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#BroadwayBoxing Twitter Recap

Mykquan Williams dominates rugged Matt Doherty;
Shelito Vincent escapes with Majority Decision over Calixta Salgado
in Broadway Boxing Co-Feature
By Alex Pierpaoli

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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@FistThingsFirst is here, LIVE! at ringside from @FoxwoodsCT for @DiBellaEnt's #BroadwayBoxing card! Featuring @shelitosway & @MarvelousMyke follow along here for updates #boxing

Fighting now in Bout 1, light heavyweights Lennox Allen 171lbs of NYC versus Willis Lockett 173lbs of Tacoma Park, MD  6 rounds #BroadwayBoxing

southpaw Lennox Allen in charge through 3. Lockett down but not hurt in round one. Down again just now off a looping right hook, high on the head. Allen followed it with a hook to the body that sent Lockett down but it was the temple-shot that did the damage. TKO 3 for Allen
*The official time was 3:00 of the 3rd

Up now in Bout 2, super lightweight Oscar Bonilla 138lbs of Bridgeport, CT versus  Seifullah "Jihad" Wise 140 of Philadelphia, PA 

wow, this has broken into a fight, right quick!! Both men leaning forward, shoulder to shoulder, jowl-to-jowl banging. They tangle up. Ref breaks them, again they come forward. Bonilla aggressively, crowding the southpaw from Philly

the final minute was a lot more tactical. Close round. Bonilla the aggressor but Wise countered smartly and often.

Bonilla hammering away at Wise who has suddenly gone non-violent in a neutral corner. Wise has his gloves high but Bonilla swarming him and blasting past the guard. Wise not responding at all. Ref. steps in to stop it. Bonilla scores a TKO!

Wise looking hurt & absolutely crestfallen on the stool after the stoppage. Doctor Michael Schwartz examining him. Could have been a damaged jaw that took all the fight out of Wise. Replay shows Bonilla slammed him with a head-spinning right hand to the mouth. TKO2 Bonilla 1:20

next up from Foxwoods! Bout 3, super lightweight Adrian Sosa of Lawrence, MA 141lbs versus Darnell Pettis 137lbs of Cleveland, OH, 6 rounds

Adrian Sosa just scored with a lovely double left hook to the body then head, seconds later he lands another left followed by a speedy short right that makes Pettis do a rubber-legged giant step backwards. Sosa's round, big time.

Pettis is a brave, aggressive guy and Sosa is smartly and artfully nailing him on his way in, using his own momentum against him. Wow! Another beautiful right to the chin staggers Pettis again. He refuses to go down but he's in trouble! Sosa picking his shots. Ref steps in. TKO

The official time of the stoppage was 1:24 of round 2. And that was really a beautiful display of speedy, accurate punching and really wise decision making in his choice of shots. He doesn't waste anything. If a KO can look pretty and brutal, and they can, that one sure did.

Bout 4, super welterweight Hurshidbek Normatov of Uzbekistan, fighting out of Brooklyn, NY, 151lbs versus Alexis Gaytan 155lbs of Mission, TX, 6rds 

Normatov in charge for the first half of the first, beating Gaytan to the punch, bloodying his lip, until Gaytan nails him with a right that stunned him. Normatov moving more now, boxing from a distance.

Normatov landing heavily. Gaytan trying for the belly with some success. Gaytan is being out-volumed here. Time called due to an accidental head-butt and a bloody cut around Gaytan's right eye. Action continues...

Gaytan is a gutsy fighter. He's bleeding and he was on the wrong end of a vicious flurry when the fight resumes after the doc checked his cut. Bell sounds with Gaytan's face awash in blood and Normatov up 2-0 in rounds.

Normatov has quick hands. He blasts out Gaytan's mouthpiece with a speedy right hook in close. Gaytan still trying to land on Normatov, hoping to stun him again like in the first.

Normatov was likely a tremendous amateur. His style is quick of fist and foot, in and out, behind sharp, stinging straight punches and always moving, moving, moving.

Gaytan looks clear-headed and undeterred between rounds. His corner has done a good job on the cut.

Gaytan just fought a good round and may have gotten a little lucky with Ref. Murdaugh's call of a knockdown in the final seconds of the 4th when Normatov sagged into the ropes and sort of sat down on them after a hard body shot.

Normatov has really prominent cheekbones and "looks" like he may cut easily. Of course he's gonna have to get hit a lot more than Gaytan is hitting him to find that out. Gaytan definitely doing better in these rounds though. He's the aggressor, Normatov on the run at end of 5th

OH MY GOD!! Gaytan just went to sleep from a monstrous right hook he never saw coming. Out before he hit the floor and face first into the canvas.

