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Photos by @Educate777sean from #BroadwayBoxing

Matt Remillard stops Yardley Cruz,
Shelly Vincent bests Calixta Silgado
& more from Broadway Boxing at Foxwoods
Photos by Sean Laydon

Shelly Vincent celebrates with her partner Jennifer Salinas

Calixta Silgado winces as Shelly Vincent attacks

Matt Remillard digs a left hook to the middle of Yardley Cruz

Twitter recap #BroadwayBoxing

Remillard stabs the guts of Cruz with a left hand
Remillard, Vincent and Williams all impress in 8 bout Broadway Boxing card at Foxwoods
By Alex Pierpaoli

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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Ringside here @FoxwoodsCT for #BroadwayBoxing, bout 2 underway. Good action 1st round from Nicklaus Flaz, 156lbs, vs. Elie Augustama, 162lbs
blood coming from the right eyebrow of Elie Augustama. Niklaus Flaz coasted a bit in the final minute of the third but he looks to be ahead
Augustama is much busier but Flaz more accurate. good action in the third. Augustama's corner shouts for body shots & he delivers big
also, Hurshidbeck Normatov scored a 1st rd TKO over Bruce Lutchmedial
Flaz seems to be the harder puncher but Augustama is really pressing the fight, busier, more aggressive. Flaz countering well. Not busy enuf
This is gonna be a tough one to score because the judges will have to chose from volume punching & pressure vs. accuracy & hard counters
Augustama's punches just haven't seemed to do the damage that Flaz' shots have done and in the end #Boxing is first & foremost about hurting
Augustama won that last rd. But this is going to B interesting. I've been tweeting & posting & writing so I didn't score it. Flaz likely won
Ok, official scorecards are 60-54 x 2 and 59-55 all in favor of Niklaus Flaz who improves to 5-0 (4). They didn't think it was close at all

Saturday, October 28, 2017

#BroadwayBoxing results from ringside

Remillard bangs a left off the head of Criuz
Matt Remillard smokes Yardley Cruz,
Shelito Vincent beats Calixta Silgado,
Mykquan Williams blasts-out Somner Martin,
Results from Foxwoods, CT
By Alex Pierpaoli
Photos by Sean Laydon
More photos here and here
Twitter Recap

Matt Remillard 129lbs of Hartford, CT dismantled and destroyed Yardley Armenta Cruz 130lbs of Sacramento, CA, stopping him at 2:31 of round number 4. Remillard went right to work behind a speedy jab in round one, driving Cruz back into the ropes where he pelted him with combinations. Cruz was quickly forced into a mostly defensive mode, looking for rare moments of calm in Remillard's attack. In the second Remillard let his hands go, blasting at Cruz with double left hooks and crashing the right through Cruz's guard into his face. Fighting for the third time in twenty-seventeen, Remillard looked very sharp, beating Cruz to the punch again and again. By the end of the third, ringside physician Dr. Michael Schwartz had made his way to the corner of Cruz and took a long look at the fighter before the bell to start the round. Remillard lowered the boom in the fourth, blasting away at Cruz who seemed woefully outgunned and outclassed. Afterwards Remillard said he feels strong at 135, could probably still make 126 but would not be moving up to 140 anytime soon. He continues looking for a rematch with the only opponent to best him, 37-0 (30), Mikey Garcia.
Remillard imrpoved to 26-1 (15) while Cruz dropped to 22-9 (12)

Shelly Vincent, 129lbs, of Providence, RI, defeated Calixta Silgado, 130lbs, of Tolu, Colombia by eight round unanimous decision in the co-Main Event. Vincent pressed the action in her aggressive, burst-punching style, forcing Silgado to backpedal. As the bout developed it took the shape of the prototypical style clash of a boxer(Silgado) versus a puncher(Vincent) with Silgado trying to time Vincent's rushes, and offset her volleys with hard counters. Silgado had some success in the second half of the fight, enough to win two rounds on one of the three official scorecards. After 8 the judges saw it at 79-73 x2 and 77-75 all in favor of the Rhode Islander.
Shelito Vincent raises her record to 21-1 (1) while Calixta Silgado falls to 15-9-3 (10). The 38 year old Vincent is now 4-0 since her August twenty-sixteen defeat to Heather Hardy and hopes the New Yorker's recent MMA defeat may bring her back to the Sweet Science for a rematch.

