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Pacquiao vs. Algieri Twitter recap

Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri Pay-Per-View
Twitter Recap
By Alex Pierpaoli

As has become a tradition here If we live-tweeted a fight, like say while sitting at home in the recliner and watching on the idiot box, or being there live and in-person, if we tweeted it live we'll post a recap here for any of you anti social-media types. So, here is a chronological recounting of our watching-from-home live-tweets, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie. And like the last big fight we live-Tweeted (Kovalev-Hopkins) I called this one correctly and since that doesn't happen often I feel the need to gloat. Billy C's Post Fight show can be heard here.
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Pacquiao-Algieri Post Fight Show With Billy C starts approx 6 min after the official announcment on . DON'T MISS IT!

cut under the left eye of Jessie Vargas is bleeding a lot but down his cheek, not going to be a problem for his vision but it's a target

Algieri looks ridiculously confident on his way into the Venetian Macau; this is a vision quest for him, hard not to like his focus a lot

Vargas really hammering away at Demarco in round 5 #PacquiaoAlgieri #PacAlgieri #boxing

Demarco wilting under fire, Vargas looks fresh as they touch gloves at end of 5th; Freddie Roach telling Demarco he's getting hit too much

Arnold Schwarzengger, sitting at ringside near Stallone, looks like a middle-aged white woman from West Palm Beach #PlasticSurgery

Demarco showing signs of life in the seventh, landing big sweeping blows

Vargas dashed the hopes of any shift in momentum Demarco may have hoped for in the 8th. Vargas landed a whiplash right hand in final minute

This is really a battle. Demarco landing heavily again now

not a lot of defense by either fighter in this one. Two bloody faces and toe-to-toe action; very nice appetizer

Jim Lampley's man-love for Roy Jones Jr is more than a little embarrassing #getaroom

HBO's replay shows a head-spinning right hand landed by Vargas in the 11th. 2 minutes to go in the fight

good fight. Demarco's gonna have one helluva headache named Jessie tomorrow

116-112 x 3 in favor of WBA jr welter champ @Jessie_vargasJV & 4 U statistics junkies out there, that's career high landed punches in fight

Lampley's likely to turn on the water works after this Johnny Tapia documentary ad. Looks like a great doc

Oh-peer-ee-oh-pin-yu? Ok, sure, why not. #PacAlgieri

@vasyllomachenko throwing the hammer down in the fourth, Mama mia

punch stat shows Lomachenko outlanded his man 37-6 in that 4th. that hurts even to think about.

the end is near

Walters vs. Lomachenko? wow! yes, please!

Algieri's traded in the avocados for a thigh-master as he stretches out before the main event

@vasyllomachenko has a badly hurt left hand, fighting well with the other but now a kayo seems unlikely

the Lomachenko jab is a mean weapon

Piriyapino looks nauseous between rounds. Big uppercut by Lomachenko in first minute of eleventh

The Theater of the Unexpected delivers again, what looked like it would be a stoppage win for @vasyllomachenko becomes a test of his mettle

last time a big celebrity hugged & kissed @MannyPacquiao in the pre-fight dressing room it was defeated presidential candidate Mitt Romney

for Manny's sake let's hope the duo of action movie has-beens has a more positive effect

why not just stop this fight? cut was caused by a head-butt & we'll go 2 the cards, not even Onesongchaigym thinks he's gonna pull out a KO

head-butt opens quite a gash in the forehead of Zou Shiming so like Lomachenko before him Top Rank's product gets tested

Freddie Roach is getting what, 3 paychecks for today's work?

Shiming blasting away with both hands, hope this ref is also thinking of a cumulative effect of these shots, Onesongchaigym getting thumped

caught a little Run DMC over the Venetian sound system there! #PacquiaoAlgieri

Zou Shiming is beating the holy crap out of Paquiao-stunt double Onesongchaigym

sorry, i cannot hear Thai-fighter without thinking: rrrroooooooaaaaaaaarrrrrr #starwarsgeek #ImperialFleet

Onesongchaigym is only in this because of freakish durability & fact that Shiming probably can C nothing at all on his left side

that knockdown looked more like a takedown

Jesus Christ. no doubt Arnold & Sly's good-looking days are over.

and now the Filipino Boyz II Men with that country's national anthem...

Algieri let out a primal scream B4 he started his walk 2 the ring, this has gotta B a visionquest 4 him; he's Matthew Modine #lunaticfringe

Pacquiao coming 2 the ring 2 the sounds of Queen is a major improvement from Katy Perry's "Roar" & don't tell me "oh it was a mix" no excuse

@MannyPacquiao landed several bolts to @ChrisAlgieri's belly right away, PacMan pressing, Long Islander circling, lands right in final 30sec

Algieri down in the corner, likely slipped, but counted as a knockdown in second. PacMan is all over him with pressure, not damaging

@MannyPacquiao is up 2-1 in rounds, plus the extra point for the "knockdown"

Algieri has landed the right hand lead most effectively, infrequently, but when he lands it matters. 3-0 Pacquiao but @ChrisAlgieri in it

big uppercut from Pacquiao stunned Algieri, they're throwing to do harm here in the 4th, good body shot by Algieri

Algieri was far better in the 5th but he still came up a little short

Pacquiao scores a knockdown in the sixth...and another which may have been another slip; crowd going wild, Pacquiao opening up

Algieri doesn't look as hurt as he does just plain overwhelmed #PacquiaoAlgieri

Halfway through the fight and Algieri needs to win every single round and then some to pull out a win here

@TalkinBoxing they can see defeat coming

This referee is Mister Indecisive; i guess we'll see a tenth round. The corner should end this but they're going to lie to Algieri instead

if not for the indecisiveness of the referee this could have been a legit TKO in round 9

the twelfth and completely unnecessary round begins...

Pacquiao is either feeling some compassion for Algieri or he's just tired of friggin' chasing him; going to the cards. #boxing 

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