Friday, February 13, 2015

Weigh-In Results- Boxcino 2015 Junior Middles Ready for Battle!

Stanislav Skorokhod (L) 153 3/4lbs vs. Michael Moore (R) 154 3/4 lbs
Weigh-In results from Mohegan Sun, host of the 2015 154 pound Boxcino Tournament

Photos by Shane Sims/Banner Promotions

Brandon Adams (L) 155 lbs vs. Alex Perez (R) 152 1/2 lb

also making weight but not pictured here are the following...

Khiary Gray-Pitts 164 1/4 vs. Rodrigo Almeida 172 1/2

Eddie Caminero 157 1/4 vs. Jimmy Williams 156 1/4

Angel Martinez 132 1/4 vs. Oscar Bonilla 133

Vito Gasparyan (L) 155 lbs vs. Simeon Hardy (R) 154 1/4 lbs 

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(undercard begins around 7:30pm Eastern)

Ricardo Pinell (L) 154lbs vs. John Thompson (R) 154 1/4 lbs

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