Mykquan Williams, 143lbs, of East Hartford, CT, scored his fourth straight win in twenty-seventeen over Somner Martin 144lbs of Martinsville, VA. Williams used blazing hand speed and accurate combinations to hurt and finish the on-rushing Martin in the very first round. Martin started fast, pressing the action and coming forward after Williams. The CT welterweight showed poise in finding the range on Martin and landing speedy well leveraged shots that stunned Martin. Following up quickly, Williams opened up with both hands and connected with a hard left hook over Martin's corner that caused Referee Joey Lupino to step in and halt the action at 2:19 of round number one.  Mykquan Williams is now 9-0 (5) while Somner Martin drops to 7-6 (4).

Steve Rolls 162lbs, of Toronto, Canada, stopped Andrik Saralegui, 168lbs, of San Diego, CA, at 2:17 of round number three. Rolls spent much of the first firing and landing a wide, lunging right to the ribs of Saralegui. In the second, the Canadian went upstairs, reddening the face of Saralegui with snapping jabs and jolting straight rights. In the third, Saralegui reeled back after absorbing another hard body shot. Seconds later Rolls drove him back into his own corner with a flurry of shots to the head and finished with a mean left hook to the body that folded Saralegui in half. Referee Joey Lupino waved the off the bout over Saralegui's crumpled form.
In victory, Steve Rolls raised his record to 17-0 (10) while Andrik Saralegui fell to 8-5 (6).

Niklaus Flaz, 156lbs, of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, defeated Elie Augustama, 162lbs, of Fort Lauderdale, FL, by six round unanimous decision. Both fighters started hard, throwing heavy and landing in the first. Augustama was the busier fighter through much of the fight, pumping a jab and following up with the straight right. While it was Flaz who landed heavier and far more accurately, cracking Augustama with hard counters repeatedly. Flaz opened a cut over the eye of Augustama early in the bout and it bled freely throughout but never seemed to cause a problem.
At the end of 6 the scorecards were 60-54 x 2 and 59-55 all in favor of Flaz, who improves to 5-0 (4). Augustama fell to 6-7 (3).

Khiry Todd, 146lbs, of Lynn, MA, defeated rugged journeyman Evincii Dixon, 148lbs, of Lancaster, PA, over six one-sided rounds. Todd controlled the distance and much of the action, blasting Dixon with two and three-punch combinations to the body and head. Dixon followed Todd around blocking some shots because of his hands-high guard, but eating others and falling for plenty of feints from Todd. Dixon came alive a bit in the final round but it was far too little and far too late. The official scorecards were 60-54, 59-55 x 2.
Khiry Todd raised his record to 6-0 (5) while Evincii Dixon's dropped to 7-21-2 (2).

Nicky DeQuattro, 141lbs, of Johnston, RI, defeated Andre Bellacarris, 146lbs, of Bennington, VT, by four round unanimous decision. DeQuattro landed the shorter, quicker counters on his wild-swinging debuting opponent. Bellacarris hung in there throughout, chasing DeQuattro and throwing mean wide haymakers that rarely found their intended target. Even with just one pro-fight of his own under his belt, DeQuattro showed the patience and focus of a more experienced fighter in dismantling the motivated but raw Vermonter. At the end of four the judges it saw it at 40-36 x 2 and 59-55 all in favor of Nick Dequattro.
DeQuattro raises his record to 2-0 (1) and Bellacarris debuts at 0-1.

