Friday, June 23, 2017

@TalkinBoxing's #BFTP on Prince Naseem Hamed #boxing

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Blast from the Past on Prince Naseem Hamed

Sunday, June 18, 2017

@TalkinBoxing's #WardKovalev2 post-fight show with @DaxxKahn & @FistThingsFirst & Sal "Rocky" Cenicola

Andre Ward versus Sergey Kovalev 2 post fight show

What did you think? Was the stoppage to quick? Were there too many low blows? Did this solidify Ward's claim to P4P supremacy?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

@TalkinBoxing's #BFTP on Rocky Graziano #boxing

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Blast from the Past on Rocky Graziano

Sunday, June 4, 2017

@Twitter recap from ringside for #BroadwayBoxing

Remillard, Arias, Salinas and Williams win in Broadway Boxing at Foxwoods,
more from Ringside in our Twitter Recap
Photos by Sean Laydon

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside** we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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we're live from ringside now! in the middle of Bout 1 Jose Roman of Puerto Rico versus William Hill of Detroit, MI

Jose Roman is six foot two inches tall but he's taking away his height and reach advantage by leaning forward & crouching a bit

Hill seemed to get the worst of a headbutt, accidental, at the start of the 4th & final round

we go to the scorecards after 4... Hill definitely won that final round but this observer was too busy setting up to have scored the first 3

scores are unanimous, 40-36 x 2, 39-37 all in favor of Jose Roman who improves to 4-0 (3) while William Hill drops to 2-3

Bout 2, Luis Garcia of Peekskill, NY by way of Cuba 194 lbs. stopped Felipe Romero of San Diego, CA by way of Mexico 195 lbs. in the first

Luis "El Leon" Garcia picks up the TKO victory at 1:48 of the 1st to improve to 15-0 (12).

fighters from Bout 3 headed to the ring...

bout 3 pits Radzhab Butaev, of Brooklyn, NY by way of Russia 153 lbs. against Abraham Alvarez, of El Rosario, Mexico 157 lbs., 8 rounds

OUCH! that's over in 1 rd! 2 knockdowns by Butaev do the damage, 1st a big left hook, Alvarez got up only 2 get nailed w/brutal body shot

Doctors talking to Alvarez. If his ribs aren't broken he certainly had the wind knocked out of him. He's up & walking around now.

Ref. Lupino stopped it at 1:05 of rd 1. The Python, Radzhab Butaev improves to 6-0 (5) while Alvarez falls to 20-11-1 (11)

Photos from last night's #BroadwayBoxing by @Educate777Sean #boxing

Matt Remillard victorious  photo by Sean Laydon
Matt Remillard goes to 2-0 in his return to the Sweet Science,
George Arias wins heavyweight battle of unbeatens,
and more from Broadway Boxing
at Foxwoods
Photos by Sean Laydon

Round Card Girls

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Results from Ringside #BroadwayBoxing @FoxwoodsCT

Matt Remillard halts Fatiou Fassinou
George Arias bests Ruslan Shamalov 
Results from Ringside At The Fox Theater 
at Foxwoods Resort and Casino for DiBella Entertainment's BROADWAY BOXING 
By Alex Pierpaoli
Photos by Sean Laydon
Twitter Recap
Photos Here
More Photos Here

DiBella Entertainment's Broadway Boxing series returned to the Connecticut woods tonight with an eight bout card from the Fox Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT. 

In the Main Event Matt Remillard, 135lbs, of ManchesterCT scored a stoppage victory over Fatiou Fassinou, 133lbs, of CotonouBenin in less than five rounds. Remillard maintained consistent
pressure, especially to the mid-section of his speedy and awkward southpaw opponent throughout four weird and sometimes ugly rounds. Fassinou fled more than fought and often, when not moving in quick circles, threw himself at Remillard grabbing around his waist or hooking one of his arms in hopes of stopping Remillard's offense. But Remillard was relentless in his pressure and Fassinou went to the canvas more from wilting than the result of an individual blow at the end of the second. The count continued past the bell so Remillard had no chance to follow-up. The third saw more of Remillard landing well to the body, likely the easiest target to hit on the herky-jerky wild movements of Fassinou. At the end of the third Fassinou's chief second actually went out to ring center to retrieve his exhausted fighter and guide him back to the corner. There was little doubt Fassinou's
gazelle impression was starting to crumple under the Remillard assault. The fourth saw Ref Johnny Callas sternly warning Fassinou about the repeated holding he kept doing. Remillard scored often in the fourth, ripping Fassinou with mean left-hookercuts to the chest and belly. In the corner before round five Fassinou's handlers decided to call it quits giving Remillard his first stoppage victory in his 2 bout comeback since his March of twenty-eleven defeat to Mikey Garcia.

Matt "Sharp Shooter" Remillard improves to 25-1 (14) and hopes with one more fight this year he'll be back in line for a rematch with Garcia. Fatiou Fassinou falls to 27-6-3 (14).

