Monday, November 10, 2014

Kovalev thumps Hopkins- Twitter Recap

Though not right very often, this one, Pierpaoli got right
Sergey Kovalev


Bernard Hopkins

Twitter Recap

by Alex Pierpaoli

As is our tradition here, ok, it's not a tradition but can we start one? If we live-tweeted a fight, like say while sitting at home in the recliner and watching on the idiot box, or being there live and in-person, if we tweeted it live we'll post a recap here for any of you anti social-media types. So, here is a chronological recounting of our watching-from-home live-tweets, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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Been all over on this but believe we see the punch out-put & strength of Kovalev finally wear down & bruise-up B-Hop in dramatic clash 2nite.
Bernard Hopkins down in the first from a solid Kovalev right.
Hopkins celebrates a shove down, he's woken up the nastiness in the third, Kovalev waiting a bit too much.
Kovalev scoring enough to win but Hopkins isn't giving him many openings & countering every time Krusher misses.

Hopkins has got Kovalev hesitating and waiting too much, following him around.
Kovalev second-guessing his punches a little. When he goes to the body it seems effective.
Hopkins is reacting to punches very much like a man, not like an alien at all... err, what does that even mean?
When Kovalev lands on the deltoids or across the lats of B-Hop those count, heavy punches colliding with an old frame.
Bernard's gloves look like they fell in a box of highlighters and he wiped them off on his trunks.
All Sergey Kovalev here, round 7 coming up. B-Hop getting shut-out but not far.
Hopkins shows signs of life in the 7th, landing several mean rights that flat-out pissed the Krusher off.
If there's any round Hopkins has won the seventh was it, but it was barely.
Big right hand from Kovalev crashes against the side of B-Hop's head, he reels a bit & recovers, stays upright.
Let's see a replay of that right hand, dammit!!
Nazim Richardson sounds absolutely talked out.
Kovalev is doing a Pedro Martinez-esque number on Bernard Hopkins.
Tenth round and the first of the boo birds sound like they're coming out.
Wow, Hopkins just landed two big shots and has raised a little swelling under the eyes of Kovalev.
This fight has been clean but there's been a couple sticky difficult breaks in the 11th, another round for the Russian.
9-1 in rounds plus the extra point for the knockdown in favor of Kovalev on our card. Round 11 now
Bernard needs a kayo, badly
An old man this great can fight 3 minutes so watch the fuck out!!
Kovalev swinging away & landing heavy shots but Hopkins refused to go down. wow, that was a smashing bashing 12th
As great as Bernard Hopkins is and has been and forever will be he is NOT a p4p quality guy any longer
Lopsided unanimous decision for the Krusher Kovalev #BigWictory
Why is the pretty Corona girl staring at me? is she living or dead? #LivingDeadGirl
If you close your eyes B-Hop sounds more & more like Bill Murray from Caddyshack  #AintNoBigDeal #HopkinsKovalev

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