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Twitter Recap- CES Boxing Season Finale

Shelito Vincent wins UBF Super Bantamweight Title win close decision win over Jackie Trivilino

Twitter Recap 
Words & Pictures By Alex Pierpaoli

Last night Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, Rhode Island was the site of CES Boxing's final fight card of 2014. As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap the following day for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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Welcome to our live coverage of @CESBoxing's #WinnerTakeAll from @TwinRiverCasino in Lincoln, RI. I'm @FistThingsFirst #Boxing #FNF

Bout #1, lightweights Scott Sullivan, 135.5lbs of New Bedford, MA meets Oscar Bonilla, 135lbs of New Haven, CT,  4 rds #WinnerTakeAll #FNF
Bonilla starts fast, pressing the action & reddening face of Oliveira w/ repeated lefts, Oliveira came on in final minute but Bonilla's rd.
lots of action from these 2, neither guy willing to hang back & box, great left hooks to body by Sullivan but Bonilla landing much heavier.

Bonilla landing a lot of heavy bolts to the head of Sullivan in the 3rd.
4th and final round, can Bonilla get a stoppage here?
waiting on scorecards, looked like an easy one to score. Bonilla landed the heavier more damaging punches throughout; i gave SS the 4th
the officials see it 39-37 x 2 and one score of 40-36 all in favor of New Haven, CT's Oscar Bonilla who picks up a 4rd UD
Scott Sullivan leaves at 1-1, 1 KO while Oscar Bonilla improves to 3-0-1 #WinnerTakeAll

Bout 2, Super middles, 4rds, Zachary Christy, 169lbs of Warwick, RI battles Sergio Cabrera, 170 of Somerville, MA #boxing #FNF #boxingheads
not a lot of contact in round one save for a left from Christy that Cabrera claimed was low; let's hope it picks up.
sloppy 2nd round with Christy landing the only significant punches; according to the ring announcer Christy is a veteran of 9 tours of duty.
Christy is getting things done here. It's not pretty to look at but his uppercuts have stung Cabrera repeatedly.
Christy's more educated, straighter punches carried the fight; waiting on cards, should be no surprises. That's a win for Z-Man Zac Christy.
after 4 rds scores are unanimous 38-38 x 3, this bout's a draw! which surprises this guy a bit but was a tough 1 to score, little happened.
with the draw, Zac Christy goes to 1-0-1 and Sergio Cabrera moves to 0-3-2 #WinnerTakeAll

Bout 3, middles, 4rds, Ray Oliveira Jr, 158 of New Bedford, MA battles Mike Rodriguez, 160 of Springfield, MA #boxing #FNF #winnertakeall
Oliveira Jr is son of New Bedford, MA's "Sucra" Ray Oliveira who had several #FNF classics against the likes of Vince Phillips & Ben Tackie.
round 1 was difficult, with ref. Johnny Callas telling both fighters to cut out the wrestling halfway through round; major height difference.
Mike Rodriguez used his height advantage & major reach advantage well in the second scoring with two heavy rights from outside.
Oliveira Jr swears @ Rodriguez at round's end, frustrated & hoping to goad him into a slugging match; but Rodriguez using his reach & boxing.
the scores are unanimous 39-37, & 40-36 x 2 all in favor of "Prynce" Ray Oliveira Jr; guess the judges didn't like the cautious style of MR.
Prynce Ray Oliveira Jr improves to 2-0, 1 KO while Mike  Rodriguez drops to 0-2 #boxing

cast members from the in-production movie Bleed For This about life of Vinny Paz & the Pazmanian Devil himself address crowd 

now back 2 #boxing, Bout 4, 4rds, Heavies, Julian Pollard, 253lbs of Brockton, MA versus Arthur Saribekian, 240lbs of Providence, RI.
Pollard opens a bad cut around the eye of Saribekian with a slashing left hook; moments later Pollard puts the Armenian on the canvas.
Saribekian's corner stopped it before their man got hurt. TKO 2:47 of round number 1. Pollard is now 5-0 (5) while Saribekian is 23-6-1 (18)

 Bout 5, middles, 4rds, Khiary Gray-Pitts, 160 of Worcester, MA meets Vincent Floyd, 164, of Philadelphia, PA.
Gray-Pitts dominated round 1 landing several hard right hands on his larger southpaw foe.
Gray-Pitts gets up after a low-blow to start the second & gets right back to work, Floyd working well with back on ropes at rd's end.
this is a fun fight; Gray-Pitts landing the heavier punches but both men letting their hands go, Floyd firing back from the ropes.
Vincent Floyd loses his mouthpiece under a barrage of blows from Gray-Pitts along the ropes that prompts Ref. Johnny Callas to step in, TKO.
my apologies, that was NOT a TKO. Ref. stepped in at bell, I couldn't hear it as much of the crowd didn't either. Gray-Pitts won lopsided UD.
all 3 scores were 40-36 in favor of Khiary "Too Sharp" Gray-Pitts who improves to 3-0 (1) while Vincent Floyd falls to 1-1-1 