In the night's co-featured bout, undefeated heavyweights Ruslan Shamalov, 233lbs, of BrooklynNY by way of Russia and George Arias, 230lbs, of BronxNY by way of Dominican Republic, went to war in a bout where someone's O had to go. Starting fast, George Arias attacked the ribs of Shamalov in the first but was quickly driven back to the ropes. There he worked successfully quite often, cracking Shamalov with a hard right or a left and then slipping out and around Shamalov, keeping him turning. Ruslan Shamalov's style was cruder but he made up for it with his size and strength, thumping Arias with hooks to the belly and sometimes partial hammer-fists to the side of the head. But it was Arias landing the better scoring blows throughout a bout filled with crowd pleasing exchanges between strong heavies. At the end of six rounds the judges saw it a little differently but all in favor of the speedier George Arias. The scores were 60-54, 59-55 and 58-56 all for George Arias, now 7-0 (3). Ruslan Shamalov fell to 4-1 (3).

Myquan Williams, 146lbs, of East HartfordCT, won a lop-sided unanimous decision over Ariel Vasquez, 147lbs, of ManaguaNicaragua. Williams blasted away at the Nicaraguan southpaw throughout this six rounder, belting him with straight rights and left hooks. Vasquez ate lots of leather but was never down or even hurt save for a moment at the end of the second where he seemed to hesitate a moment after absorbing a hard shot to the head. Williams jumped right on him hoping to follow up but the bell to end the round rang. Williams never tired over the six round distance but he did do some clowning when it was possible a stepped-up body attack may have helped score him a knockdown or a stoppage. No matter. He controlled the action and looked sharp. At the end of six the judges saw it 60-54 x 3 all in favor of Williams.

Williams improved to 7-0 (4) while Vasquez dropped to 13-18-2 (9). 

Jennifer "The Bolivian Queen" Salinas 135lbs, of ProvidenceRI defeated Marquita Lee, 132lbs, of NovatoCA, by six round unanimous decision in an exciting scrap. Salinas landed a wide but overhand right repeatedly, causing swelling under the eye of Marquita Lee. Salinas was the aggressor throughout the fight and in the fifth both women stood at ring center and slugged without pause, thrilling the crowd and testing each other's stamina. But in the sixth, Salinas was able to summon the energy to win the final round by a wide margin, blasting away at Lee with both hands in the final thirty seconds. When the scorecards are read they are unanimous, 59-55 x 2 and 58-56, all for Salinas who improved to 20-4 (5), while Lee fell to 3-5.

Khiry Todd, 149lbs, of LynnMA overwhelmed Nicolas Sarouna, 148lbs, of LomeTogo, dominating the first two rounds before stopping him half way through the third round. Todd switched back and forth from orthodox to southpaw, controlling the action throughout and landing with heavy blasts with both hands. In the third, with Todd landing repeatedly, Sarouna seemed to purposefully take a knee, perhaps to collect himself but Referee Johnny Callas picked up the count and got all the way to ten before Sarouna decided to stand up. It was a little odd but there was no doubt he was being swarmed. With the win Todd rises to 5-0 (5) while Sarouna falls to 12-9-1 (9). 

Radzhab Butaev, 153lbs, of BrooklynNY by way of Russia, shocked Abraham Alvarez, 157lbs, of El RosarioMexico, stopping him in one after two painful looking knockdowns. Soon after the
opening bell, Butaev sprung at Alvarez behind a left hook that put Alvarez down hard. He rose from the knockdown and was allowed to continue but was quickly overwhelmed by Butaev who sensed the end was near. Having gone to the head repeatedly with big shots, Butaev changed things up and slammed a right into the side of Alvarez that made him grimace and fold up into a ball on the canvas. Referee Joey Lupino halted the action at 1:05 of round 1. Butaev is one aggressive middleweight this observer would like to see again.

In victory, Butaev raised his record to 6-0 (5) while Alvarez dropped to 20-11-1 (11). 

Undefeated cruiserweight Luis Garcia, 194lbs, of PeekskillNY by way of Cuba, scored a stoppage victory of Felipe Romero, 195lbs, of San DiegoCA by way of Mexico. Garcia went right after Romero at the opening bell and scored a knockdown within the first minute. Romero was allowed to continue but it was just a matter of time before Garcia hammered him with several uppercuts, driving him back along the ropes where Ref. Jonny Callas stepped in to halt the action. It goes into the books as a TKO 1, 1:48. Garcia raises his record to 15-0 (12) while Romero's drops to 19-14-1 (13). 

In the first bout of the night, Jose Roman, 149lbs, of BayamonPuerto Rico, defeated William Hill, 148lbs, of Detroit, MI. After four rounds the official judges saw the fight in Roman's favor by scores of 39-37 and 40-36 x 2.

Roman improved to 4-0 (3) while Hill fell to 2-3.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

@TalkinBoxing's #BFTP on Ike "The President" Ibeabuchi #boxing

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Blast from the Past on Ike Ibeabuchi