In the opening bout of the night, Hurshidbek Normatov, 158lbs, of Uzbekistan via Brooklyn, NY, stopped Bruce Lutchmedial, 159lbs, of Toronto, Canada, at 2:38 of the opening round. Normatov scored two knockdowns, the second coming from a volley of blows that culminated in a left hook which sent Lutchmedial to the canvas and caused referee Johnny Callas to halt the bout.
Normatov improved his record to 4-0 (2) while Lutchmedial dropped to 2-4 (2).

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#BFTP on Edwin Valero #boxing

This week's Blast-From-The-Past features 

Edwin Valero

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@DiBellaEnt's #BroadwayBoxing returns to @FoxwoodsCT

Team Remillard returns on Saturday night
Matt Remillard and Shelly Vincent return to Foxwoods on Saturday Night
By Alex Pierpaoli
Photo by Sean Laydon

On Saturday night Connecticut boxers Matt Remillard and Shelly Vincent are back in the spotlight in co-featured bouts headlineing promoter DiBella Entertainment's latest installment in the Broadway Boxing series. This week Remillard faces veteran Yardley Cruz in the Manchester, CT super lightweight's third time through the ropes this year in his comeback effort since a twenty-eleven loss to Mikey Garcia and subsequent incarceration for five years on assault charges. In June, Remillard raised his record to 25-1 (14) with a four round stoppage of Fatiou Fassinou in Mashantucket, CT. This week, Remillard and Cruz will be fighting ten rounds in the evening's Main Event.

Shelly Vincent meets Calixta Silgado in an eight round women's bout in the co-featured attraction. Vincent fought on the most recent Broadway Boxing card, scoring a win over Angel Gladney on September fifteenth, also at Foxwoods' Fox Theater. Vincent made combat sports news last week when she surprised her professional rival Heather Hardy at the New Yorker's recent weigh-in for her second crossover bout in MMA. Vincent hopes Hardy will return to the Sweet Science and make good on her promise of a rematch of their August twenty-sixteen bout which Hardy won by majority decision. Last week, Hardy went on to lose her second MMA bout and suffered a badly broken nose in the defeat. As Hardy heals and determines which direction she will move in next, Vincent stays busy this weekend against Colombian featherweight Calixta Silgado, 15-8-3 (10). At 38 years old, Vincent has made it clear her days as a prize-fighter are numbered and she looks forward to potential careers in commentating, training or as an advocate for young people. 

The fight card also features the fourth fight this year for undefeated East Hartford super lightweight Mykquan Williams, 8-0 (4). Williams faces 7-5 (4), Sumner Martin of Virginia in a six round undercard bout.

Tickets are available through

Friday, October 6, 2017

@Twitter recap from ringside #RisingStars

Vaughn Alexander thumps Elvin Ayala,
Green blanks Crespo, Chaney remains unbeaten
and more from The Rising Stars Boxing Series
return to Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT
 Our Ringside Twitter Recap
By Alex Pierpaoli

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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Bout 1
Bakhram Murtazaliev just imporved to 10-0 (8) after blitzing Robson De Assis of Brazil, dropping him & prompting a stoppage at 1:14 of rnd 1
Bakhram Murtazaliev of Grozny, Russia stops Robson De Assis of São Paolo, Brazil at 1:14 of Rd 1

Bout 2
former Middleweight, Super Middle & Light Heavyweight Champ Iran Barkley is working in the corner of Romon Barber of Kansas.
LeShawn Rodriguez of Shirley, NY facing off against Romon Barber of Wichita. Middleweights, 6 rounds.
Rodriguez looks 2B laying the groundwork 4 a stoppage Barber was on his feet through the 1st but looked like he got worst of some body shots.
Barber is certainly trying here, winging punches and hanging in there but he's being outgunned and outclassed. Rodriguez up 2 to none in rds.
Romon Barber goes down under a fussilade of short hooks 2 the head and body. Ref. Mike Ortega counts him out at 1:15 of rd 3 Rodriguez by KO.
LeShawn "Lightning" Rodriguez moves to 7-0 (6) while Romon Barber drops to 7-16 (6). 5 bouts to go here at #RisingStars.
The Blade!! Iran Barkley takes a bow

