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Twitter recap #BroadwayBoxing

Remillard stabs the guts of Cruz with a left hand
Remillard, Vincent and Williams all impress in 8 bout Broadway Boxing card at Foxwoods
By Alex Pierpaoli

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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Ringside here @FoxwoodsCT for #BroadwayBoxing, bout 2 underway. Good action 1st round from Nicklaus Flaz, 156lbs, vs. Elie Augustama, 162lbs
blood coming from the right eyebrow of Elie Augustama. Niklaus Flaz coasted a bit in the final minute of the third but he looks to be ahead
Augustama is much busier but Flaz more accurate. good action in the third. Augustama's corner shouts for body shots & he delivers big
also, Hurshidbeck Normatov scored a 1st rd TKO over Bruce Lutchmedial
Flaz seems to be the harder puncher but Augustama is really pressing the fight, busier, more aggressive. Flaz countering well. Not busy enuf
This is gonna be a tough one to score because the judges will have to chose from volume punching & pressure vs. accuracy & hard counters
Augustama's punches just haven't seemed to do the damage that Flaz' shots have done and in the end #Boxing is first & foremost about hurting
Augustama won that last rd. But this is going to B interesting. I've been tweeting & posting & writing so I didn't score it. Flaz likely won
Ok, official scorecards are 60-54 x 2 and 59-55 all in favor of Niklaus Flaz who improves to 5-0 (4). They didn't think it was close at all

Next up is rugged journeyman Evincci Dixon of PA who goes up against Khiry Todd of Lynn, MA. 4 rounds, welterweights #BroadwayBoxing
mostly uneventful 1st, Todd firing shots at Dixon's head while the Pennsylvanian holds his gloves high. Todd pressing action & landing more
Todd seems able to hook his shots right around the hands-held-high, gloves-up defense of Evincii Dixon. Todd going to body & head, combos
Not only is Todd landing when he wants he's out maneuvering the come-forward Dixon, giving him angles, walking away and leaping back in
Khiry Todd shoots a jab through the guard of Evincii Dixon
Khiry Todd in total control here. He's got Dixon following him around, eating shots to head & body. Dixon covers up well. All Todd thru 3
Todd winning all these rds but he hasn't been able 2 hurt or drop Dixon & don't wait for it Dixon has been stopped only 4 times in 20 losses
Khiry Todd picks up a six round unanimous decsision over Evincii Dixon. scorecards were 60-54 and 59-55 x 2. #BroadwayBoxing

Steve Rolls controlled much of the 1st, shooting a big right to the guts of Saralegui with some success
that long lunging right to the body is paying off for Steve Rolls. Saralegui is wilting quite a bit here in round 2
Ref. Joey Lupino just asked a very red-faced Saralegui if he was ok.
Just seconds later Rolls drives Saralegui into a corner behind a barrage of head shots & finishes with a nasty left hook to the belly. BOOM!
This looked bound 2 end w/a body shot from round 1 and it did. 2:17 of round 3 is the official time of the stoppage. Rolls now 17-0 (10)

up now, Nicky DeQuattro 141lbs of Johnston, RI, versus Andre Bellacarris 146lbs of Bennington, VT. Yes, VERMONT!!
These guys are so green we could seriously use a lawnmower...  huh? not even sure what that means. #BroadwayBoxing
lots of wide swinging and stalking here between these 2 New Englanders
DeQuattro has landed harder and a few more often and he's more elusive. But these two are raw.
very good third round for DeQuattro. He made Bellacarris miss and made him pay for it in the final seconds of the rd #BroadwayBoxing
Bellacarris seems exhausted, has lost his mouthpiece twice here in the final round
Bellacarris scores with a wild right. He loses the mouthpiece again. Callas is letting it go. DeQuattro landing left hooks on charging foe
well, that was a wild 1 this crowd enjoyed. Nick DeQuattro should pick up his second win in as many fights. Bellacarris backs into the pros
Nick DeQuattro wins a unanimous decision, scorecards are 40-36 x 2 & 39-37 all in favor of the Rhode Islander. Bellacarris now 0-1 as a pro

Mykquan Williams just overwhelmed Somner Martin, blasting him with speedy shots to the head & body. A hard left hook prompted the stoppage
the official time of the stoppage is 2:19 of round number 1. Marvelous Mykquan Williams improves to 9-0 (5), now 4-0 (2) in 2017

up now, Shelly Vincent, 129lbs,of Providence, RI, versus Calixta Silgado, 130lbs, of Tolu, Colombia  #BroadwayBoxing
@shelitosway going right for the belly of Silgado in round number one.
Silgado has been away from the ring since December of twenty-sixteen but she's not holding back here in rd 2
Silgado hit Vincent after the bell to end the second and she apologized
@shelitosway throwing punches in bunches & crowding Silgado in rd 3. Silgado's best shot seems to be the uppercut. good shot on come-fwd SV
Vincent doing the bulk of the landing through 4 rounds. Silgado holding to break up Vincent's attacking, pressing style #BroadwayBoxing
Shelly Vincent's hand is raised in victory by Ref Johnny Callas
Silgado is losing big here but she's got good balance and she's not easy to hit cleanly. Lots of moving from her. #BroadwayBoxing
Silgado is timing @shelitosway's charges better in the sixth. Catching her on the way in with uppercuts & left hooks. She may have won rd 6
Silgado seems to have found the range. Interesting fight. Boxer versus Puncher.
coming up on the 8th and final round. @shelitosway in control but Sigado has looked better in last couple rounds. #BroadwayBoxing
Silgado sweeps at @shelitosway with a quick left hook as Vincent comes forward, she's had some success with it.
@shelitosway lands a hard left hook of her own and then bangs at Silgado's body in the neutral corner.
Crowd really enjoying that final frame. Silgado and @shelitosway embrace at the bell. Fun fight. Vincent should pick up a UD.
Here's the scorecards... @shelitosway wins a unanimous decision 79-73 x 2, 77-75 all in her favor. She improves to 21-1 (1), now 3-0 in 2017

Main Event time!  Matt Remillard 129lbs of Hartford, CT versus Yardley Armenta Cruz 130lbs of Sacramento, CA 10 rds, 135lbs #BroadwayBoxing
Remillard in charge in round 1. Yardley Cruz seems intimidated, hesitating too much.
Cruz shoots a right and a left at Remillard's belly, the left lands. Remillard fighting at a very sharp angle behind that left shoulder
Matt Remillard after his 3rd straight win this year
Matt Remillard looks very sharp tonight. Landed a hard double left hook, to body and head that hurt Cruz. Throwing heavy shots here 2nite
Remillard putting serious pressure on Cruz. Speedy jabs are reddening the brow of Cruz. This is not going the distance I bet.
Cruz is being completely outclassed. Ringside physician Michael Schwartz is up in the corner of Cruz checking on him. #BroadwayBoxing
third time through the ropes this year for Remillard and he looks pretty damn terrific here. 3rd times a charm. Cruz has no answers.
If this was a chess game it would be damn close to checkmate. Remillard beating him to the punch again and again.
Bang bang bang and Referee Joey Lupino has seen enough. It's a stand-up TKO win for Remillard.
2:31 of rd 4 is official time of the stoppage. Matt The Sharp-Shooter Remillard lived up to his name, taking out Cruz to move to 26-1 (15)
That's all from here, fight-fans! Thanks for all the follows & retweets! Until next time, EXCELSIOR!! #BroadwayBoxing

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