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Twitter Recap - Manfredo-Gingras live-tweets from ringside

A bloodied Rich Gingras pursues Peter Manfredo
KO Fantasy Boxing: Manfredo vs. Gingras; results from Twin River Event Center
Words & Pictures By Alex Pierpaoli (

Peter Manfredo stops Rich Gingras in 8 heated rounds of action at Twin River, results here

Bout 1, Ethan Pena of Providence, RI, versus Antonio Marrero of Hartford, CT, Junior Middles, 4 rounds,

Marrero did bulk of the work in rd 1, pressing matters, with Pena looking to find a good range and angle on his foe; body shots by Marrero

very low blow by Pena in the second, Marrero takes a well-deserved breather

Pena got the better of round 2, he drove Marrero back along the ropes, crowding him and punishing him to the body

Referee Johnny Callas takes a point from Ethan Pena for another low blow in the third. cards could be 1-1-1 in rounds at this point.

good effort from Marrero but Pena poured it on to win that 4th round & likely the fight.

Waiting on the official decision here…

a little confusion in the announcing of the scorecards but Pena wins a spilt decision. All cards were 38-37, 2 for Pena, 1 for Marrero

looks like the Nick Delomba vs. Carlos Hernandez fight was scratched when Delomba was unable to make agreed upon 145lbs

on the way to the ring is Kevin Harrison-Lombardi of Providence, to face debuting Mike Rodriguez, of Springfield, MA, 4 rds, Middles

Kevin Harrison controlling much of action in awkward, flailing sort of effort due 2 very long-limbed Rodriguez efforts 2 fight at distance

KJ Harrison-Lombardi presses the taller Mike Rodriguez
Rodriguez has scored sporadically with a stinging overhand right behind his long pawing jab; otherwise it's all Harrison, 4th rd coming up

Ref Joey Lupino takes a point from Rodriguez in the last round for excessive holding

Kevin "KJ" Harrison-Lombardi comes away with a 4rd UD win over debuting Mike Rodriguez by scores of 39-36 x 2 and 38-37

Heavies up next, Jesse Barboza of Hyannis, MA, returning to the ring after 10 years versus Arthur Saribekian, of Cranston, RI,

a largely uneventful first, careful, controlled and effective boxing from Barboza

Barboza works Saribekian back into his own corner where Barboza lands a big straight right hand that send Saribekian to the canvas; TKO2
Jesse Barboza made short work of Arthur Saribekian ring return

Ref. Johnny Callas may have been a little overzealous in stopping the fight without a count but Saribekian went down dramatically

TKO at 1:15 of round 2, the winner is Jesse "Bad News" Barboza and he improves to 7-1-1 (5) while Saribekian falls to 23-5-1 (18)

Intermission is over, now the women are on their way to the ring! 6 rounds, female lightweights, Dominga Olivo versus Jaime Clampitt

Strong first round for Clampitt, Olivo swinging with heavier shots but it was Clampitt landing the more meaningful blows

Clampitt crowding Olivo and doing work in close with both hands, digging short uppercuts into the mid-section of Olivo, all inside-fighting

Clampitt doing all the damage here, scoring w/ short, chopping rights & lefts, mostly to the body of Olivo, Clampitt looks to be warming up
Olivo and Clampitt rumble in close

Olivo connected w/ a couple wide rights in the fourth but it's mostly Clampitt doing the landing, she's jabbing more now, #boxing her way in

Olivo, of Brooklyn, is really making an effort, whipping her punches at Clampitt, but it's the Rhode-Islander in control here

Good final round for Dominga Olivo, several head-butts in that final 6rd look to be raising a hellish knot on the forehead of Jaime Clampitt

after 6 rds, official scorecards are 59-55, 58-56 & 58-56 all in favor of Jaime Clampitt who improves to 22-5-1 (7)

Jaime Clampitt scores a UD win

Peter Manfredo Jr. arrives to a deafening welcome; Gary The Tiger Balleto is here & this card is dedicated to him;

10 rounds, super middles, Gingras versus Manfredo, here's the bell...

exciting first sees Gingras pressuring & dominating until final minute when Manfredo counters him with heavy round-stealing bolts

lots of good exchanges here w/ Manfredo doing damage with left hooks to the head & body; Manfredo lands a hard left to the head at end of 2

The Manfredo left hook is really reddening the face of Gingras

the 3rd has brought this crowd to their feet, w/ Manfredo dominating until Gingras stuns him w/ a counter & finishes w/ Manfredo covering up
Peter Manfredo shoots a jab through the guard of Rich Gingras

these guys are slugging away; huge body shot by Manfredo and Gingras seems to ignore it; now Gingras cut around right eye

Manfredo looked shop-worn in his last outing vs Walter Wright, so far 2night he looks sharp; fast pace, good exchanges here

Gingras looks to be in some trouble; Manfredo really opening up with power shots, Gingras now cut around other eye; crowd loves it

seventh round coming up and Gingras needs to make something happen here to blunt Manfredo's surge in momentum

looks like a stoppage is in order; Gingras appears to be fighting on auto-pilot, the doctor is in his corner. Manfredo really hammered him

they're gonna let it continue…this is round 8

After a monstrous right that caught Gingras flush on the face, Referee Joey Lupino steps in to stop the beating. Gingras staggered backwards

Gingras being attended to now by his corner and the ringside physician. Manfredo comes out of the ring to embrace Balleto at ringside

Gary The Tiger Balleto was left paralyzed after an accident earlier this year and Manfredo dedicated this fight tonight to him.

The official time was 1:33 of round number 8, with @PrideOfProv scoring the TKO over a game but out-gunned @Fight2FitnessRI

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