Bout 3, welters, 6 rounds, Enriko Gogokhia, 148lbs, of Oxnard, CA versus Joaquin Delarosa, 149lbs of Victoria, Mexico #RisingStars
Big first round for Gogokhia, he looks like he could end this at any moment.
seconds into round 2 Gogokhia scored a knockdown. Ref. Mike Ortega lets it continue but Gogokhia had DeLaRosa hurt and finishes him at 1:27.
Enriko Gogolhia improves to 6-0 (3) with this stoppage of Joaquin DeLaRosa, welterweights (

Bout 4, Kevin Asmat, 128lbs, of North Bergen, NJ, versus Rafael Castillo Rosendo, 122lbs, of the Bronx, NY, 4 rounds, feathers #Risingstars
that was a very evenly matched 1st round. Rosendo is making his pro-debut and he is not the least bit intimidated here.
Rosendo doing most of the pressing and landing, Asmat trying to fend him off.
Asmat controlled rnd three. He needs this last round to get a draw in my opinion. Rosendo got the worst of some excessive officiating in 3rd.
wow, that was a fun fight. Huge final round for Asmat. No knockdowns but he nailed Rosendo repeatedly with clean shots in final seconds.
The scorecards are all identical 39-37 x 3 all for Kevin Asmat who improves his record to 3-1 (2). Rosendo backs into the pro ranks at 0-1

Bout 5, @Cassius_Chaney of New London, CT versus Jon Bolden of Brooklyn, NY 6 rounds, heavyweights
Chaney is down after two chopping right hands... it continues...
tough first round for @Cassius_Chaney but he recovered well and scored with several hard uppercuts in close in final minute. #RisingStars
Ref. Danny Schiavone kinda yells at the fighters every time he breaks them
Chaney rocked again, and it was ruled a knockdown cuz the ropes held him up. Huge uppercut from Bolden did the damage.
@Cassius_Chaney hurt Bolden in the final seconds of round 2. Not enough to swing it in his favor but Bolden went to his stool hurting.
Chaney had a decent third but may have given it away laying on the ropes in final minute. He's way down in points after 2 knockdowns.
the score here could be 30-27 for Bolden after 3. That's a deep hole to climb out of for Cassius Chaney.
big left hook from @Cassius_Chaney seemed to rattle Bolden.
Bolden looks pretty gassed-out here. Cassius Chaney won the fourth round. He's going to need to turn up the pressure here.
After suffering a knockdown early in the round Cassius Chaney battles back against Jon Bolden in the final moments of the second:
I saw it even at 57-57 but if ringside judges gave Chaney the 3rd round he'll remain undefeated. Good test 4 him @ this stage of his career
here's the scorecards... after 6, all three judges saw it 56-55 x 3 all in favor of @Cassius_Chaney who moves to 11-0 (5) 
@Cassius_Chaney says last night he dreamed his opponent was going to charge him & drop him and it happened. But he got right up & came back

Lots of background noise here but Cassius Chaney tells us he dreamed...

Bout 6
Crespo comes to the ring to the music of the Late James Brown, The Big Payback! This is his chance at revenge & redemption!
Nate Green comes to the ring with undefeated prospect @KOKINGROSA and is wearing the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness on his trunks
here we go... #ElmCityWar
Crespo got caught with several hard lefts from the southpaw stance of Green but it was a close 1st. Green won it. Both guys a bit tentative
1st minute of Green-Crespo: ( 
Looks like Green is bleeding pretty heavily. He was cut last month in a bout in Puerto Rico and that may have just reopened
Green really digging at Crespo's body. Crespo needs to pick up the pace. 
The cut over Green's eye is in a bad spot & there was some urgency in his fighting in that second. Crespo landed harder in 2nd. 
Green just landed a great right hook but Crespo walked right through it. 
Crespo just lost point on a dumb infraction. He reached over his own head to smack at Green in a clinch & Ref. Schiavone didn't care for it
I have this 30-26 for Green going into round 4. 
Green is bleeding here but it doesn't seem to be bothering him. Crespo needs to rally. They may stop this...due to the cut
They seem to have halted it due to the cut. We're going to the cards it seems.
Was the cut caused by a punch or a butt? Did referee Schiavone ever tell us? Not very clearly if he did cuz we missed it.
There seems to be a little bad blood still simmering here between the camps and this finish didn't help
well, this announcer has told us that all three judges had it the same, all for Nate Green who remains undefeated but the scores? don't know
Tough, dissatisfying result. Interestingly, all they completed this time was 4 rounds, the same distance they went 6 years ago. #ElmCityWar

