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Boxcino Quarter Final & 4 bout undercard - Twitter Recap

Skorokhod (R) stares down Moore (L)
Adams and Skorokhod score kayos, Thompson and Gasparan bang-out lop-sided wins in Boxcino Quarter Finals, plus 4 undercard bouts
Twitter Recap 
Words and Pictures By Alex Pierpaoli
Ringside Report is here

It was just plain zero degrees or colder outside the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT, but things heated up quickly inside the arena as ESPN2's Friday Night Fights Boxcino Tournament Quarter Finals got underway. As is our tradition here, if we covered an event live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap the following day for any of you anti-social-media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.

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LIVE! from @MoheganSun time for pro #boxing bout number 1 is about to get underway, 4 rounds Lightweights Oscar Bonilla vs. Angel Martinez
Oscar Bonilla really going after the mid-section of Angel Martinez in round 1, Martinez holding him off with straight punches
Angel Martinez fights out of Austin, Texas and Oscar Bonilla fights out of New Haven, CT
Martinez got the better of things in the 2nd, controlling Bonilla from a distance behind stiff jab; Bonilla had the heat turned down on him
much better 3rd for Bonilla who tucked his chin, came forward & stayed focused on the ribs of Martinez with success. close fight
close 4th & this could well be a draw. Bonilla did best when pressing/crowding & Martinez controlled the distance needing more room to punch
39-37 for Bonilla, 38-38 x 2 it's a Majority Draw. Good effort from both young men and really no one deserved to lose that. And they didn't.

Bout number 2 coming up, Junior Middles, Khiary Gray-Pitts of Worcester, MA vs. Rodrigo Almeida of Woburn, MA
Gray-Pitts digging to the body of Almeida who looks just fleshy enough to give Gray-Pitts some doubts about his conditioning; and so does Almeida...
Rodrigo Almeida quit on the stool after the assault of ripping shots to the belly from Gray-Pitts in round 1
with the TKO after one round Gray-Pitts improves to 5-0 (3) while Almeida falls to 1-2

New Haven, CT's own Jimmy Williams is up now against Eddie Caminero of Lawrence, MA, 6 rounds, middleweights #FNF
Williams (in red) eyeballs Caminero
Big first round for Jimmy Williams who had Caminero hurt and reeling but never off his feet
Caminero took advantage of punched-out Williams in that 2nd, both guys slugging it out and Caminero landed 2 decent shots & rung JW's bell
Williams is in a struggle here, he's been hurt and the anxiety seems to be winning out, sloppy slugging third that favors scrappy Caminero..
Williams still landing big shots and likely up 2-1 on cards...likely
Holy crap! huge left hook lands for Jimmy Williams just when he needed it! Ref Mike Ortega calls it off at 2:26 of round number 4
Eddie Caminero (in black) takes a swipe at Jimmy Williams
Jimmy Williams got a good test out of Eddie Caminero; was lured into a scrap, hurt & although it looked worrisome for a moment he persevered in style

it's time for #FNF which means it's time to wait for college basketball to finish. #Awesome

early results from Mohegan Sun #FNF #Boxing...

sorry for the delay folks, we're waiting on Television here! #FNF

we're getting closer 2 starting the #Boxcino2015 tourney, tonight features the quarter finals of the 155 pound division: 4 bouts, 8 fighters

and here comes the Ukrainian, Stanyslav Skorokhod, 153 3/4 lbs, vs. Cleveland's Michael Moore, 154 3/4 lbs. Bout 1 #Boxcino2015
Moore (in red) tries to fend of Skorokhod
Skorokhod is fighting this Michael Moore not the other @MMFlint
careful 1st from both men, Skorokhod got his right in several times, probably enough to win the rd versus the southpaw MM
Skorokhod really pressing matters here, battering Moore with both hands
Dr. Anthony Alessi is up on the ring apron and observing the Moore corner between rounds
a speedy right to the jaw at the start of round 3 puts Michael Moore onto the seat of his pants; Ref. Ortega let's him continue...
Moore doesn't look right. He's walking away on spongy legs; the Ukrainian walking him down
this might be it, wouldn't be shocked if the corner halts things. Moore taking a lot of shots with no answers, no fire
getting into the area where Skorokhod needs to wrap this up
ooooh, he scores another knockdown off a right hand. Ortega let's it go, Moore is badly hurt. That's it, Ref. Ortega is halting it, TKO 4 
Stanyslav Skororkhod improves to 9-0 (7) with a TKO win @ 1:03 of rd 4, Michael Moore goes back to Cleveland via East Haven CT @ 13-1 (6)

