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#SlugfestAtTheSun ringside @Twitter recap

Joe Smith Jr and his promoter, Joe DeGuardia, talk to media after the win
Joe Smith Jr. returns with quick stoppage; Kali Reis dominates over 8 rounds; and more from Star Boxing's Slugfest At The Sun

By Alex Pierpaoli
Photos by Vinny Bugge'

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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Hello, Fight-fans! @FistThingsFirst is here ringside @MoheganSun for #slugfestAtTheSun #Boxing

Bout 1 is underway, William Foster, 131.75lbs of New Haven, CT versus Tyrome Jones, 131lbs, of South Bend, IN
At the end of round 2 Jones get the worst of a head butt that is going to make them stop this fight. He looked to be winning that round big as well. He had landed 2 big lefts from the southpaw stance.
Bout 1 ends at 2:27 of round 2. It's gonna be called a No Contest. Round 1 belonged to Foster but the second favored Jones.

Bout 2, Cassius Chaney, 246lbs, of New London, CT meets Elder Hernandez, 250lbs, of Morelia, Mexico  6 rounds, heavies
Cassius Chaney steps over the ropes as his opponent watches
That's it from Elder Hernandez! Cassius Chaney urged him to get up but he'd been down once and knew the end was coming. TKO1 for New London's Cassius Chaney!
The official time was 2:47 of round number 1, @Cassius_Chaney picks up the KO victory, now 13-0 (7) 

Bout 3, Larry Fryers, 146.25lbs, of New York, NY via Ireland, fights Anthony Woods, 150lbs, of Philadelphia, PA
These two fought furiously for the first two minutes of round one before both tired in the final minute. As they tired Fryers was able to land a couple hard, single shots in a close opening round.
Fryers scored a knockdown in the final seconds of the 2nd. It looked like a brushing shot but Woods didn't complain to ref Danny Schiavone. Likely Fryers is up by 3 points in this 6 rounder.
Lots of effort from both these fighters. Woods may have recovered a bit on the cards in that third. Not a lot of clean blows landed by either fighter.
Woods went back to his corner with his hands up so he has at least convinced himself that he has recovered from the knockdown. He may be right.
coming up on the final round here... Woods had better go for broke if he wants this.
Woods (L) digs in versus Fryers 
Ref. Danny Schiavone needed to make himself heard in this fight and took a point from Woods with about a second and a half to go in the fight for an infraction that looked to be unavoidable. Woods has almost no chance mathematically.
There had been shoving and clinching from both fighters and there was no obvious warning to Woods but perhaps in close Ref. Schiavone saw Woods as the troublemaker.
The judges see that one as 60-52 and 59-53 x 2 all in favor of Fryers. So 2 judges only gave Woods a single round.
Just to clarify, that point deduction was for an INTENTIONAL head butt that Woods even admitted to doing when Schiavone called him on it. So it was not for shoving or grappling as it looked. Thanks to @fightpublicist for the scoop!

Yes, some fighters enter the ring to Knights in White Satin... #Jussayin
Bout 4, Joe Farina, 150lbs, of South Boston, MA versus Steve Moore, 149lbs, of Orange, NJ, 4 rounds, jr. middles
Farina walked right out and got dropped. He's up and they're slugging...
The replay shows the right hand Moore used to drop Farina connected more on the gloves than the chin. It was a balance shot. But Moore probably won the first 10-8.
Farina really hammered away at Moore in the second. Again and again he drove Moore back along the ropes punishing him with lefts to the belly and rights to the head.
Farina has battled back from a flash, first round knockdown. In control of the action since then.
Final round here between these junior middles...
Bout 4 is in the books, waiting on the cards. I'm guessing Farina lost the first and that's it. 38-37? Taking a long time to add up 4 rounds,.
One judge had it 38-37 for Moore, overruled by two scores of 38-37 for Joe Farina. South Boston's Farina remains undefeated, now 3-0 (2). 

Bout 5, Wendy Toussaint, 151.5lbs, of Huntington, NY battles Andy Gonzalez, 150.75lbs, of , 6 rounds, junior middles
Wendy Toussaint (L) goes to a neutral corner 
Worcester, MA
Big first round for Toussaint. Gonzalez spent much of the 1st trying to cover up and grab his way through an onslaught of incoming fire from Toussaint.
Toussaint scored a knockdown in that second round but spent so much time getting into a neutral corner Gonzalez was able to recover.
Referee Steve Willis steps between the fighters halfway through round three with Gonzalez getting shelled by Toussaint. 
Wendy Toussaint moves to 9-0 (3) picking up a win via TKO3 1:25 at #SlugfestAtTheSun

Bout 6, Anthony Laureano, 138.25lbs, of East Hartford, versus Juan De la Cruz Rodriguez, 139.5lbs, of Haymarket, VA, 
great first round for Laureano who landed heavy shots with both hands
these two guys are going Gatti-Ward style here. Wow. That was about a minute of pure brawling.
Rodriguez is getting the worst of the punishment through 3 rounds. Not a lot of defense from these two.
Final round coming up for Laureano versus Rodriguez. Lots of punches landed in this one. Gritty effort from Rodriguez but Laureano landing cleaner and harder and more often.
wow, that was a fun fight. Rodriguez started slow but finished strong.
The scorecards are 60-54 and 59-55 x 2 all in favor of @GW_Relentless of East Hartford, CT, now 8-0 (3) 

Kali Reis (R) lands an uppercut in close on Paty Ramirez
Bout 7, Kali Reis, 144lbs, of Providence, RI versus Paty Ramirez, 146.5 lbs of Aguascalientes, Mexico 
@KO_MoC86 looks so slimmed down. This is like Rocky 3!
Reis off to a quick start which is a good sign for her. She has a tendency to fight to the level of her opposition and hopefully after he last bout she realizes she's the power-broker in there, she can make things happen not wait for them to happen.
Reis landing a chopping right to the chin of Ramirez. No body punching at all here.
former cruiserweight boxer turned bodybuilder from New England @mat2smooth working in the corner of @KO_MoC86 
And so the great Round Card Boy experiment ends not with a bang but a whimper and some scattered boos... 
Round six of Kali Reis vs. Paty Ramirez
round seven underway, Reis controlling the action. Boxing smart, applying pressure. Would like to see some body-shots though.
Kali Reis should come away with the decision here, not sure Ramirez won even a single round. She looked good.
All three judges saw it the same way, 80-72, a shut-out, in favor of @KO_MoC86 who keeps the momentum going after her impressive showing on HBO in May against @1LadyCecilia 

Time for the Main Event! Joe Smith Jr., 179lbs, of Long Island, NY, versus Melvin Russell, 179lbs, of Posrtsmouth, OH, 10 rounds, light heavies, 
Russell was stopped once and it was early, round 2, against Edwin "La Bomba" Rodriguez and I'm guessing Smith hits harder than that so... #buckleup
This one is over and it wasn't pretty while it lasted. Smith put Russell down once with a chopping left and a brushing right that loosed his mouthpiece. Ref. Steve Willis separated them, sent Smith to a neutral corner then waved the bout on. 1/2
Willis realized he hadn't replaced the mouthpiece so he went to the corner man of Russell who cleaned it and inserted it. The bout continued and Smith cornered Russell and caught him with a right uppercut that ended things.
The official time of the stoppage was 1:45 of round 1. TKO victory for @beastsmithjr
Joe Smith Jr after his win over Melvin Russell

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