Main Event, Elvin Ayala of New Haven, CT versus Vaughn Alexander of Saint Louis, MO 10 rounds, middles #RisingStars
Elvin Ayala looks to be in pretty great shape here tonight and he's giving Alexander some wrinkles but the Missourian should be up 2-0
Ayala is jabbing very well here. Alexander beating him with short harder shots but it's Ayala who's busier.
Alexander landing well to the body in round four.
Alexander's nose looks to be badly broken and bleeding. His mouth is wide open. Ayala may have done it with one of many, many jabs.
Alexander definitely throwing punches with bad intentions in that fifth. He's gotta be swallowing lots of blood. His nose looks crooked.
Vaughn Alexander fighting through what looks to be a badly broken nose. Ayala reluctant to press the action (
Ayala starting to press the action here in the seventh. Landed a hard uppercut to that battered nose.
Holy crap!! a huge right hand from Vaughn Alexander makes Ayala's legs go rubbery and down he goes. Ref. Ortega waves it off.
a mini version of Louis vs. Conn here. Ayala was opening up, trying 2 do more while Alexander was bleeding but he opened himself up too much
Alexander via TKO 7, ref. Mike Ortega stops the bout at 1:42. Vaughn Alexander improves to 11-0 (8) while Elvin Ayala drops to 30-9-1 (13)
That's it from here, folks! Our ringside wrap-up will be up a little later! Thanks for all the follows and RTs! #RisingStars

Thursday, October 5, 2017

#RisingStars Results from Ringside @Main_Events

Vaughn Alexander stops Elvin Ayala;
Nate Green defeats Josh Crespo;
Cassius Chaney rallies to remain unbeaten and lots more from Mohegan Sun Arena

By Alex Pierpaoli
Twitter Recap Here

Promoter Main Events returned to Mohegan Sun tonight with their professional boxing series Rising Stars, featuring up and coming middleweight Vaughn Alexander of Saint Louis, MO, and loads of regional talent in significant match-ups. The co-featured attraction was an all New Haven bout with featherweight combatants Nate Green and Josh Crespo fighting for their own futures as well as bragging rights in the Elm City. The seven bout card included middleweights, featherweights, welterweights and a heavyweight contest all for the approval of a good-sized Thursday crowd for the Uncasville venue.

Bout 1

Bakhram Murtazaliev, 157lbs, of Grozny, Russia blitzed Robson De Assis, 163.5lbs, of Sao Paolo, Brazil, dropping him with a wide right with less than a minute gone in the first. Ref. Danny Schiavone let De Assis continue but Murtazaliev rushed him, trapping him along the ropes and hammering at him. A left hook from Murtazaliev sent De Assis reeling and referee Schiavone stepped in to halt the action at 1:14 of the opening round.
In victory Bakhram Murtazaliev improves to 10-0 (8) while Robson De Assis drops to 14-5 (8).

Bout 2

LeShawn "Lightning" Rodriguez, 159lbs, of Shirley, NY, defeated Romon Barber, 157lbs, of Wichita, KS, by third round knockout. Barber came to the ring with former 3 division champion Iran Barkley in his corner, unfortunately it didn't help. Rodriguez boxed patiently, picking his shots carefully on the aggressive, moving, wild-swinging Barber. Each round Rodriguez landed more frequently and with more and more power. In the third Rodriguez caught Barber with several short jolting blows to the head and Barber sort of folded to the canvas. He clambered to one knee and didn't start to rise until Ref. Mike Ortega reached about 9 and a half. Barber was sort of up at 10 and even complained a bit but it was clear he wanted no more.
With the win, Rodriguez is now 7-0 (6) while Barber falls to 7-16 (6).