Gaytan up on the stool now. The doctors working with him. The medical staff here in CT is top notch. They're getting him up in stages. Gaytan on his feet now to applause from the crowd. Both fighters embrace. Official time of the KO coming up...

The official time was :41 of round 6. Normatov now 7-0 (4) and that's going to be a #BroadwayBoxing highlight reel KO for twenty-eighteen.

Here comes the co-main event of the evening! @shelitosway of Providence, RI 126lbs against Calixta Silgado of Baranquilla, Colombia 124lbs.  8rounds, female feathers, this is a rematch of an October clash that Vincent won by UD
*Silgado is from Tolu, Colombia

very cautious first from both these women, which I found a little surprising considering it was their 9th together. Silgado in the role of boxer with Vincent the aggressive puncher, pressing the action, Silgado countering. Nothing serious landed yet.

Silgado connected with a hard right uppercut-left hook that seemed to get Vincent's attention in round 2.

Vincent complaining to Ref. Danny Schiavone about being elbowed. He warns Silgado to knock it off and Vincent to stop complaining and fight.

That elbow may have lit a fire in Vincent, she comes roaring out of her corner in the fourth. But Salgado is making Vincent work here. Silgado landing lots of solid uppercuts. Vincent seems a little uninspired here.

Two good left hooks from Vincent in the final seconds of the fifth but this seems to be Salgado's fight to lose right now. Vincent needs to pour it on in these final 3 rounds. Salgado has landed the more meaningful shots thus far according to this observer.

Vincent is aggressive but she's not moving her head on the way in at all and she's eating punches on her way in.

Vincent flurried a bit in the final thirty seconds of the 6th, may have stolen that round. Good body shots landed by the Rhode Islander,

good exchange in the final seconds of round 7 but again, although Vincent did much of the pressing and coming forward, Silgado landed the solid shots in that encounter.

Well, that one is in the books. There were several close rounds and I'm not scoring them because I'm tweeting my ass off and it's hard to type and see every single punch but I don't think Vincent won a single round definitively. Maybe the first 2 close ones...

Lots of boos from this crowd for the official scorecards, a Majority Decision goes to Vincent by scores of 76-76, overruled by two scores of 78-74. Vincent talking to the crowd, says she wants a rematch with Heather Hardy. She was promised one 3 years ago.

Time for the Main Event, super lightweight @MarvelousMyke 140lbs of East Hartford, CT versus Matt Doherty 138lbs of Salem, MA

Marvelous @MarvelousMyke has Doherty in lots of trouble... He's up after two knockdowns but he's staying up on sheer will. They may stop this between rounds.

Looked like both knockdowns were produced off of left hooks. The first was a lot worse on Doherty than the second. He touched the canvas with both gloves and popped right up from the second.

Doherty just landed a solid left hook of his own that got Williams' attention. Mykquan taking his time. He's not rushing to reel Doherty in yet, there's still fight left in him.

@MarvelousMyke looked at Matt Doherty at the bell to end the third as if he was surprised the Salem native was still standing there. Williams nose is bleeding but he's still in charge. Doherty very aggressive, seems to be un-phased after the shaky start.

Williams landing the much flashier, significant shots but Doherty is bolder than bold and constantly trying, fighting back competitively. Very good opponent for the young prospect @MarvelousMyke

@MarvelousMyke stuck his tongue out at Matt Doherty at the end of rd 5 and Doherty held out his arms as if to say "come get me! I'm still here." Williams landed much heavier in the fifth, scoring with a big right & left hook which may have been the hardest one he's thrown 2nite

These two guys are mugging at each other at the end of each round. Seems as if it's Williams doing most of the mocking and maybe he's a little frustrated he hasn't been able to hurt Doherty again. He's winning these rounds though.

this is entertaining even though @MarvelousMyke is likely winning every round. Doherty keeps trying and the knockdowns in the first must have been because he was cold because he's been hit a lot harder since with no effect.

this one goes to the scorecards and it sure didn't start off looking like it would...

The judges see that one all the same way, 80-73 x 3, Unanimous Decision for @MarvelousMyke who learned a lot in there tonight. Sometimes you hit a guy with your best shots & he doesn't go. Williams never got frustrated, never walked into something foolish, he maintained his poise.
* the official cards were 77-73 and 80-73 x 2

That's all from here, Fight-Fans! Thanks for following along! I'm @FistThingsFirst and I'll see you again next time from Ringside!!

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