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#JudahSeldin Twitter Recap

Cletus Seldins stops Zab Judah,
McGirt Jr and Papot draw,
and more action from nearby Boxing's Hometown
by Alex Pierpaoli
Ringside Results

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside** we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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#Boxing now in Bout 1, Boubacar Sylla of Cincinnati, Ohio versus Marquis Hawthorne of Waco, Texas, welterweights, 6 rounds

the taller, rangier Sylla landing well with straight shots through the first two minutes of the second but Hawthorne battled back in the final 20 seconds.

coming up on round number six and Hawthorne has definitely made this competitive. Sylla won the first 2 rounds clearly but Hawthorne has kept the last 4 close by coming on in the final 30 seconds.

He's surging now.

after 6 the officials see it a lopsided, and a little weird, 58-56 x 2, 59-55 all in favor of Boubacar Sylla who improves to 10-0 (7) and draws a flock of vocal boo birds. #IBHOF #BOXING #JudahSeldin

Here’s what tonight’s card looks like... bout 1 is in the books. #Boxing #JudahSeldin

Bout 2-- Alex Vanasse of Carmel, NY versus Eric Abraham of Schenectady, NY, 4 rounds, cruiserweights

thru 2 rounds these southpaws are winging big shots but doing lots of missing. This is a regional clash and so far Abraham's skills are beating the determined unorthodoxy of Vanasse

Eric Abraham just flattened Alex Vanasse in round three. Waiting on the official time. Two huge rights crumpled Vanasse near a neutral corner and caused the ref to wave off the bout.

Vanasse had just gotten up from one knockdown but they're getting the stretcher for him now.

the official time was 1:52 of round number 3. Abraham 6-4 (3) and Vanasse leaves with his first defeat, now 4-1 (4) #JudahSeldin

bout 3, 6 rds, jr middles, Wendy Toussaint 152.5lbs of Huntington, NY versus Lucius Johnson 160lbs of Compton, CA #JudahSeldin #boxing

Through two rounds Toussaint is in control, tagging Johnson with lefts and rights and smartly moving just out of his reach. 2-0 for Toussaint

Johnson is a southpaw and Toussaint just stepped on his lead foot. Johnson complained and Toussaint apologizes. Then he goes back to outboxing him.

Toussaint knocks the mouthpiece out of Johnson's mouth with a right hand

Johnson has made it clear he's not going to go quietly. He lost his mouthpiece in that round, got up from a low blow and switched back and forth from southpaw to orthodox avoiding much of the hurt Toussaint tried to serve him.

After six rounds the judges all see it the same 60-54,a piece, for Wendy Toussaint,  10-0 (4) and Lucius Johnson comes away with the moral victory of having lasted the distance.

Bout 4, Roberto Duran Jr aka Alcibiade Duran Galvan, 147lbs of Plantation FL #Boxing now against The Boogie Man, Jonathan Pierre 146lbs of Vero Beach, FL

After 4 rounds, the judges see it 39-37 for Pierrer overruled by 39-37 x 2 for Duran Jr. #JudahSeldin #boxing

The fisticuffs have been put on pause as the #IBHOF class of 2019 is introduced and they take a few bows in the ring.

Among this year's inductees is Tony DeMarco who is truly of a bygone era. Here he is in a beastly brawl with Canastota's Onion Farmer, the great Carmen Basilio. … #IBHOF #Boxing #IBHOF30

Back to the fights! Bout 5, Mario Alfano, 131.5lbs of Rome, Italy versus Lavisas Williams, 131.5lbs of Rochester, NY, 8 rounds, lightweights

Alfano swarmed Williams for much of the first, hammering at him along the ropes and forcing him to grab. Williams bleeding from the nose and mouth. Alfano maybe be cut near the hairline over his right eye

Wow, Williams adjusted very well and won that second round, pelting Alfano at a distance and keeping him on the outside. 1-1 in rounds, clearly. good competitive action here.

this is going to get interesting, close second. Williams whacks at him with success at range and Alfano presses forward again and again. Both fighters landed sporadically in that 3rd, this might come down to what style do these judges like more. The presser or the boxer?

That last round was the third, i think i called it the second. The action has been paused here in the 4th to look at a cut on Williams, now it resumes.

Alfano the aggressor in the fourth but he landed very little. Williams circled away throughout the round but pelted Alfano with jabs often, keeping him mostly ineffective. My card is 2-1-1 for Williams of Rochester, NY

Williams had his best round yet in the fifth. Now he's crashing power punches against the skull of the on-rushing Alfano. Williams' southpaw jab has really changed this entire fight. His confidence surging while Alfano's starts to sag.

