this is undiscovered country for Vaughn Alexander. He's gone 6. Never 8 or ten rounds. we're in the 9th and he's ahead.

10th coming up... Calixto has had a few moments but I can't imagine the judges giving him even 2 rounds tops. Alexander pot-shotting to win

Referee just took a point from Calixto. Not sure what it was for. Maybe for too much talking? It annoyed the ref I guess.

waiting on the scorecards...

The judges see it 100-89, 99-90 x 2 all in favor of Vaughn Alexander who is now 3-0 since his release from prison in twenty-fifteen

Bout 6  here we go... @sullivanbarrera 18-1 (13) 178lbs of Guantanamo, Cuba vs. Paul Parker 177lbs 8-1 (4) of Toledo, OH in the 10rd main event.

Parker, a rangy southpaw is posing a bit of a stylistic problem for Barrera.

@sullivanbarrera starting to land with some power in the 3rd. He may have stunned Parker in final minute of the round.

Sullivan Barrera hurts Paul Parker with a right
Paul Parker goes down after an accidental head butt. The doctor checking him out. This could be over.

Referee Harvey Dock telling the ringside officials Parker has five minutes to recover. There are 3 minutes or so left.

Parker is going 2 take the full 5 minutes. This crowd is getting antsy. It's after midnight & the Christians in the crowd have eggs to hide

Parker took a deep breath as he went back to his stool. It was a hard head butt that changed the course of the Ashkeyev-Cameron bout earlier

@sullivanbarrera caught him with a big right, he attacks with both hands and Parker goes down.

 Another head butt. This time it's Barrera who has gotten the worst of it. He may be cut.

A right to the chin from Barrera sends Parker reeling back into the ropes and down. The ref lets it continue but Barrera is all over him

@sullivanbarrera picks up a TKO victory at 2:08 of round number 5, improving to 19-1 (14) while Parker drops to 8-2 #RisingStarsBoxingSeries

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