Bout 2, Ricardo Pinell of San Francisco, CA, versus late sub John Thompson of Newark, NJ #Boxcino2015 #FNF
Thompson landed a heavy barrage in the second, Pinell just seemed to absorb it and keep coming.
round 3 begins, John Thompson versus Ricardo Pinell...
Thompson punishing the right side of the waist of Pinell with hard left hooks
If you started watching this fight without knowing who the late sub was you would swear it was Ricardo Pinell and not John Thompson #FNF
John Thompson was stopped in 2 by hot prospect Frank Galarza less than a month ago and came here with a chip on his shoulder #FNF
a few boo birds have made themselves heard after 5, both guys looked to be trying to conserve some energy in that round; Thompson winning
*the loss 2 Galarza in Thompson's last fight actually came back on January 17, Twenty-Fourteen NOT less than a month ago as i tweeted earlier
we go to the scorecards in Bout number 2 of #Boxcino2015 likely winner here is late replacement John Thompson but we shall see...
all 3 judges see it the same way 60-54 in favor of John The Apollo Kidd Thompson who advances in the tourney; no #Triskaidekaphobia for him!

Bout 3 in #Boxcino2015 Tourney underway, Simeon Hardy of Brooklyn, NY, vs. Vito Gasparyan of Armenia, via Los Angeles. 6 rounds Jr. Middles
these two are fighting at a bigger man's pace, Gasparyan using short chopping punches to control matters when they are in close
Simeon Hardy is being outclassed here. He can't seem to get a bead on the feinting, slipping, pressing Gasparyan
even promoter Artie Pelullo has started shouting: come on guys fight!!
final round now. Maybe Gasparyan can put Hardy away...
Vito Gasparyan releases a primal scream after the bell that ends a very thorough defeat of Simeon Hardy, waiting on the lopsided decision...
your scorecards are 58-56, 60-54, 59-55 all in favor of Vito Gasparyan who improves to 15-3-5 (8) while Simeon Hardy falls to 13-1 (10)

we now have 3/4ths of next rd in #Boxcino2015 Stanyslav Skorokhod will face John Thompson & Vito Gasparyan will fight winner of next fight

final bout of the night is about to get underway... @BAtheCannon of Los Angeles, CA, versus Alex Perez of Newark, NJ #Boxcino2015
Alex Perez has more tattoos than Max Cady in Scorsese's Cape Fear
Alex Perez landed well in the first minute of the opening round with Adams getting in several bolts in the second half of 1st
Brandon Adams landing hard with Perez' back to the ropes, Perez grabs and Ref Harvey Dock breaks them
Brandon Adams really blasting away at Alex Perez. This one may not go the distance...
Adams has Perez back along the ropes again, hammering away, Perez lands two shots of his own, Adams smiles and keeps hammering #Boxcino2015
Adams is fighting a lot more of a crowd-pleasing fight here by choosing to slug. He could possibly win easier if he gave himself some room
Adam keeps crowding Perez and blasting him with hooks and uppercuts
Adams was really loading up looking to land a heavy right at the end of the 4th. Two more rounds to go here. Dr. Alessi checking on Perez
that's what Brandon The Cannon Adams was waiting 4! A big right hand crashes against the mouth of Perez, drops him & causes Ref to stop it

evidently there is one more bout to come from here @MoheganSun and we'll have it for you shortly...

Ralph Johnson is #boxing a 4 rounder with Ray Oliveira Jr here in the walk-out bout at Mohegan Sun
looks like the corner of Johnson has seen enough. Their fighter complaining about a leg injury. Oliveira Jr picks up a TKO after 2 rounds

that's it from @MoheganSun now for coffee, then to brave the cold and head on home! Until next time Fight Fans!!

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