Williams in control in round six. Alfano is befuddled by the movement the jab and the elusiveness and he tries switching to southpaw for a moment but quickly switches back.

Williams cut over both eyes but still in charge. If there's any justice in this room at all Lavisas Williams just exorcised the demons of his last time through the ropes, a February 19th twenty-sixteen stoppage loss.
Final round... Alfano needs this.

Lavisas Williams of Rochester comes away with the unanimous decision victory by scores of 78-74 x 2, 77-75. That was really fun. Nice little upset.

Mario Alfano falls to 14-1-1 (3) losing for the first time in his one and only bout outside of his native Italia. #boxing

Bout 6, the co-main event, pitting James McGirt Jr. 159.5lbs of Brentwood, NY against David Papot 156lbs of Saint Nazaire, France #JudahSeldin #Boxing

McGirt Jr in control here, Papot's bleeding from an abrasion under his eye. Papot connecting but McGirt is the one doing more damage.

The blood is actually coming from Papot's nose and McGirt is smearing it all over the frenchman's face with the jab.

This is a bit tedious. Neither guy seems able to land anything hard enough to hurt each other.

Good round for Papot. He's closed the distance and is landing more frequently as McGirt tires. #IBHOF #JudahSeldin

McGirt went back to the jab in that 8th round but it was close.

Things just got meaner and harder in that 9th. Both guys landing with heavy shots. Big sweat spraying hooks and straight rights. McGirt got the better of matters. Papot's nose bleeding again.

Both guys looked to be saving some mustard to put behind their shots for the final round. Both are tired. McGirt Jr should be ahead but Papot could be within striking distance especially if he has a big twelfth and scores a knockdown

Interesting body language from both fighters at the bell. They were hesitant to embrace and just sort of nodded and grinned at each other, touched gloves. This was a close one. I didn't score it round by round, that's hard to do while tweeting, but I think McGirt won 7-5, maybe

117-11 for Papot, 115-113 McGirt and 114-114 even. A Draw. And they announced it a "split draw" for some reason. Why are people using that term?? wtf is going on here. It's a Draw! #JudahSeldin

who in God's name wrote this? It's disgusting. This never existed before MMA. 

Main Event Time!! @LifeOfCletus versus @SUPERJUDAH 12 rounds for the NABA Super Lightweight Title #Boxing #JudahSeldin

Zab Judah debuted as a prize-fighter on September 20th, 1996. Yes, 96. 23 years ago. His last bout was January of twenty-eighteen.

Some quick rushes at each other, some grabbing, some wrestling, but Judah able to land with long lefts, Single shots. Seldin pressing, Judah circling a bit.

Lots of grabbing. Ref. Charlie Fitch has to put an end to this. The last minute of the second looked more like jiu-jitsu

Zab Judah using the right jab to make Seldin hesitate a bit on the outside.

WOW! Judah boxing well hearing chants of Supah! Supah! when Seldin connects hard in the final seconds of the rd and Judah staggers across the ring. DING! The bell saves him.

They're rumbling in close and Seldin is content with this, digging at Judah's body but Judah's doing it to clear the cobwebs. He's harder to hit with his head right up next to Seldin's and both guy's leaning into each other. Seldin's round.

Judah got tagged with a straight right to the chin and is clutching

Judah landed a shot of his own right at the bell to end the sixth but that was mostly Seldin's round.

Judah using his legs more but Seldin is walking him down. Still some grappling in close, initiated by Judah to prevent Seldin from hacking at him to the guts.

Judah bought himself some time in that round using some distance and lots of right jabs. Seventh round coming up... #Boxing #JudahSeldin

Very nice right hook in close from Judah

Judah really looking good. He's found spaces in there where Seldin just can't hit him. Seldin may be younger and stronger but Zab is just plain better and fighting lots smarter.

Round 11 coming up and we're into the Witching Hour! It's Midnight plus five minutes. #JudahSeldin fighting right on into tomorrow

Ref Charlie Fitch may have been a little quick on that stoppage but Judah got caught with a right hand that wobbled him and Seldin opened up on him, pinning him on the ropes and forcing a stoppage.

Judah has always been a little chinny and they don't call Seldin the Hebrew Hammer for nothing. The official time of the stoppage was 1:40 of the 11th.

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