Bout 3

Enriko Gogokhia, 148lbs, of Oxnard, CA, stopped Joaquin DeLaRosa, 149lbs, of Victoria, Mexico.
Gogokhia scored a knockdown seconds into round 2 off a long left hand. DeLaRosa was allowed to continue but with his quarry wounded, Gogokhia wasted no time in finishing him off. Along the ropes Gogokhia slammed DeLaRosa with an uppercut that snapped back his head badly, causing Ref. Ortega to step in and wave off the match at 1:27 of the second.
Gogokhia raises his record to 6-0 (3) while DeLaRosa falls to 6-3-1 (3).

Bout 4

Kevin Asmat, 128lbs, of North Bergen, NJ battled debuting Rafael Castillo, Rosendo, 122lbs, of the Bronx, NY, in an exciting four rounder that easily won the coveted, but unofficial, best bout of the night award. Rosendo got off to a strong start, crowding Asmat and pressing the action. As the rounds wore on Asmat was able to find the range on Rosendo and let him come forward into counters rather than allowing the aggressive Bronx fighter to score in close. Asmat won the fourth round big, especially hammering at Rosendo in the final twenty seconds. After four rounds the three judges saw the fight identically at 39-37 x 3 all in favor of Kevin Asmat.
Asmat raises his record to 3-1(2) while Rosendo starts his pro career at 0-1.

Bout 5

Cassius Chaney, 245lbs, of New London, CT defeated Jon Bolden, 250lbs, of Brooklyn, NY by six round unanimous decision. Things started badly for Chaney as Bolden charged out of his corner and blasted Chaney with two chopping right hands that caught him cold and put him down. Stunned but not shaken, Chaney rose from the knockdown and collected himself. In the second he was caught again with a hard uppercut that sent him reeling back into the ropes. Ref. Danny Schaivone correctly ruled it a knockdown as the ropes were all that held Chaney up. This time Chaney appeared to be a little more damaged but soon he was ripping Bolden with uppercuts of his own and looked to have hurt him before the bell to end the second. After suffering two knockdowns, mathematically Chaney needed to win every moment of the rest of the six round bout. And he did just that. Wisely using distance and his big overhand right, Chaney was able to blunt Bolden's rushes and had Bolden on his way to being gassed-out. There was a moment towards the end of the third when Chaney spent a little too much time in the corner catching, blocking and absorbing shots but it wasn't enough to give up the round on the official cards. Boxing wisely and slamming Bolden with sporadic overhand rights, Chaney was able to control the second half of the fight and learned a lot about himself along the way.
After six the scorecards were all the same at 56-55 x 3 all in favor of Cassius Chaney, now 11-0 (5). Jon Bolden goes back to Brooklyn at 8-12-1 (1).

Bout 6

Nate "The Great Won" Green, 123.5lbs, of New Haven, CT defeated Josh Crespo, 124lbs, also of New Haven, CT in a cross-city battle of New Haven boxing gyms. Green, a southpaw, out of Boxing In Faith Gym, used speedy shots and clever movement to control Crespo of Ring One Boxing. Green clearly frustrated Crespo who lost a point in round three when he whacked at Green with an overhead shot that thoroughly annoyed Referee Danny Schiavone. Green's quicker hands and tight turning had Crespo missing and following a beat or two behind the cross-city rival. In the third, Green was cut badly over his eye, a gash that may have been the same one he suffered just last month in a bout in Puerto Rico. Referee Schiavone ruled the cut was caused by an accidental headbutt and after round number 4 the ringside physician, Dr. Anthony Alessi visited Green's corner and determined the cut was too severe to allow the fight to continue. The bout was stopped and ruled a technical decision as four rounds had been completed and they went to the scorecards. All three judges it scored it exactly the same 40-35 x 3 all in favor of Nate Green. As good as Green looked through four, and there is no doubt he was in control, the result was dissatisfying especially considering it was the same result of their first encounter 6 years ago when Green won a unanimous four round decision. It would have been interesting to see if Crespo would have been able to mount a rally in the second half of the bout.
In the clash of Elm City boxers it is Nate "The Great Won" Green who wins bragging rights, now 10-0 (2), while Josh Crespo drops to 7-6-3 (3).
Afterwards, Chaney said he dreamed he had to get off the deck and battle back to win, and it happened.

