Saturday, October 28, 2017

#BroadwayBoxing results from ringside

Remillard bangs a left off the head of Criuz
Matt Remillard smokes Yardley Cruz,
Shelito Vincent beats Calixta Silgado,
Mykquan Williams blasts-out Somner Martin,
Results from Foxwoods, CT
By Alex Pierpaoli
Photos by Sean Laydon
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Matt Remillard 129lbs of Hartford, CT dismantled and destroyed Yardley Armenta Cruz 130lbs of Sacramento, CA, stopping him at 2:31 of round number 4. Remillard went right to work behind a speedy jab in round one, driving Cruz back into the ropes where he pelted him with combinations. Cruz was quickly forced into a mostly defensive mode, looking for rare moments of calm in Remillard's attack. In the second Remillard let his hands go, blasting at Cruz with double left hooks and crashing the right through Cruz's guard into his face. Fighting for the third time in twenty-seventeen, Remillard looked very sharp, beating Cruz to the punch again and again. By the end of the third, ringside physician Dr. Michael Schwartz had made his way to the corner of Cruz and took a long look at the fighter before the bell to start the round. Remillard lowered the boom in the fourth, blasting away at Cruz who seemed woefully outgunned and outclassed. Afterwards Remillard said he feels strong at 135, could probably still make 126 but would not be moving up to 140 anytime soon. He continues looking for a rematch with the only opponent to best him, 37-0 (30), Mikey Garcia.
Remillard imrpoved to 26-1 (15) while Cruz dropped to 22-9 (12)

Shelly Vincent, 129lbs, of Providence, RI, defeated Calixta Silgado, 130lbs, of Tolu, Colombia by eight round unanimous decision in the co-Main Event. Vincent pressed the action in her aggressive, burst-punching style, forcing Silgado to backpedal. As the bout developed it took the shape of the prototypical style clash of a boxer(Silgado) versus a puncher(Vincent) with Silgado trying to time Vincent's rushes, and offset her volleys with hard counters. Silgado had some success in the second half of the fight, enough to win two rounds on one of the three official scorecards. After 8 the judges saw it at 79-73 x2 and 77-75 all in favor of the Rhode Islander.
Shelito Vincent raises her record to 21-1 (1) while Calixta Silgado falls to 15-9-3 (10). The 38 year old Vincent is now 4-0 since her August twenty-sixteen defeat to Heather Hardy and hopes the New Yorker's recent MMA defeat may bring her back to the Sweet Science for a rematch.

Mykquan Williams, 143lbs, of East Hartford, CT, scored his fourth straight win in twenty-seventeen over Somner Martin 144lbs of Martinsville, VA. Williams used blazing hand speed and accurate combinations to hurt and finish the on-rushing Martin in the very first round. Martin started fast, pressing the action and coming forward after Williams. The CT welterweight showed poise in finding the range on Martin and landing speedy well leveraged shots that stunned Martin. Following up quickly, Williams opened up with both hands and connected with a hard left hook over Martin's corner that caused Referee Joey Lupino to step in and halt the action at 2:19 of round number one.  Mykquan Williams is now 9-0 (5) while Somner Martin drops to 7-6 (4).

Steve Rolls 162lbs, of Toronto, Canada, stopped Andrik Saralegui, 168lbs, of San Diego, CA, at 2:17 of round number three. Rolls spent much of the first firing and landing a wide, lunging right to the ribs of Saralegui. In the second, the Canadian went upstairs, reddening the face of Saralegui with snapping jabs and jolting straight rights. In the third, Saralegui reeled back after absorbing another hard body shot. Seconds later Rolls drove him back into his own corner with a flurry of shots to the head and finished with a mean left hook to the body that folded Saralegui in half. Referee Joey Lupino waved the off the bout over Saralegui's crumpled form.
In victory, Steve Rolls raised his record to 17-0 (10) while Andrik Saralegui fell to 8-5 (6).

Niklaus Flaz, 156lbs, of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, defeated Elie Augustama, 162lbs, of Fort Lauderdale, FL, by six round unanimous decision. Both fighters started hard, throwing heavy and landing in the first. Augustama was the busier fighter through much of the fight, pumping a jab and following up with the straight right. While it was Flaz who landed heavier and far more accurately, cracking Augustama with hard counters repeatedly. Flaz opened a cut over the eye of Augustama early in the bout and it bled freely throughout but never seemed to cause a problem.
At the end of 6 the scorecards were 60-54 x 2 and 59-55 all in favor of Flaz, who improves to 5-0 (4). Augustama fell to 6-7 (3).

Khiry Todd, 146lbs, of Lynn, MA, defeated rugged journeyman Evincii Dixon, 148lbs, of Lancaster, PA, over six one-sided rounds. Todd controlled the distance and much of the action, blasting Dixon with two and three-punch combinations to the body and head. Dixon followed Todd around blocking some shots because of his hands-high guard, but eating others and falling for plenty of feints from Todd. Dixon came alive a bit in the final round but it was far too little and far too late. The official scorecards were 60-54, 59-55 x 2.
Khiry Todd raised his record to 6-0 (5) while Evincii Dixon's dropped to 7-21-2 (2).

Nicky DeQuattro, 141lbs, of Johnston, RI, defeated Andre Bellacarris, 146lbs, of Bennington, VT, by four round unanimous decision. DeQuattro landed the shorter, quicker counters on his wild-swinging debuting opponent. Bellacarris hung in there throughout, chasing DeQuattro and throwing mean wide haymakers that rarely found their intended target. Even with just one pro-fight of his own under his belt, DeQuattro showed the patience and focus of a more experienced fighter in dismantling the motivated but raw Vermonter. At the end of four the judges it saw it at 40-36 x 2 and 59-55 all in favor of Nick Dequattro.
DeQuattro raises his record to 2-0 (1) and Bellacarris debuts at 0-1.

In the opening bout of the night, Hurshidbek Normatov, 158lbs, of Uzbekistan via Brooklyn, NY, stopped Bruce Lutchmedial, 159lbs, of Toronto, Canada, at 2:38 of the opening round. Normatov scored two knockdowns, the second coming from a volley of blows that culminated in a left hook which sent Lutchmedial to the canvas and caused referee Johnny Callas to halt the bout.
Normatov improved his record to 4-0 (2) while Lutchmedial dropped to 2-4 (2).

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