Bout 6, welters, 6rds, Nick Delomba 147, of Providence, R.I. goes up against Lazar Stojadinovic, 147 lbs of
Miami, Fla. #WinnerTakeAll
DeLomba looks to be in charge here but very spirited effort from Stojadinovic; DeLomba trying to catch him on his way in.
this is a close one, Stojadinovic may have stolen that last round with a right hand in the final 30 seconds that bothered DeLomba.
DeLomba scored a knockdown in the final seconds of the third off a solid right hand; fourth coming up.
DeLomba trying to capitalize on the hurt fighter in front of him but Stojadinovic is sturdy & determined & catches DeLomba with sneaky lefts.
DeLomba goes down in the 5th, he claims he was tripped but Stojadinovic was landing chopping short lefts all that round.
they fight to the final bell, DeLomba won that last round for sure. Waiting on the cards now...
scorecards are 56-56, 57-55 and 58-55 in favor of Nick DeLomba by majority decision.
Nick Delomba improves to 6-0 and Lazar Stojadinovic drops to 1-2-1 

Bout 7, super middles, 6rds, Angel Camacho, 168lbs of Providence, R.I. versus Paul Gonsalves, 168lbs of Hyannis, MA #winnertakeall #boxing
Camacho is coming off a very long layoff but he was the one pressing matters in round number one.
not a lot of clean punches landed by either fighter but Camacho has scored with the right several times
Gonsalves landed a couple of solid shots in that round but seemed reluctant to follow up. With the layoff Camacho had he certainly should.
Camacho in control again in round 4, landed a big sweat-spraying right hand to the skull of Gonsalves
final round coming up; Camacho still working off the rust. A lot of his shots are just a little round or just off the target; that's rust.
this 1 is in the books, waiting on the scorecards. Paul Gonsalves has large tattoo on his left shoulder that's either Jesus or Vlad Dracula.
58-56, 59-55 x 2 all in favor of Angel Camacho Jr who fights & wins for the 1st time since 2011. Camacho now 13-0 (4) Gonsalves is 7-5-1 (3)

not sure what delay is here... guess they are looking 4 a national anthem singer. I am looking at a round card girl lookalike 4 Cheryl Hines

#MainEvent Time! Bout 8 female super bantams @Shelitosway, 122, of Providence, R.I. battles Jackie Trivilino, 122lbs of Plattsburgh, NY #FNF
Shelito Vincent is on the way to the ring and this crowd is here to support her in force!!
National Anthem has been sung, the glitterati at ringside have all been announced & have taken their bows now it's time 4 the main event...
"the Mistress of Mayhem, the Queen of Mean, @shelitosway!!" what an enthusiastic welcome from this crowd @twinrivercasino
good action first round, Vincent pressing in her typical fashion, Trivilino able to stand her straight up with a straight right; close round.
Trivilino is landing with straight punches, Vincent landed several sweeping rights in the second, one-round a piece so far imo.
Trivilino really hammering for the 1st half of the 3rd, then seemed to fade a bit and Vincent came on, but Vincent taking a lot of punches.
these two are brawling, Vincent looks to have suffered a cut alongside her nose, probably in rd 2. Trivilino looks fresher to start rd 5
Trivilino comes right back whenever Vincent lands a big shot, these rounds are incredibly close. This crowd loved Vincent in that fifth.
Trivilino stands in the corner. Sitting between rounds is for the weak!!
the sixth was another decent one for Vincent but these rounds are very close and this crowd is overreacting to everything Vincent does.
Vincent's two-fisted attack is starting to wear Trivilino down a bit. That was the first round where Vincent seemed able to stun & hurt her.
Vincent shoots a right over the left hand of Trivilino and connects hard, spraying sweat & thrilling this crowd
Trivilino looks a little tired but she is completely unmarked while Vincent is still bleeding a bit from the nose.
Vincent's left hook very effective here in rd 8.
my bad, that was round 9. This has been a brawl and I expect a fury in this final frame!
Wow! This crowd is on their feet! good stuff from these two tough women! Vincent's pressure really seems to sneak up on opponents.
i didn't score that, hard to do accurately & tweet, but i think Vincent pulled that out, scorecards coming up...
here are the cards, 95-95, overruled by scores of 98-92 & 96-94 in favor of Shelly @shelitosway Vincent! 
Trivilino absolutely dominated the first several rounds but Vincent's work rate and improving power in the middle rounds was the difference
lots of smiling Guy Fawkes masks in this crowd in honor of Ms. Vincent who has adopted the character's visage for herself & her minions

That's all from here fight fans! Thanks 4 following along! Until next time from ringside! Now 4 some coffee & the open road back to CT

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