Bout 7

Vaughn Alexander, 161lbs, of St. Louis, MO, stopped Elvin Ayala, 161lbs, of New Haven, CT, in the seventh round of the Main Event. Despite being in top condition and boxing well behind a busy jab, Elvin Ayala was outgunned against the speedy, burst-punching of Alexander. Alexander spent the first several rounds walking Ayala down and hammering him, especially to the body, whenever Ayala got along the ropes. Ayala did very well with the jab and in the fifth it looked as if he broke Alexander's nose. With blood streaming down and his mouth hanging open, Alexander's nose appeared visibly off-center, twisted a bit from a corkscrew jab of Ayala. In the sixth Alexander started throwing punches with bad intentions, looking to end things early. At one point Ayala slammed him with an uppercut directly on the damaged proboscis and Alexander barely flinched. Ayala seemed hesitant to open up on the damaged Alexander, perhaps expecting something in return, and he was right. In the seventh Ayala started aggressively but in doing so he stayed too long in the pocket in front of Alexander and halfway through the round the Missourian blasted Ayala with a right cross that made Ayala's legs go to jelly. Down he went and Referee Mike Ortega waved the fight off without a count. The official time was 1:42 of round number 7.
With the win Vaughn Alexander continues his rise in the middleweight division, now 11-0(8), while Elvin Ayala falls to 29-10-1 (13).

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Main & Co-Main Event weigh-in for #RisingStars

Main Events Presents 
Rising Stars at Mohegan Sun Arena
Vaughn Alexander versus Elvin Ayala
Nate Green versus Josh Crespo 2

Fighters for tomorrow night's Main Event and co-Main Event weighed-in this evening in front of the Box Office at Mohegan Sun Arena. Alexander and Ayala had a pretty tense face-off, check it out in the video below...

#BFTP on Julian Jackson #boxing

This week's Blast-From-The-Past features 

Julian Jackson

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@Cassius_Chaney visits @UNHChargers @UNewhaven @Main_Events

UNH Coach Ted Hotaling with Cassius Chaney
Heavyweight Cassius Chaney returns to Charger Gymnasium on the UNH Campus

Undefeated heavyweight Cassius Chaney returns to University of New Haven's Charger Gymnasium yesterday to see old friends and share some stories with the current men's basketball team. KOFantasyBoxing was there to speak with Chaney before his eleventh fight on Thursday night at Mohegan Sun Arena. Chaney faces John Bolden in a six round preliminary bout. Yesterday, Alex Pierpaoli spoke with Chaney and his trainer Calvin Ford about their work together.

The Main Event on Thursday features Vaughn Alexander versus Elvin Ayala. Tickets are still available through or at the Mohegan Sun Box Office.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

@Main_Events #ElmCityWar #RisingStars

Nate Green versus Josh Crespo 2
Gym versus Gym
New Haven's Rematch

On Thursday night at Mohegan Sun Arena, one of the preliminary bouts on promoter Main Events Rising Stars card features an 8 round rematch of two New Haven prizefighters. On November 5, twenty-eleven, Nate Green of New Haven, made his pro debut versus 0-1, Josh Crespo, also of New Haven. Green scored a unanimous decision victory in that four rounder and this week, six years later, their rematch is scheduled for eight rounds. Both boxers are in prime condition and ready to see what each has learned since their first meeting. Tickets are available through or at the Mohegan Sun Box Office.