Monday, February 23, 2015

Gennady "Triple G" Golovkin vs. Martin Murray Twitter Recap

Triple G bludgeons Martin Murray through Eleven
Extends KO streak to 19
By Alex Pierpaoli

As is our tradition here, if we live-tweeted an event we like to post a recap afterwards for any of you anti social-media types. So here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from the recliner watching LIVE on HBO, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.

don't forget @TalkinBoxing's #GGGMurray post fight show six minutes after the fight ends over at 

Golovkin looks a lot smaller than Murray, perhaps not quite as aggressive here than in recent fights... GGG landing heavily in final minute

Please Luis Pabon, don't fuck this up... #GGGMurray

Good second round for Murray, he swats Golovkin on his way in and ties him up in close #BusterDouglasish

Murray's jab-right-left-hook-to-the-body has landed well several times

Golovkin keeps trying the uppercut but hasn't gotten it to Murray's chin yet; GGG lands decent right towards end of 3rd #GolovkinMurray

Huge overhand right lands on the face of Murray in the fourth; big right by Triple G to the waist of Murray; Murray in a retreat & down...

a nasty body shot put Murray on his knees. And now he's down again... The wheels are coming off for Martin Murray.

Martin Murray showing a tremendous amount of grit in rd 5, breathing through a mashed & bleeding nose, under attack but fighting back hard

At start of sixth Golovkin has some redness around his cheekbones otherwise he looks like he took a light jog around the block #GGGMurray

Murray landed a hard straight right to the head of Golovkin that had no effect; Murray has rebounded but still getting brunt of the hurts

Golovkin just landed the same looping overhand left (?!) that flattened Rubio and Murray took it, didn't quite land flush
Murray landed two nice hard rights in the seventh that seemed to make GGG pause a split second, otherwise GGG is clobbering him

end might be coming here in the 8th, Golovkin blasting away with both hands, Murray trying to circle away, bleeding heavily from the nose

determined effort from Murray; his corner tells him if he catches Golovkin on his way in he can win. He has done so & it hasn't worked yet
Murray still wriggling on the hook and Golovkin reeling him in... round 10 coming up. Only Murray's doggedness responsible for that.
Another knockdown scored by Golovkin. This one off a right that puts Murray flat on his back. He's gonna continue. Eleventh round now...
Ref. Pabon steps in to halt the punishment when Golovkin hammers Murray in neutral corner. No one has extended Golovkin this far. Impressive

Triple G interviews are charming in their word-salad sorta way #GGGMurray

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